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Lean Metrics Measuring and Driving Change Agile Day Riga · Karoliina Luoto · 24 May 2016

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Lean MetricsMeasuring and Driving Change

Agile Day Riga · Karoliina Luoto · 24 May 2016

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Karoliina Luoto and Codento

Agile Lean Coach and ConsultantFocus: lean and agile customer workBefore: product owner, collaboration strategist, communications specialist

Change agent’s right handLeanifying software development

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Metrics is good to haveSo you won’t build wrong things

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Think of your own project:Do you have metrics to keep direction?What are they like?

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Just take some canvasAnd use client gut feeling, right?

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But what ifThey don’t see the world right?

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You canHelp them see

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Do real if yet light research on real usersSummarize into user personasPhoto: Jason Kuffer, Flickr

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You can make it realBy forming a user panel

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The solution can be valuated by Asking users

Based on Kano model by Nokriaki Kano



pnWhat does user want


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When you have a solution,Prototype and ask the user again

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Test the protoMetric tool: Net Promoter Score

Metric: How likely you would recommend the product to a friend? (0 no way – 10 most certainly)

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Make this more accurateBy user value poker

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Like planning poker butUsers playing for valuePlay for epics or

rough featuresPlay for one feature at a timeAsk users to think how valuable the feature is to them and then show their cards at the same time

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Now you have a basis forValue tracking

Can be added to any task management tool – just simply as textOr can be drawn as value burnup chart

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Value Burnup = How much user value gets done?


nt o

f val







Now at



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So how do we know ifThe direction is right?

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Business metrics:New business made

Satisfying new customer needs should create new business Metric: How are the numbers with the new business? Purchases made, downloads, contact requests?

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Metric (again): How likely you would recommend the product to a friend? (0 no way – 10 most certainly)

Business metrics:Customer satisfaction

Sometime the thing is just to make the customers happier

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Or, the business metrics could be better lead times – for customers or internally

Business metrics:Lead times

Task Before AfterStarting a new account

5 screens, 25 mins, 6 errors

1 screen, 11 mins, 1,6 errors

Sending a new invoice

26 min 2 min 40 sec

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Ok.What do you want to change about your project metrics?

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Just remember To also keep your eyes open

Picture from ”Antifragile” by N.N.Taleb

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