lean ux workshop at movida japan #3

U LEAN リーン思考によるユーザエクスペリエンス・デザイン © Kazumichi Sakata | MOVIDA JAPAN Seed Acceleration Program | Jan. 29 th 2014 #LeanUX X

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Slides from 'Lean UX (User Experience) Workshop' held 29 Jan. 2014 at Movida Japan, based on the #leanuxbook published in Japanese - http://sprmar.io/leanuxbookja.


  • 1. UX #LeanUXLEAN Kazumichi Sakata | MOVIDA JAPAN Seed Acceleration Program | Jan. 29th 2014

2. Lean is about being an athlete, not a skeleton. - Sami Niemela 3. 1Todays Menu Lean UX CPS Lean UX 4. 210 WEB WEB CONCENT Something about Me User Experience Architect; Concent, Inc. UX Advisor; giftee, Inc. Member of the Board; ShibuyaUX Member of the Board; UX Tokyo Speaker & Mentor; Lean Startup Machine Tokyo Organizer; World IA Day Speaker; HCD-Net / July Tech Festa / DevLove, etc.f t Blog:facebook.com/kazumichi.sakataWe DESIGN Communicationtwitter.com/mariosakatasprmario.hatenablog.jpWebsite: http://www.concentinc.jp/Email: kazumichi.sakata[at]gmail.com 5. 3Lean Startup Machine Tokyo photophotophoto3 photo Q&Aphoto 3 photo 6. 4Lean UX Workshop 7. 5Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to improve User Experience 8. 6User Experience 9. 7The Rize of UX Leadership 10. 8 11. 9You want your customers to value your service. - Je Bezos 12. 10Evolution of UX Design BusinessDevelopmentUsabilityLean Startup (Lean UX)Agile Development (Agile UX)HCD(Human Centered Design, Classic UX) 13. 11Design for Meaning BusinessWhy?What?DevelopmentUsabilityHow? 14. 12Lean UX is Not only change in process, but change in mindset. Dening the problem > Solving the problem. 15. 13Lean UX 16. 141. Help elilminate waste that doesnt provide any value. 17. 152. Agility through cross-functional collaboration. 18. 163. Learning from your customers and your team members. 19. 174. Achieving Design Thinking and Agile harmony. 20. 185. Getting out of the deliverables business. 21. 19Mindset 22. 20Collaborative, Transparent, and Demystify. 23. 21Documents dont solve customer solutions. 24. 22Building the right it before build it right. 25. 23Every design is a hypothesis. Experiment! 26. 24C-P-S Hypothesis 27. 25C-P-S Hypothesis CPS ProblemCustomerSolution 28. 26C-P-S Hypothesis Customer:Who has the problem? Problem:What is the pain point? Are customers aware of it?Solution:What is your solution? 29. 27Workshop 30. 28 SolutionLean Canvas *Lean Canvas 31. 29Customer * 32. 30Problem 6up Sketches *6up Sketches 33. 31Learn Learn from your mates. Customer, Problem, Solution l l l 34. 32Prototype 35. 33Prototype Early customer validation over releasing products with unknown end-user value. - The Lean UX Manifesto 36. 34Types of Prototypes 37. 35Keep balance x Who is going to interact with your prototype?What do you want to learn? How much time is left? 38. 36After Launch CTA CTA 39. 37C-P-S Evaluation CPS Problem KPI Customer Solution or 40. 38At last 41. 39Useful rst, Usable later. 42. 40GET OUT OF THE BUILDING 43. Appendix l Lean UX http://www.oreilly.co.jp/books/9784873116617/l 1 Lean UX Workshop in Movida Japanhttp://www.slideshare.net/kazumichisakata/leanux-workshopl 2 Lean UX Workshop in Movida Japanhttp://www.slideshare.net/kazumichisakata/leanux-workshop-atmovida-japanl Lean Startup Machine Tokyo http://www.slideshare.net/kazumichisakata/rst-impressionsmatter-leanux-design-of-landing-page-13f tfacebook.com/kazumichi.sakata twitter.com/mariosakatasprmario.hatenablog.jp 44. Template Lean Canvas PROBLEMSOLUTIONUNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONUNFAIR ADVANTAGE UVP)KEY METRICS EXISTING ALTERNATIVESCOST STRUCTURECUSTOMER SEGMENTSCHANNELS HIGH-LEVEL CONCEPTEARLY ADOPTERSREVENUE STREAMSLean Canvas is adapted from The Business Model Canvas ( BusinessModelGeneration.com) and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License. 45. Template Proto Persona NAME & SKETCHESDEMOGRAPHICSBEHAVIORSNEEDS & PAIN 46. Template 6up Sketches