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Internship Report: Links for Greener Learning Team: Patrice Russell Fasah Adasen Sylvia Onwuocha

Author: patrice-russell

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  • Internship Report:Links for Greener

    L earningTeam:Patrice Ru ssellFasah AdasenS y lv ia Onw u och a

  • Agenda About LGFL

    P roject Overview

    Wetland Init ia tive

    Earth Day E x position 2016

    Train ing & SchoolP resentations

    Measures & E valuation

    Key Learn ings


  • L inks for Greener L earning

    A g ro Biodiversity P roject

    Train the Trainer

    E n v ironmen talAwareness

    & Education for


    In ternsh ip p rogra m

    Newcomers Green Mom

  • Project Overview Primary Project Objectives

    Project Business Goal

    Benefits &Opportunities

  • Milestones Milestone 1

    Milestone 2

    Milestone 3

  • Ta sks and Deliverables

    Grouped into two:

    Major Tasks

    Minor Tasks

  • Five stage

    process in


    Planning &


  • Tools Used toManage Projects


  • GanttC h art

  • Martindale Pond WetlandInitiative

  • Martindale Pond Introduction





  • Martindale Pond Wetland


    B i o d i v e r s i t y N a t u r a l a q u i f e r L ivelihood

  • C HA LLENGES In discr iminate disposal of waste

  • 2016Earth Day Celebration

  • Earth Day Global celebrated day

    Trees for the Earth

    7.8 bi l l ion trees!

  • Planning PhaseDate, Ven u e

    Them e Conservation for Lifes PreservationA u dience- sch ools, newcomers

    Activit ie s for th e event

    Potential sponsors/exhibitors.

    Develop p roposals, letters

    Worksh op plann i n g m eet ing

  • Exhibitor/Sponsorship


  • Budget

    Ven u e

    Booth rentalsTables, ch airs

    Stationer y su pplie s


    Items required for Event

    Unit Cost

    Quantity Total Cost

    Venue - Market square

    $500/day 1 $500.00

    Booth Rentals $40 18 $720.00

    Tables $6.50 12 $78.00

    Chairs $1.00 100 $100.00

    Publicity (Media) n/a

    Event planning(volunteers)


    Stationery supplies $150

    Refreshments $400

    Total $1948.00

  • Date: Apr i l 22, 2016

    Expected attendance: 600+

    students, newcomers, members of

    the public.

    Exhibitors: 16, Sponsors: 8

    Guests of honor: Mayor Walter

    Sendzik, MPP, St. Catharines J im

    B radley

    Event Specifications

    Jim Bradley

    Walter Sendzik

  • Ven u e- Market Square

  • Workshops &Competitions

  • Workshops

    Energy conservation Composting 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse,

    Recycle Planting Vermiculture Drinking Water Game Living Walls

  • Poster Art

    Eco Fash ion S h ow

    Poetry/So n g



  • Marketing &Publicity

    Press release i n


    Distrib ute p roposals to

    sch ools


    TV coverage- Cogeco,

    S n a pd

  • Training &Presentations

  • Training s / Present a tionsThe Waste Management TrainingPicture sh owing p resentation at the Niagara Folks Arts &Multicultural Centre

  • The Was te Mana gement Training

    3Rs - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Waste Sort ing & Bin Categories

  • Trainings / Presenta tion

    The Wetland Training Martindale Pond

    Assessm ent of the Pond

    Clean -up activ ity scheduledA p r i l 23rd, 2016

    Update an d follow up


  • Project Evaluation

  • Earth Day Expo2015

    vsEarth Day Expo


    Key Performance Indicators

    Earth Day Event 2015

    Earth Day Event 2016 (expected)

    # of attendees 300 600+

    # of schools none 10

    # of exhibitors 15 16

    # of sponsors 5 8

    # of workshops 6 7

    # of competitions none 3

    Ministry Officials none 2

    Media presence yes yes

    Partnership with other organizations

    none 2

  • Intangible Criteria Workshops carried out

    successfu l ly.

    Positive media coverage.

    Positive feedback f rom


    Eff ic ient handl ing of

    students by volunteers.

  • Evaluation of Wetland Initiative

    Approxim ately 30

    students particip ated.

    Stud ents came

    prepared i n suitable


    Rem oval of al l v is ible

    ga rbage f rom the

    wetland area.

  • Key L earning s / Conclusion Opportu n ity to i m p rove p rofessional ly

    and gain valuable sk ills .

    Hands-on p ractical learn i n gexperie n ces

    Future network

  • Thank you For Your Time.

    Slide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4MilestonesTasks and DeliverablesSlide Number 7Slide Number 8Slide Number 9Slide Number 10Martindale PondMartindale Pond WetlandSlide Number 13Slide Number 14Slide Number 15Earth DayPlanning PhaseSlide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20Slide Number 21Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Marketing & PublicitySlide Number 26Trainings / PresentationsSlide Number 28Trainings / PresentationSlide Number 30Slide Number 31Slide Number 32Evaluation of Wetland InitiativeKey Learnings / ConclusionThank you For Your Time.