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Personal Branding & LinkedIn: How to Stand Out in the Job Market

Personal Branding & LinkedIn Labs: Building Your Personal BrandKimberly ArcherRegional Employer Relations ManagerLeaderQuestkarcher@leaderquest.,net



Companies have been using branding techniques for years, it is here recently that the concept has been applied for individuals1

People are brands-do you know yours?Intangible traits:- Leadership style: democratic, autocratic, coaching, pacesetting, commanding, delegating, etc. -Personality preference: duty fulfiller, mechanic, nurturer, artist, protector, idealist, scientist, thinker, doer, guardian, performer, caregiver, inspirer, giver, visionary, executive

7Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) - Previous experience (civilian and military)- Technical skillsTraining, certifications, education, licenses

Transferrable/Employability skills:- Teamwork- Public speaking- Analytical- Customer Service

2You cant market yourself effectively if you dont understand what you bring to the employer!

LinkedIn is your virtual resume

450 million membersRepresented in over 200 countriesExecutives from all Fortune 500 companies2 new members join LinkedIn every second

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a forum for you to provide your Personal Value Proposition

Who do you want to beWhat do you want to doWhat type of company do you want to work forQUANTIFY15

Networking benefits your job searchOnboarding is expensive for an employer- $1,199.40/yr.

Most employers would prefer to hire a person referred by a colleague, peer, or friend

Referrals from your network can put you in touch with potential hiring managers!Use of your network can often cut down job research time by 20-40%


LinkedIn Key FeaturesLets you sell yourselfCreates search abilityFind any kind job in any areaLets you create your own group(s)Provides opportunities to meet key people/introductionsAllows you to express your brand/who you are/what you want to beLinks you with people in the industry Links you with organizations in the industry Lets you conduct research on people and organizationsProvides forums to build knowledge

LinkedIn Basics DoProfessional imageComplete profileCreate a unique URLSeek Endorsements and RecommendationsStay activeJoin GroupsMake keyword richFollow companiesDontUpdate hourlyBe unprofessionalStart an account, then forget about itIgnore requests to connect and messages12

LinkedIn Lab

LinkedIn 101-

Profile PageRight side of screenNotify your network?No


Profile PicPrivacy & SettingsSign in.againTurn on/off your activity broadcastsUnclick let ppl. knowSave

Turn off notifications

Your Profile Pic Tells a Story


Get NoticedNo. 1Look the part

Brief, but focused on goal. For example, (transitioning veteran pursuing network administration position ")

=3Professional HeadlineWhat do you WANT to do? USE KEY WORDS

IntroductionGet Noticed no. 2


LinkedIn URL


Get Noticed No. 3Be found


- Only put contact info that you want EVERYONE to see.- Put city where you currently live. Not necessary to put full address.

City you WANT to work in

Dont put in full address (stalkers are real)Get Noticed No. 4

Add sections to your profileGet Noticed No. 5

Fill Out Profile Completely

Enhance your Personal BrandYour personal brand or 30 sec Elevator SpeechRich with KeywordsOther Useful toolsDescriptorsAccomplishmentsCertifications/DegreesWhat have you learned?21

Get Noticed No. 6

Skills & Expertise17Matches the Keywords of ResumeProvidesValidated Snapshot22

Get Noticed No. 7Use for BOOLEAN SearchTOP SKILLS match JOB DESCRIPTION

Resume construction: Brag about yourselfBullet pointsRevenue brought in.Rankings compared to colleaguesDirect Reports to youProduction. Number parts produced in a month.Degree of AccuracySize of Budget you managedNumber of Projects completedSchedule. How often you come in on time & under budgetHow much you decreased Turnover RateHow many new Procedures you implementedHow did you make company money? Numbers.How did you save a company money? Dollars.How did you save a company time (time=money)? Percentage. Quantify: #, $, %

Get Noticed No. 8

Experience19Mirrors Resume25

Connect with People, Companies, and Groups

Get Noticed No. 9

Post Relevant Information

Get Noticed No. 10

Be an InfluencerGet Noticed No. 11Influence is built upon a foundation of trustInfluence is built upon making others successfulLikabilityInfluence is wielded through helping others maintain commitmentsInfluence is most often possessed by those with authorityValue and scarcity drive influence to a point

Get Noticed No. 12Create Your Own GroupCan be a gathering for ideas, plansReach out to othersInfluence people in certain industriesOffer job recs, events, networkingCEO of your group

Or use LinkedIn to create a resume.

Edit as necessary!

Education, Courses & Certifications25


Certifications & Published Articles26


Volunteerism and Organizations


Search Jobs/OrganizationsAdvanced

Find anyone in any position from any company.

Invite your network to connect on LinkedIn


Tying it all together with a Quick Response Code (QR)

30Google QR codeAdd in your LinkedIn URLCopy & save QR code to desktopUse later for business

Get LinkedIn Premium Upgrade Free32 Basic Premium

VisibilityWhos Viewed Your ProfileFull ProfilesFull Name VisibilityReachInMail MessagesIntroductionsOpen ProfileSearchPremium SearchProfiles Per SearchSaved Search AlertsReference Search

Limited Up to 2nd degree X

X 3/month 5 15 X Open to everyone

X 4 search filters 100 250 3/wk. 5/wk. X

Contact information

Kimberly ArcherRegional Employer Relations ManagerMilitary & Disabled Veteran Advisor

Office: (719) 33LinkedIn 101- LeaderQuest: