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Lok Satta's Achievements since its inception


  • 1. Achievements of Lok Satta

2. A people's movement for good governance Started on 3rd August 1997 3. Voter Registration Process Simplified Movements: Conducted sample surveys in 112 polling stations in 2004 Surveyed electoral rolls in Sanathnagar constituency in 2005 Campaign for verification of electoral rolls Organized events for easy Voter Registration Achievements Mobile/online voter enrollment facilitated Voters list made available in each polling station Special official at each polling station Voter registration made simple through Post Offices in 2008 Voting rights for NRIs from 2010 4. Election Watch Movement Movements: Election Watch Movement launched in 1999 for electoral reforms Campaign for screening of candidates with criminal antecedents Common Platforms for public debates in 130 constituencies to enable peoples participation Postcards campaign for implementation of Supreme courts ruling in 2002 Silent processions in 200 centres Conducted Peoples Ballot with 10 lakh members Achievements In 2003, Supreme Court mandates disclosure of criminal record by contesting candidates Filing of criminal records, property affidavits along with nomination papers made compulsory 5. Governments move to rescue Convicted Legislators trashed Movements: Proposed disqualification for all convicted legislators (1997) Campaign for exclusion of criminals from legislatures Proposal submitted to the Parliament in 2006 Representation to the President to reject ordinance that protected convicted legislators Achievements Supreme Courts order for immediate disqualification of convicted legislators in 2013 Ordinance withdrawn 6. Anti Defection Law made stringentMovements: Demand for strengthening anti-defection law (1997) Appealed for disqualification in case of defection Achievements Anti-defection law amended in 2003 Provision for disqualification if the member defects party 7. Ceiling on Oversized MinistriesMovements: Conducted protests against expansion of Council of Ministers Campaigned for restriction of the size of Ministry to 10 % of total strength of Legislative Assemblies Achievements Constitutional limitation on the maximum number of ministers Number restricted to 15 % of the strength of the Legislative Assemblies 8. Legislation for Disclosure of Party Funds Movements: Initiatives for party reforms since 1997 Demand for transparency in funds and surplus expenditure Advocated elimination of black money in election campaigns Achievements Legislation in 2003 regulating collection of party funds Tax exemptions in case of donations Mandatory disclosure of party accounts to the Election Commission Disclosure of donations exceeding Rs.20,000 9. Battles against Corruption Movements: Participation in International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9 Several anti-corruption activities, events undertaken since 2004 Deshamunu preminchumanna (Love for Ones Country) programme conducted for the youth Legal battles initiated against corruption scandals Petition for abolition of 2G spectrum licenses Achievements 122 - 2G licenses cancelled based on the Supreme Courts judgment in 2012 Competitive bidding ordered by the Court Large number of students engaged in anti-corruption movement 10. Federation for Empowerment of Local Governments Movements: Federation for the Empowerment of Local Governments (FELG) formed in February 2003 Organised One Crore Signatures campaign Legal initiatives for holding local elections Organized Round Table on 22nd October 2013 for the expansion of the movement Achievements Recognition at National and State levels Second Administrative Reforms Commission acknowledges Central Panchayat Raj Ministry acts upon the same 11. Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 Movements: Organized National Level Round Table on April 24 th 2011 Advocated formation of Lokpal and Lokayuktas (ombudsman) in single legislation Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan leads Lokpal Ratha Yatra in July 2011 Representation made to the Parliamentary Standing Committee Andhra Pradesh Lokayukta Bill drafted Achievements Prime Minister mentions Dr. Jayaprakash Narayans proposals in the Parliament Standing Committee Report incorporates Lok Sattas proposals 12. One Crore Signatures Campaign for Local Governments Movements: Little Republic Day organized on 26th January 2003 Panchayat presidents hoisted the flag and asserted their supremacy Conferences held across districts resolutions, promises and pledges undertaken Panchayat offices renamed as local governments Collection of 1 crore 8 lakh signatures in 50 days Grand Celebrations in Hyderabad on the historic achievement Achievements Government and Opposition parties assured to devolve powers Gained nation-wide recognition allocation of funds for Panchayats increased 13. Judicial Reforms - Gram Nyayalayas Movements: Proposal for Gram Nyayalayas mooted in 2003 Bill for Gram Nyayalayas drafted in 2003 in consultation with eminent jurists Elicited public opinion in villages Proposal made before NAC demanding local courts Achievements Gram Nyayalayas Act enacted by the centre in 2009 Legislation incorporated Lok Sattas proposals 14. Judicial Reforms - JAC Movements: Highlighted corruption in the judiciary Committee comprising of Late Justice Verma, Justice Krishna Iyer, Justice Venkatachaliah formed in 2011 Submitted a report to the Government on the National Judicial Commission Proposal for creation of All India Judicial Service Achievements Judicial Accountability Bill tabled in the Parliament in 2010 Bill for creation of National Judicial Commission tabled in the Parliament in 2013 Lok Sattas proposals incorporated in the bill. Autonomy for the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) Provision to remove the corrupt officials in the judiciary 15. Police ReformsMovements: Extensive campaigns organized for police reforms Sought for autonomous investigations free from political influence Demand for bringing police forces under the purview of the local government jurisdiction Achievements Supreme Court issues directives for police reforms in 2006 Supreme Court orders for autonomy in crime investigation 16. Right to Information Act Movements: Model Right to Information Bill released in 2001 Extensive campaigns carried out in districts in 2002-03 One and a half lakh postcards sent to Prime Minister in 2004 Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan as NAC member plays crucial role in drafting the act Achievements Enactment of the RTI Act in 2005 Lok Satta contributed to the translation of legislation into Telugu and in conducting training programmes on the same. 17. Citizens Right to Public Services Movements: Published Citizens Charter document under the Surajyam banner Swarajyam march organized in Hyderabad on October 2 nd Swarajyam committees formed across cities for Citizens Charters Citizen service centers setup at various places Submitted Right to Public Services Bill at the national level in 2012 Proposals made before the Parliamentary Standing Committee in 2012 Achievements Charters get introduced in municipalities and panchayats in 2001 Sample citizens charters for all government departments E-seva/Mee-seva centers started at various places Lok Sattas proposals incorporated in the Citizens Right to Public Services Bill 18. National Rural Health Mission Movements: Demand for health services reforms since 1997 Surveys conducted and reports drafted Public-private partnership in delivery of health services proposed Crucial role of Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in the formulation of Arogya Mission (as an NAC member) Achievements National Rural Health Mission initiated in 2005 One ASHA worker allocated for every 5,000 persons in rural areas Funds allocated to villages for public health (Rs.10,000 for health sub-centers and Rs.15,000 for sanitation annually) Special grants for PHCs and mandals 19. Farmers Empowerment gets an impetus Movements: Formation of Federation of Independent Farmers Associations (FIFA) in 2011 Demand for free markets to make agriculture profitable Dr.Jayaprakash Narayans Rytu Chaitanya Yatras for mobilising the farmers and surveying of market yards Padayatras undertaken by Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan for establishment of free markets Achievements Focus shifted from sustenance to profitable agriculture Benefit of 3600 crores to the farmers in one season as a result of Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan s Padayatra Partial lifting of embargos on foreign exports Tariffs levied on imports 20. Constitutional Safeguard for Cooperatives Movements: Advocated the right to form cooperatives as a fundamental right Demand for a model legislation to free cooperatives from political interference Several petitions in state high court for autonomy of cooperatives Facilitated movements involving milk cooperatives Achievements 97th constitutional amendment in 2012 safeguarding cooperatives Formation of cooperative societies made a fundamental right Obtained favorable orders in high court against political interference 21. Power sector reforms Movements: Formation of Consumer Organization for Reforms in Electricity (CORE) for the public Membership in the State Electricity Task force (2002) Pilot projects undertaken in 2004 for electricity distribution Management of four feeders through Lok Satta franchises Achievements Considerable reduction of losses in electricity distribution 24 hour electricity supply to houses Explosion of electric transformers reduced Immediate Response Mechanism for farmers developed initiative welcomed by the farmers 22. Elimination of Short Delivery at Petrol Pumps Movements: Surveillance of petrol pumps in 1998 Illegal deliveries exposed with the help of pre-calibrated measures 5-10 percent of the petrol pumps irregularities noticed Achievements Government takes notice of elimination of short delivery Incr