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by Beverly Barnes Manassas Battlefield Park: A Personal Experience

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by Beverly Barnes

Manassas Battlefield Park:A Personal Experience

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When visitors enter the main entrance of the Manassas Battlefield Field Park, they will see the Henry Hill visitor center which houses a bookstore and museum. They can also view a 45 minute film on the park. This is one of six entrances to the park.

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The Robinson House was located at the bottom of Henry Hill. It was owned by a freed slave named James Robinson. Robinson was the third richest free black man living in Prince William County prior to the war.

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Visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

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Visit the variousMonuments.

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Statue of Stonewall Jackson. This is where Jackson made a name for himself.

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Follow one of the hiking trails. There are a coupleof different startingpoints, but also trailswithin trails. Hikerswill not be bored.

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Stone Bridge road waslocated on the edge of the battlefield, but it played a significant role. Union and Confederate soldiers would wash themselves here. Civilians would pack lunches and come to the bridge to watch the fighting. Sometimes the civilians would have to run for their lives.

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The park is very beautiful and peaceful. But we must remember that over 150 years ago, our nation was at war with it self. During the Battle of Manassas 1 & 2, there were 24,179 casualties. Please visit the park and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.