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A brief beginner's guide to domains


  • Mastering Your Domain An Automattic production Presented by your Happiness Engineers, Wendy Scott and Chris Lauzon
  • What Well Cover What a domain is and why you need one How domains work History of domains Anatomy of a domain How to get a domain How to choose a domain name Pitfalls to avoid
  • Human-friendly name that maps a website to a specic IP address that belongs to a server, where all the les that run your website are stored Generally, you should get a domain if you want to host a website on the web Hosting and domain registration are not the same thing What a domain is and why you need one
  • This graphic shows how domain names are converted into IP addresses so the site can be served. How Domains Work From Propagation: the process of servers communicating changes to a domain ! Caching: stored version of web content to serve content faster
  • Brief History of Domains RFC ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • Domain Dangers Registration in annual increments Expiration Redemption Auction
  • Anatomy of a Domain Divided into 3 main parts: Before the rst dot Between the dots After the last dot
  • Anatomy of a Domain Lets look at an example from right to left TOP LEVEL DOMAIN SECOND LEVEL DOMAIN SUBDOMAIN
  • How To Get a Domain Name must be unique and not already registered - check for availability Must register the name with a domain registrar (see Additional Resources for a link to a list of accredited registrars) Not all registrars handle every TLD You will have to provide contact info during registration. This will be publicly available unless you opt for privacy (usually at a small additional fee)
  • How to Choose a Domain Name Should be at least 2 characters long and no more than 63 No spaces, underscores, or special characters Numbers and dashes are allowed, but the name cant start or end with a dash Not case sensitive (,, and BLOGHER.COM are all the same)
  • How to Choose a Domain Name Radio test Numbers, letters, dashes: or is it or maybe Acronyms using letters that sound like other letters (c,d,e or m, n for example) Homophones:,, Nonstandard spellings: How easy is it to spell (or misspell)? Length Beware of unintentionally awkward names: Speed of Art, not Speedo Fart American Scrap Metal, not Americans Crap Metal
  • Pitfalls to Avoid Choose an accredited registrar Make sure the domain is yours and not your developers, staff members, or someone else who registered it on your behalf Make sure you can log into the registrar account and keep login credentials in a safe place Always keep your contact info current with your registrar and monitor your email account periodically for notices about your domain Never ever cancel a domain or let it expire unless you never plan to use that domain again
  • Jerry Seinfeld ! Seinfeld: Season 4, Episode 11 The Contest Yes, yes I am the master of my domain. Questions?
  • Additional Resources
  • Top Level Domain List The ofcial ICANN/IANA list:.The ofcial ICANN/IANA list: ! A list with notes an descriptions: ! TLDs Available through
  • List of Accredited Registrars When in doubt, check your registrar out.
  • ICANN Rights and Responsibilities for Domain Registrants ! Please note this requirement for you, the registrant: You must respond to inquiries from your Registrar within fteen (15) days, and keep your Registrar account data current. If you choose to have your domain name registration renew automatically, you must also keep your payment information current.
  • Other Helpful Resources WHOIS Lookups: (helpful for checking to see if a domain is available) ! ICANN Glossary: ! ICANN Learn: ! Domains 101 Series:! Intro: Mapping: DNS: