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Trends of mobile apps development and their applications on businesses


  • 1. Peter Choi MSc MBCS PMP CISA CISSPManaging DirectorCo-founder of Snapshock and Hiwave Dry Seafood

2. | Family business for 3 gens Physical store at Sai Kung iPhone apps soup recipes Featured in Google The Connected Harbour 3. Which ones do you use? Facebook Instagram foursquare whatsapp apple news ebay new town plaza jobsdb openrice Nike Pokerist angrybirds Pizzahut 4. People ContentLocation Utility 5. People Facebook Twitter Path What I shared is still mine. Personal fame related Fragmented time 6. Location Foursquare Yelp Jiapang Still personal (check-in, find friends)Fragmented time 7. Content Wikipedia Google catalogue / ebook / magazine / newsMassive information, really massive Already a trusted brand Keep updating huge cost 8. CRITICAL MASS PROBLEM 9. Utility Google Map Whatsapp Skype Evernote Snapshock Specific functionalityHarder to monetize 10. Game Angrybird Cut the Rope Draw SomethingStandalone game titleHigh development cost 11. Semi Conclusion Absolutely consumer centric Spontaneous market Make it personally attaching Content on demand Focus on user experience and UI design 12. iPhone vs Android? 13. iPhone vs Android? 14. iPhone vs Android? 15. Monetization Pricing ( paid / free ) In-app purchase Platform content Advertisement 16. Features Camera GPS Push Notification Sharing (Facebook / Twitter / api) Mobile Payment 17. Mobile payment Square Paypal NFC 18. Analytics 19. Mobile Web 20. Video 21. What Now? Get an IT team / vendor (w/ marketingknowledge) Arrange in-house operation staff Manage your online presence Be ready for young customers Be accessible 22. Thank You!(852) 3583 0762Peter Choi Palapple (HK) Ltd.