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Native vs Web vs Hybrid Mobile Development Choices Jason Grigsby @grigs on Twitter [email protected]

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Native vs Web vs Hybrid


  • 1. NativevsWebvsHybridMobile Development ChoicesJason Grigsby @grigs on Twitter [email protected]

2. Early 2008 3. Its about usage. Not units Number of queries on Google search from iPhones surpassed thosefrom Symbian-based phones in the days after Christmas. NokiasSymbian-based phones are 40% of the market worldwide. German iPhone users consume 30 times more data. 95% of iPhone customers regularly surf the Internet. Data servicesrevenue increased from $2.7 billion in 2005 to $6.9 billion in 2007. Google sees 50 times the number of searches using the iPhone thanany other mobile device. They were so surprised, they asked theirengineers to check the logs to make sure it was correct. This is why major companies, Google, Quicken, etc. are all launchingiPhone-optimized services despite the iPhones 1% market share. 4. Surprise Story of 2008Flickr photo by Drift Words:[email protected]/11846265/ 5. Flickr photo by Civisi: 2.0iPhone App Store Web-based Apps Native AppsServices & Mashups Few APIs between appsSoftware as Service No Recurring Revenue Cloud Computing Local Storage 6. 7. What makes the App Store successful? CarriersApp StoreOpen to anyoneOpennessClosed, Seek permissionwho signs agreementEntry Cost Thousands of dollars$99Revenue Split 60/40 to 50/5070/30 RestrictionsMany FewReleasesDifcult, Timely1 to 2 weeksMicropaymentsInconsistent iTunes for every phone 8. 30 million devices25,000 apps800 million downloads 9. Gold Rush was On 10. Ringtone Apps(FYI: Justins app is out soon. GymRat. $4.99) 11. Ringtone Apps15000112507500375000 1.99 3.99 5.99 7.999.99 11.99 13.99 15.99+ 12. Brutally Honest iPhone App Sales: $32k Spent vs. $535 RevenueDapple 13. Throwaway Apps 14. Throwaway Apps 15. Pinch Medias ConclusionsUsers stop using the average applications quickly.Long-term audiences are generally 1% of total downloadsPaid apps retain users longer, but still steep drop off. 16. Success Determined by Top Lists & Features 17. More Open No Gatekeeper96%Approved (what about that 4%?) 18. 10 Rejected Applications Obama Trampoline MyShoe I Am Poor The South Park App Pull My Finger iBoobs Slasher Murderdome Podcaster Freedom Time"Even though my personal political leanings areDemocratic, I think this app will be offensive to roughlyhalf our customers. Whats the point?" Steve Jobs 19. iPhone Only Part of World Wide Market SymbianRIMWindows MobileiPhone Linux Palm OSOther 20000 179491500010000 7443 47145000 407931950 327 437 Q4 2008 Smartphone Sales Thousands of Units 20. 3.3 Billion Mobile phone for half the planet.Flickr photo by Pingnews: 21. 3.3 Billion in PerspectiveSource: 22. 2007 SMS Revenue: 100 billionFlickr photo by Vlastula: 23. 2007 SMS Revenue: 100 billionBox OfceDVD Sales & RentalsCombinedMusic IndustryVideo GamesFlickr photo by Vlastula: 24. 200 billion for data services in 2008(SMS accounts for 130B)Box OfceDVD Sales & RentalsCombinedMusic IndustryVideo GamesFlickr photo by Vlastula: 25. Symbian Windows MobileObjective CWebOS CJava ME DalvikPalmVisual BasicC++.NET Compact BREWFlickr photo by Andr-Batista: 26. Google Mobile App Challenges Pressure from CEO for rapid releases 10+ platforms to support Over 100 different builds[email protected]/445924458/ 27. Fragmentation:This is what theweb is supposedto solve.Flickr photo by .Hessam: 28. Mobile Web Doubled in 2008Jan 08 Jan 0910821Daily 2236910312Weekly19283 36870Ever in Month 63182017500 35000 52500 70000 Unique Users (000s) 29. Mobile Internet to Grow Despite RecessionAverage intended usage increase over the next 24 months U.S.EuropeCurrent Users58%55%Non-Users27%28% 30. Top Five Services Non-users Intendto Start Using in the Next 24 MonthsU.S. EuropeMobile Internet 49% 34%MMS 38% 39%Uploading Photos34% 27%Software/app download 30% 30%Email 28% 32% 31. Mobile Web Distribution Carriers App StoreMobile Web Closed, SeekOpen to anyoneOpennessCompletely Openpermission who signs agreementEntry CostThousands of dollars$99NoneRevenue Split 60/40 to 50/50 70/30100% RestrictionsManyFew NoneReleasesDifcult, Timely 1 to 2 weeksInstantaneousMicropayments Inconsistent iTunes for every phone Not yet 32. Ok Hot Shot, How are You Going to CreateSuper Monkey Ball with HTML? 33. Ok Hot Shot, How are You Going to CreateSuper Monkey Ball with HTML?

Monkey jquery-banana.js 34. Ok Hot Shot, How are You Going to CreateSuper Monkey Ball with HTML?
Monkey jquery-banana.jsSome Applications Have to Be Native 35. Five Common Reasons for Native Apps Performance Ofine ModeFindabilityDevice Attributes MonetizationFlickr photo by John Wardell (Netinho): 36. Not for all applicationsGood enough for many applicationsJavascript Performance improving Hardware Accelerated CSSWeb developers must improve Flickr: Uploaded February 11, 2007 by hawridger 37. Javascript Speed Wars 38. Javascript Speed Wars 39. Javascript Speed Wars 40. Javascript Speed Wars 41. Javascript Speed Wars 42. Weve Become Bandwidth Gluttons Since 2003: Web Page Size Tripled #of Objects Doubled Since 1995: Web Page Size: 22x #of Objects: 21x Source: 43. Yahoo!s 14 Performance Rules (Now 34!)1. Make Fewer HTTP Requests8. Make JavaScript and CSS External2. Use a Content Delivery Network9. Reduce DNS Lookups3. Add an Expires Header 10.Minify JavaScript4. Gzip Components 11.Avoid Redirects5. Put Stylesheets at the Top12.Remove Duplicate Scripts6. Move Scripts to the Bottom13.Congure ETags7. Avoid CSS Expressions 14.Make AJAX Cacheable Source: 44. Ofine Support HTML 5 Client-side Database Storage API Application Cache Essentially SQLite in browser Available on iPhone since 2.0 Google Gears, Android, Nokia soon? 45. 25,000 Apps&Findability? 46. It all depends on the application, of course, saysMauro Montanaro, [Fox Mobile CEO] and whetherthey are paid or free. But he also notes that thediscoverability of iPhone apps is becoming a biggerproblem, and that some of the marketing tactics thatFox Mobile has used successfully on other handsetsjust dont work on the iPhone.The question, as usual, is placement. Who determines[editorial placement]? Maybe someone out of Cupertino. 47. Geolocation API CameraAddress BookAccelerometer 48. Flickr photo by Lyza Gardner: 49. Flickr photo by Thomas Purves: 50. 51. What Can You Do With PhoneGap? 52. PhoneGap?Yeswecan 53. Mobile Progressive Enhancement [content] 54. Mobile Progressive Enhancement [content]WURFL 55. Mobile Progressive Enhancement [content]WURFL 56. Mobile Progressive Enhancement [content]WURFL Phone GapAdd Functionality 57. Mobile Progressive Enhancement [content]WURFL Phone GapAdd Functionality 58. Keys to Successful Hybrid AppsMake the experience feel like a native applicationTake advantage of the enhanced featuresDont simply release a hybrid version of the mobile web siteOptimize performance 59. Flickr photo by MarkKelley: 60. Thank You for Your Time!Work: Blog: Twitter: @grigsMobile Concurrency Test: photo by Pingnews: