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Advanced car rental MarketplacePresentation ByVitaly Vishnevsky, CEO @

ProblemCar rental market around the world provided on 60-80% by biggest worldwide companies such as Avis, Hertz, Enterpriseand and 20-40% local companies around the worldUsually client can choose only class of the carClient cannot be sure about quality of service and car conditionPrices of biggest companies are too highLocal companies have competition not only with biggest companies, but also with each other as well50-70% clients have difficulties with car rental, and they cannot be sure that another car rental will be okLocal car renters are suspicious to renters as wellTrustworthy between renters and rent-a-cars very low

SolutionMarket place for every local rent-a-car company, with ratings, feedback for every car, car renter and rent-a-car company.Working only with local car renters, only direct choice of carMore flexible and easy service from local car rentersWithout hidden feesWe offer help in every claim making customers more safeChecking users before rent: driver license, credit card, photo, facebookEasy to rent a car through system, all your data are belong to usEach client going from rent-a-car company it is their affiliate, so small rent-a-car companies will not loose their earnings even if they are left the system

Market validationAbout ~1500 available cars from local Rent-a-cars in Latvia, ~800 in service90% rented cars according from rent-a-cars companies statistics during holidays and summer period

Market size




MarketingPartnership with travel agencies, hotels, rental agentsAffiliate from rent-a-cars companiesFacebook, InstagramGoogle AdSEOBlogs, news portals, travelling portalsMaking buzz on every spot

Business modelWe are taking 5% from rent-a-car and 7% from renter ~ 12% in total5.3M25 EUR132.5M EURAVG Fee40EUR/day @ 5 daysCar Rentals with Mobocars.comShare of MarketRevenue for 2015-2018

Market adoptionWorking directly with 40% of rent-a-car market in every country and their clients by:Country managers, offering advantage of our product to rent-a-carsOffering Affiliate marketing system for every rent-a-car companyOffering additional bonus 20% for every client reservation until 10% of unique clients in countryOffering Affiliate marketing system for hotels, travel agencies and other

Connection with aggregator systems for people searching for cheap prices as Kayak, Aviasales

CompetitionAffordableOnline transactionExpensiveOffline transaction


Competitive advantageExperienceWe check all mistakes made by our competitors, and make everything to work from startEasy of useWe make service to work seamless making renting without hassle and headacheWin-Win-WinWe made system when rent-a-cars dont lose their clients, even if their client taking car from another Car renter.Customer is happy of choiceRent-a-car N1happy of new clientRent-a-car N2 who bring customer, happy, earning money just for bringing new client

QuestionsPresentation made by Vitaly Vishnevskyemail: vitaly@mobocars.comPhone number: +371 27 678 807