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Emotions have their shadows. These are the movements or actions resulting from the power of emotions. Use this simple fact to energize your business


  • I dedicate this presentation to

    Ravi S Iyer

    HR and Organization Development Consultant For making so many rewarding comments on my posts

  • Measurable Assignable Realistic Time-Bound Specific

    SMART Goals Require

  • The face in the mirror moves only if the lady moves

  • The shadow of the tree moves only if the tree moves

  • Howaboutemo+ons?Whataretheirshadows?

  • Eventhoughwedontseeemo+ons;yetweseethemovementsoftheirac+ons

  • Moveheartstomovehandsinpockets

  • MoveheartstomovehandsinpocketsWedontseeemo+ons,butareabletoseetheirac+ons(handsinpockets)

  • Theseleadersrealizethatemo+onsarethebridgebetweengoalsandac+ons

  • Emo+onsarea'Powerhouse'forseveralthingslike,crea+vity,anger,passion,compassion,excitement,joy,thrill,happiness,sadnessetcandinyourcarseatexampleIwouldsaythatsome+mesevenreligioussen+mentsplayaroleindecidingwhetheracustomerchoosesaleatherseatcoverornot


  • Moveheartstomovehandsinpockets

  • Measurable Actions

    Assignable Actions

    Realistic Actions

    Time-Bound Actions

    Specific Actions


  • Ads have SMART goals towards targeted customers that must lead to:


  • Say you want to advertise bottled water to sports people You assign certain employee to increase sales by 10% over three months

  • The groups decide to do that by advertising

  • The group members realizes that they need to trigger emotions

  • FEAR is a great emotional trigger

  • Sports people fear dehydration The stronger the fear is, the greater the action is

  • You are not selling water; you are selling emotions for good health or negative emotions of bad health

    Selling Emotions

  • Some foods like garlic in pizza make you feel thirsty

  • Young women care for their good shapes. Sell bottled water where they exercise

  • Link drinking water emotionally to a social cause

  • Link drinking water emotionally to a social cause

    Do you want to enjoy good health alone while children suffer? 10% of profit go for the treatment of children infected with cancer

  • Add the emotions of guilt to trigger action

  • Dont want to share your delight?

  • Value Addition

  • "If you find a better water to keep you well, well buy it for you"

    Value Addition

  • There is a growing tendency to get more in less time


  • Thirsty for a great body

  • Drink the Walk

  • Water Your Success

  • Run and drink fun in the sun

  • Health running in your body BOTTLED WATER IS

  • Go from SMART emotions to SMART Actions

  • Thank you