multicultural friends- workshop on diversity for children in japan

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様々な文化を持つお友達 Multicultural Friends How we can be members of many cultures at one time 大東文化大学教授 NPO法人多言語教育研究所 インターナショナル・コミュニティ・スクール理事長 ミックメーヒル・カイラン [email protected] 1

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A workshop with activities in Japanese with some English, aimed at elementary and junior high school students. Consciousness-raising about cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity in Japan to counter myths of a single homogenous Japanese race and nationality. To support the human rights of minorities and multiethnic children.


  • 1. Multicultural FriendsHow we can be members of many culturesat one time [email protected] 1

2. Who am I? 20 2 3. 3 4. I have a Japanese face and I can speakJapanese. So everyone thinks I am Japanese.But I dont understand Japanese values orcommon sense, so its hard for me. I amBrazilian! 4 5. We often judge peoples identity by face, thecolor of hair and skin and language. That is aterrible problem. 5 6. Many children grow up as invisible or undervalued minorities in Japan. Lets meet some of them.Questions Q1. Where is he or she from? Q2. What is his or her name? Q3. What kind of language does he or shespeak? Q4. Why do you have those impressions? 6 7. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 7 8. What were the identities of theyoung people themselves? Q1. How were their identities different from what youguessed? Q2. Why do you think you misjudged their identities? Q3. How do you think being misunderstood by the peoplearound them affects such multicultural young people? Q4. How can we help multicultural children be proud of andassert both their languages, identities, cultures, and/ornationalities?8 9. 9 10. 5 5 10 11. 11 12. data of international marriageand divorce in Japan19831999 International marriage2001 divorce2006 0 123 4 512 13. The number of Japanese who live overseas year long-term permanent totalstay residents1990374,044 246,130 620,174 2000526,685 285,027 811,712 2007701,969 310,578 1,012,547 2009745,897 339,774 1,085,671 13 14. DNA DNA James Owen for National Geographic News June 24, 2008 DNA 2000 14 15. 15 16. 16 17. I hate to be called gaijin orhalf. If I say it myself, it is okay.But I hate it when other peoplecall me that. 17 18. 2 3 18 19. 6 4 1 19 20. 20