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Nirvana - SliverVideo analysis

Music Video

Home video feelThe video is filmed with a filter that makes it feel like a home video, this works with the grunge rock atmosphere of the song, which is meant to appear like its a low budget home recording, so the video is designed to capture a similar mood.

The Rock feelThe presence of the guitar close-up grants the audience the familiar pleasure they turn to rock for, the instrument is a symbol of emasculation and sex by its phallic design. While in earlier rock this was a sign of sexual liberation, in grunge its a sign sexual frustration and anger - anger of young men who are unable to live up to society's expectations of what a real-man should be.

DrummerThe drummer is filmed in a wide shot, in music videos, the other musicians in the band arent as focused on as much, compared to the singer. This shot also features intertextuality, with reference to another band, Mudhoney and a politician in the poster: the genre often has politically charged messages.

FrontmanThe frontman is usually the singer, he is introduced with an extreme close-up; he appears as the lyrics begin to be sung. The demands of the label mean that he is the one the audience is supposed associate with, so the majority of screen time is dedicated to him.

Speed-upWhen the music becomes faster and more hectic, the visuals become more manic, with shorter shot durations and more aggressive performances.

Mise-en-sceneThe costumes are torn and scruffy, this creates a social outcast look, an idea that is at the heart of grunge. The lighting is low-key to give a moody, dark atmosphere. Meanwhile, the set is cluttered, to conjure the anarchist spirit.