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Importance! - To prepare all mise en place consistently and in a timely manner, in order to facilitate an efficient service delivery

Log in the attendance sheet

Check the communication board for update (VIP in house, special of the day, briefing points)

Check for the 86 items for R&B and update the AYS together with IRD team and chef specials of the day

Check and update the shift hand over (special guest request,86 items special of the day)

Check if there are any standing orders the need to be punch in your shift (door knob)

Maintain office cleanness (files, floor, computer &cleaning the board)

Check and follow up all forms that request to photo copy (Financial report, test panel, void report, complementary report)

Check and post the pending (guest doorknob, amenity requests)

We need to check all Cash revenue and checks need to dropped to our General Cashier after shift hand over

Check for proper Cashier handover before System cut off time 03:00 in the morning

Check bread required, labels for the day and expiry dates and color codes

Check cleanliness of the area (bread section, hot cupboard rack, and hot pass area.

Check standing order list, in case any doubt communicates with kitchen, artisan

Check there enough condiments pre prepared

Check for any V.I.P orders, communicate with (shift in charge), Chef and Managers for prior preparation to avoid any delay

Check hot boxes are cleaned and connected to electrical cables

Check all the orders go on time (delivery time given by the order taker)

Maintain the quality of the food by practicing food holding temperature for all the hot and cold foods

Check cleanness of glassware and arrange accordingly

Check all fridges stock follow FIFO system, labeled (Dairy and Juice and all opened items)

Check not available items to be update on the board and follow up with stores

Check micros terminal for printer roll and ribbon

Check all food items must with cling film and label

Check bar cleanliness, Deep cleaning as per the weekly schedule

Check the expiry date of all items

Check and update the temperature records of the fridges (Mandatory)

Daily inventory need to be done before raised the requisition

Check all transfers shall submit to cost control before shift finish

Check cleanliness of all Shelves and Linen Container

Check trolley wheels are working properly, cleaned and free of any debris

Check all racks kept in the designated at dish washing area

Check there is enough wiping cloth, hairnet, fresh lime

Check all paper towel dispenser are full Check all the dustbin need to be empty whenever full by Steward

Check ice/wine bucket polished and organized Check all trolley ready with standard set up (cutlery and crockeries)

Check any engineering work and make work orders