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2. The biggest issue at stake in this emergingage is the ongoing tension between creativityand organization.Richard Florida, Rise of the Creative Class 3. Staff engagement Humans are happiest when theyre exercisingtheir ingenuity.Innovation Creativity + Action = Innovation 4. Interdisciplinary research 1950s-70s Personality of the creator 1980s: Social & Cultural Dimensions of creativity.Csikszentmihalyis systems approach 90s-00s: Collaboration and Group Dynamics,Collaborative emergence Sawyer2009 5. Increasedcollaboration Successful initiatives in the past/present?Outside the org(customers, suppliers etc) Crowd- sourcing Everyone Collaborativein the orgwebsOpen innovationSeveralGoogledisciplinesSemco20% andfunctions InnovationlabsOne group The R&DFisher- team PriceThe R&D Skunkteam worksOne person Lone Genius Pre-70s 80s90s 00s 10s 6. Who benefits from thecreative work? A critical view on thecreators Whats gained/lost alongthe way from lone geniusto wisdom of the crowd? D H Cropley, A J Cropley, Kaufman & Runco 2010 7. 1. How can managers organise creativity to benefit both theirorganisation and the eco-system of which it is a part? 2. What were/are the conditions in some successful initiatives oforganising creativity in the past/present ? 3. How can managers ensure that the dark side of creativity is avoided,i.e. that what emerges from the creative initiative benefits the eco-system of which the organisation is part? 8. Lone GeniusIsolated groupInnovation LabCollaborative OrganizationOpen innovation network 9. Wilber, 2000 10. Intentional BehaviourPsychology of the individual SkillsIntrinsic/extrinsicBehavioursmotivationIntroversion / extroversionCulture Social systemCollaboration-Officical strategiesGroup dynamics organisations undertakeGroupthink -EnvironmentBrainstorming-Location (the core vs theImprovisationedge)-Architecture 11. Inayatullah 1998 12. TypeLoneIsolated Innovation CollaborativeOpenGeniusgroupLabOrganization innovationnetworkCreativeEdisons lab Xerox PARC Mattels SemcoOpen IDEOinitiative: ProjectPlatypusLitany"Genius is one "The best way If we do not Where peoplepercentto predict thelet people dodesign better,inspiration, and future is tothings the way togetherninety-nineinvent it." they do, we willpercentnever knowperspiration." what they are really capable ofSystemicWhat are the socio-economic, technical, political, environmental etc driversCausesand trends which impacts on the initiative and organisation?Worldview What are the worldviews of these initiatives and the organisations they arepart of?Myth/ What are the underlying myths and metaphors?metaphor