present progressive tense. Сегодня мы познакомимся с present progressive tense...

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Present Present Progressive Progressive Tense Tense

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  • Present Progressive Tense

  • Present Progressive Tense ( ). : , , .

  • running sittingswimmingreadingplayinghelpingdoing


  • What do you like doing? I like .running sittingswimmingreadingplayinghelpingdoinggoingdancingmakingwritingspeakingeatingjumping

  • We play football at the stadium.

    He helped his mother.

    She will read this book.

    Present Simple Tense. Future Simple Tense. Past Simple Tense.

  • "to be" (am, is, are) ing ( V-ing), : I am He, she, it is reading We, you, they are I am writing a letter to my friend. She is swimming in the pool.

  • , "to be" , (V-ing) . Am I Is he, she, it reading ? Are we, you, theyAre you writing a letter to your friend? Yes, I am.Is she swimming in the pool? No, she isnt.

  • "not" "to be. I am He, she, it is not reading We, you, they are I am not writing a letter to my friend. She is not swimming in the pool.

  • Present Progressive Tense : , , :

    I am playing the computer game.

    They are reading the book.

    My mother is cooking the dinner.

    - ( ): now, at this moment.

  • 1. am, is, are:

    1. I ___ going to the Zoo now.2. She ___ translating from English into Russian.3. They ___ walking in the park now.4. The cat ___ eating meat now.5. Helen ___ talking on the phone now.6. The children ___ running at the stadium.7. It ___ raining now. 8. Her father ___ watching TV at this moment.

  • 2. :

    1. We are discussing a difficult problem now.2. I am learning a funny poem now.3. The pupils are having history lesson.4. Lis is sweeping the floor now.5. He is playing computer games.

  • 3. Present Progressive Tense:

    1. I open the door.2. The cat sleeps on the bed.3. The boys write the letters.4. We sing songs.5. He plays chess.6. Helen and Bess cook dinner.7. Jane talks on the phone.8. The children learn the rule.

  • 4C :

    1. Now, a literature lesson, we, having, are.2. A child, sleeping, in the bedroom, now, is.3. Isnt, now, he, a story, reading.4. Are, drinking, they, milk?5. Volleyball, my friends, playing, in the garden, are.

  • What are they doing?The kangaroo/ jumpThe birds/ flyThe girl/ singTom/ readThe boy/ play footballHe/ danceThe dogs/ runThe hare/ play the drumThe fish/ swim

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