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Part II: Building a Public Profile & Social Presence Rebecca Watson VP, Business Development gWallet, Inc.

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Part II: Building a Public Profile & Social PresenceRebecca WatsonVP, Business DevelopmentgWallet,

Take public risksGain exposure and credibility by taking risks.Smart activities you can do now:Comment on blogs and news articlesStart your own blog Speak at events and MeetupsIntroduce yourself to speakers and expertsFollow your career heroes on Twitter, etc.Submit a customized letter and resume to [email protected]

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Are you fit for a startup?

Long hoursRegular hoursMultiple roles One defined roleInteract w/ everyoneInteract within 1 dept.Tolerant of growing painsTolerant of boredomFast-pacedPredictable paceCreativity requiredConsistency requiredLess structureHeirarchyLow salaryGood salaryOpportunity to move upOpportunity for raise

Tips for approaching startupsSubmitting your resume and cover letter:Be boldRemember entrepreneurial qualitiesSuggest launch ideas and new productsExplain how you will immediately contribute Do your due diligenceShow you have worked for equity in the past

Getting noticed:Attend events where an executive from your target company is speakingAsk for an intro on LinkedinExpress your passion for their product/industryClean up your public profiles, images, etc.

An employers perspective Immediate no-nos:Typos, poor grammarGeneric introAsking what jobs are availableApplying from a different city w/ no explanationInappropriate photos onlineNot sending a thank you note after the interviewNot asking the interviewer any questions

Package yourself creativelyHello,My Abilities:Administrative - Enterprising - Linguistic (AEL)

A: "I like work that involves looking after and organizing information and things. ILike routines and instructions and enjoy checking facts and figures. I like to be wellorganized."

E: "I like work that allows me to take charge and make important choices. I like tohelp people make decisions and motivate them. I like the challenge of somethingnew."

L: "I like work that involves speaking or writing about things. I like the opportunityto express myself through discussion and debate, and communicating using avariety of media."

I have more than 9 years of call centerexperience.Outbound: I was responsible for handling Telemarketing, Tele-Surveys and Tele-Sales.Inbound: Work Force Management, Hiring, Training& Call Center Efficiency Analytics.Kind Regards,Name EmailPhone