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Research Rules. How to Navigate through the Research Maze. Table of contents. Sections of a library..Slide #4 How to use OPAC, the Beaumont library catalog.Slide #5, 6 How to find a biography...........Slides #7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Research Rules

Research RulesHow to Navigate through the Research Maze 1Table of contentsSections of a library..Slide #4How to use OPAC, the Beaumont library catalog.Slide #5, 6How to find a biography...........Slides #7Find a biography online .Slide #8Using the public library catalog.Slide #6How to find a journal article...................................................................................................Slide #18OhioLINK.. Slides #19, 20Boolean searches...............Slide #21List of local libraries (Phone numbers, web sites)Slide #222About BEAUMONT LIBRARYThe Beaumont library has many books of criticism and commentary on the authors you will study during your four years at Beaumont.The library can boast of many scholarly biographies as well. Save time and stepstry the Beaumont library first.!

3Need a book?4OPAcOPAC refers to the online public access catalog at Beaumont. One can find out which books Beaumont Library owns by clicking on the OPAC icon, which is on the desktop of EVERY COMPUTER AT BEAUMONT. If you are looking for a biography of, or literary criticism about an author, type your authors name (last name first) in the OPAC search bar; then click on SUBJECT. Remember, the author is the subject of your research. If you want books written by the author whom you have chosen, type the last name of the author and click on author. The list of books by your author will appear. Choose the book you are using for your paper.

OPAC is outrageously effective. Access it from any Beaumont computer.

5Subject SearchEnter authors last name first, then first name; use drop down to select SUBJECT. This will result in a list of books about the author.Author SearchEnter authors name, last name first. Use drop down to select AUTHOR. This will result in a list of titles by the author.SEARCH A LIBRARYS CATALOG6Title Search Enter the title of the book, omitting the words A, An, or The when these words appear first in the title. Drop down to select TITLE.SEARCH OPAC OR ANY LIBRARYS CATALOGNEED A biographY?Biographies are shelved alphabetically according to the biographees last name. For example, a book about John Adams will be shelved before a book about George Washington. The biographee is the person about whom the book is written.Look for the letter B (meaning biography) on the spine label of the book. Sometimes , in public libraries, the numeral 92 is used in place of B.The first three letters of the biographees last name will appear under the B.The following spine label should be read as

ADA---book about John Adams B -- biographyMCC -- author is David McCullough7Using to find a biography onlineGo to Beaumonts Public Web Site (If accessing from school, click on public web site on right hand side of screen).Click on Students on left hand side of screen.Click on Library on left hand side of next screen.Click on Subscription Databases.Open up NCEMC. (User name and password can be found on Edline.)Click on Biography Resource Center.Enter subjects first and last name.

8Lets go to the library


Cleveland Public Library Reading Room

11New York Public LibraryPublic librariesThe reason that public libraries can lay claim to larger collections is because public libraries are supported by state funds and taxpayer dollars, thereby receiving more money for books than school libraries.

Visit the web sites of different libraries to find books that Beaumont library might not have.

Libraries web sites are listed later in this presentation, on slide #2212Steps in the research processFind several biographies about the person you are researching. Remember, the biography section of your paper must have some depth -- do not include unimportant details. Examine the life of your author as if you were trying to understand them. What motivated them to write? What were the low points and/or highpoints of the authors life? Who or what influenced their style? In addition to monographs (regular hardbound books on one subject), use QUESTIA. Enter a boolean search (see slide #21): type authors name + biography in the search bar.

Find primary resources (letters, speeches, diaries, essays written by the person, interviews ). You can include quotes from these sources in your paper.

Decide which of the authors works you will analyze.

Find literary criticism on your author. Find commentary on the specific work.

Refer to your assignment for the requirements.Ask a librarian for help.


14The Cleveland Public Library Literature Department owns an extensive, comprehensive collection that represents hundreds of authors and much literary criticism. Call 216-623-2881.

Make sure you have a library card!!!!15


17Infohio, a group of many databases, will help you with assignments in all subject areas. See the next slide for how to access one of them.17Journal articlesFIND A PERIODICAL (NEWSPAPER OR JOURNAL) ARTICLE!Go to Beaumont Schools public home page. Click on Student Life.Click on Library.Click on Subscription Databases.Click on Infohio box. (Infohio is printed in red block letters on right.)Click on Resources for Grades 9-12. Click on EBSCO Host in left hand column.For user name and password, find Research Rules on Edline. Click on EBSCO Host, All Databases box.An alphabetical list of databases will appear. Among the databases that will help you are Academic Search Premier, MasterFile Premier, and Newspaper Source. Click on one of these (all three might have information) and enter your authors name in the FIND box. The database Academic Search Premier is probably the first one you should search.View the list of articles that appear. The articles that will appear in their entirety are those articles that have HTML Full Text or PDF underneath the summary. Open each article and see if it will apply to your research.1818oHIOLINKOhioLINK is a library catalog reflecting a consortium of many colleges and universities in Ohio. Quite often, these libraries own books that you cannot find anywhere else. You must have a library card from the Cuyahoga County Library System in order to have books sent through OhioLINK to a local county library.19How to Access OhioLINK from an outside computerGo to: Click on Students (left hand side of screen).Click on Library. (left hand side of screen).Click on Other Library Access.Click on University and Government Libraries.OhioLINK will appear near the bottom of the list on the screen. Click on it. The next screen will be the OhioLINK home page. Enter the title or author you are looking for. For example, if you need literary criticism on John Keats, enter Keats, John + criticism in the search bar. If you simply want to find books by your author, enter the authors name (last name first followed by a comma, then first name).When the list of books on your person or subject comes up, click on REQUEST for any book you wish to acquire.When you see the words Please select your school or institution, drop down to Cuyahoga Co PL (this stands for Cuyahoga County Public Library). Then click on Submit. The Request Verification page will come up. Enter your name and library card number. Then choose the location, or branch library where you would like to pick up the books. Then click the green icon SUBMIT.One can usually renew OhioLINK books several times. REMEMBER: If any books that you have ordered from OhioLINK are overdue, the fine is $.50 each day.20Boolean searchesOften, entering your authors name in a search bar is not enough.A boolean search consists of entering in a search bar the exact terms you are researching. This kind of search narrows your topic down so that you dont receive a million hits. An example:If you wish to find a book of the letters written by Jack London, enter the words Jack London + letters, or Jack London and letters.Do you need diaries, speeches? Substitute the appropriate word after the + or the word and.You can use boolean searches on the Internet as well as in the search bar of a library card catalog.

21Quick linksCleveland Public Library216-623-2881 (literature department)www.cpl.orgCuyahoga County Public Library216-831-6868 (Beachwood branch)www.cuyahogalibrary.org216-475-5000 (Maple Heights branch)Shaker Heights Public Library216-991-2030www.shakerlibrary.orgCleveland Heights Library216-932-3600www.heightslibrary.orgEuclid Public

22Remember questiaQuestia will be a major database for you if you are a junior or senior. You may obtain your user name and password from Mrs. Engstrom or Ms. Ketterer.

23QuestiaSome online resourcesBiography Resource CenterGoogle BooksGoogle ScholarInfohioLiterature Resource CenterNorth Coast Educational Media Center ( Yahoo Literature24The EndThe End25