simple past tense and past continuous tense

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ppt ini berisikan materi mengenai past tense, simple maupun continuous form nya,


Page 1: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

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Page 2: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Simple Past TenseKalimat Positif

Kalimat verbal, merupakan suatu kalimat yang didalamnya mengandung unsur kata kerja.

S + Verb II + Object/Complement

Contoh : Gina washed clothes yesterday.

Tense beraturan dibentuk dengan akhiran –ed dari infinitif. Untuk kata kerja tak beraturan tidak ada rumusan khusus. Sehingga harus dihafalkan sesuai dengan kaidahnya.

Examples : to work – workedTo ask – askedTo deliver - delivered

Page 3: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Kecuali verb yang berakhiran dengan huruf “e”, maka perubahannya hanya ditambahkan –ed.

Example : to love – lovedTo bake – baked

Apabila infinitive (verb satu) berakhiran dengan huruf “y” yang didahului dengan huruf vokal, maka verb II dibentuk dengan menambahkan –ed saja.

Example: To enjoy - enjoyedTo obey – obeyedTo stay – stayedTo play – played

Page 4: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Sedangkan apabila infintive berakhiran dengan konsonan yang didahului oleh vokal dengan merangkap konsonan tersebut kemudian ditambah –ed yang berlaku untuk satu suku kata.

Example : to admit – admittedTo beg – beggedTo submit – submitted

Bila infinitive berakhiran dengan “y” yang didahului konsonan (huruf mati) maka verb II dibentuk dengan mengubah “y” menjadi “i” kemudian ditambah –ed

Example : to carry – CarriedTo try – triedTo cry – cried

Page 5: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Kalimat Nominal, merupakan kalimat yang di dalam kalimat tersebut tidak terdapat unsur kata kerja. Biasanya berupa kata benda, kata sifat, kata keterangan, dan komplemen – komplemen lain.

S + Was/Were + NonVerb + Object/Complement

Contoh : they were a famous geng when senior high school She was a good teacher

Positive (nominal) Negative (nominal) Interrogative (nominal)

I was

You were

HE/she/it was

We were

They were

I was not wasn’t

You were not / weren’t

He/she/it was not/ wasn’t

We were not/weren’t

They were not/ weren’t

Was I?

Were you?

Was He/she/it?

Were we?

Were they?

Page 6: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Kata kerja be (was,were) hanya dapat dipergunakan jika dalam predicate dihadirkan kata sifat (adjective), kata keterangan (adverb), dan kata benda (noun). Berikut contohnya:

• Adjective - It was cold yesterday morning, but it is not too cold now. - The cost of living is expensive now. It was not very expensive last year. - The people living in Jakarta were not very happy several month ago. They had too much rain.

• Adverb - Cornelia is in Jakarta right now. Several month ago, she was in Argentina. - Mr. Boy Montero is always in his new office in the morning. Yesterday morning, he was at home. It was his days off. - The green car was still in the front of the yard when i was there

Page 7: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

• Noun

- Britney was a funny girl when she was a child. Now she is a famous singer. - Yesterday,I worked at the office. It was not my day off. - Cindy Crawford was a noughty girl, but now she is a good model.

Page 8: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

2. Kalimat NegatifKalimat verbal, dalam kalimat verbal negatif digunakan rumus :

S + did not + Verb I + O/CContoh : They didn’t invite her to the party, so he didn’t go.

Susan didn’t submitt her assigment on time.

Kalimat nominal, dalam kalimat nominal negatif dapat dirumuskan :

S + Was/Were + not + O/CContoh : - The hotel wasn’t very expensive

- They weren’t able to come because they were very busy.

Page 9: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

3. Kalimat tanya (interrogative)Kalimat verbal, kalimat tanya dalam kalimat

verbal dirumuskan :

Did + S + Verb I + O/CContoh : - Did the student understand your lesson?

- Did Arabic people accept Islam for the first?

Interrogative adverb, merupakan kata keterangan tambahan yang dipakai untuk mengajukan pertanyaan, ada beberapa bentuk interrogative adverb yaitu :

a) interrogative adverb of time : when- when did you come?

Page 10: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

b) interrogative adverb of place : where- where did you go yesterday?

c) interrogative adverb of manner, quality or state : how- how did you do that?

d) interrogative adverb of cause or reason : why- why did you leave me?

Page 11: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Kalimat nominal, kalimat ini dirumuskan :

Was/were + S + O/C Contoh : Was the weather good when you were on holiday?

Was they in the house las night?

Catatan: apabila dalam sebuah kalimat yang terdiri dari dua klausa yang dipisahkan oleh “when” maka kejadian “klausa when” terjadi yang pertama.Contoh: I stood under a tree when it began to rain

First : the rain beganSecond: i stood under a tree

When she heard a strnge noise, she got up to invertigate

First : she heard a strange noiseSecond : she got up to investigate

Page 12: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Kegunaan Simple Past Tense

Ada beberapa kegunaan Simple Past Tense


a. Simple Past Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan

peristiwa pada masa lampau.


Indra played football yesterday

Dominic called Sinta for brithday party invitation three

hours ago

We went to Borobudur Temple last week

They ate Reman at Braga last night

Two days ago, a postman came to give me a letter

Page 13: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

b. Simple Past Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan periode

waktu masa lampau

Contoh :

She lived in Roma for a long time

The train arrived late yesterday

John left the library at ten o’clock last night

They watched a concert on 7 January at Gasibu

I stayed at library just want to see you in the Monday but you

didn’t come.

c. Simple Past Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan kebiasaan

(habitual actions) di masa lampau.

Contoh :

He always brought the camera

School started at seven o’clock in those days

In the Middle Ages people believed that the earth was flat

Shanti usually brought some vegetable at nuni’s store

The Major of senior high school

Page 14: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

d. Simple Past Tense untuk menunjukkan bahwa beberapa

kegiatan berlangsung berturut – turut diwaktu yang

lampau, dan merupakan kegiatan utama dalam suatu


Contoh :

He hurriedly put the letter in an envelope, stamped it and

ran out to find the nearest pillar box.

I tried to woke up early and ran to bathroom after i know

that i’m late

We loved to see and walked around the garden

She tried to calm down her self because she worried about

her score

They studied together, got the same exam and got the

same score.

Page 15: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous TenseTense ini dipergunakan untuk menggambarkan atau

mengungkapkan suatu aktivitas yang masih sedang dilakukan pada saat tertentu di masa lalu. Saat tertentu tersebut memiliki keterangan waktu (definite time) atau berupa aktivitas yang dapat dipakai sebagai indikator penunjuk keterangan waktu di masa lalu.

Rumus : Subject + to be (was/were) + Verb-ing + object Subject + to be (was/were) + Not + Verb-ing +

objectTo be (was/were) + S + Ving + O

Fungsi dari Past continuous tense ini yaitu :• Digunakan untuk menyatakan perbuatan yang sedang terjadi atau berlangsung pada waktu yang lampau ketika perbuatan lain terjadi.

Contoh :We were playing in the garden when the postman cameWhile I was crossing the street, I saw an accident

Page 16: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

• Dapat digunakan tanpa keterangan waktu, untuk menunjukkan suatu perkembangan perlahan – lahan.Contoh :

The sun was risingThe cloud was moving slowly

• Untuk menunjukkan bahwa suatu kegiatan sedang berlangsung pada saat tertentu di waktu lampau.Contoh :

At ten ‘clock last night i was reading a book. Nami, Robin and I were checking our task two hours ago

Page 17: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

• Untuk menunjukkan bahwa suatu kegiatan dimasa lampau berlangsung untuk waktu yang lama.Contoh :People were rushing about the house all morning. Trying to get everything ready for the weddingWe were playing cards all night last night.I was doing exercise all day in Monday morningSusi was cleaning the house before his mom come from marketHusna was riding a car to go to market this afternoon

• Apabila ada dua kegiatan berlangsung pada waktu yang sama di waktu yang lampau.Contoh :

While Nero was playing the fiddle Rome was burning.I was seeping the floor when my mom was cooking

Page 18: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Bentuk Pasif

Dalam bentuk passive, Simple Past Tense dapat di

rumuskan :

S + was/were + Past Participle (V3) + by + object

Contoh: American continent was found by Columbus.

The Arab people were invited by Muhammad

to accept


Dalam bentuk passive, Past Continuous Tense dapat

dirumuskan :

S + was/were + being + Past Participle (V3) + by

+ object

Contoh: All the trees were being cut down by them

A cake was being made by him

Page 19: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Contoh Soal

• Lengkapi kalimat berikut agar menjadi kalimat yang benar! 1. Mom (cook) soup this morning. 2. They (ask) for candy at Halloween. 3. He (life) at bandung from child. 4. We (stay) here from two years ago. 5. Why did the unripe apple (fall) to the ground?

• Buatlah kalimat passive dari kalimat berikut! 6. My father drank a glass of coffee. 7. My uncle was cutting the grass 8. My aunt cleaned the kitchen. 9. People followed a marathon turnament last week.

Page 20: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

Buatlah kalimat negatif dari kalimat berikut ini ! 10. I was going to the Theatre when my brother came from school. 11. They went to school together everyday. 12. We left the station and went to the market. 13. She late woke up and hurried ran to go to school. 14. Helen was lying in her bed until noon that day.

• Susunlah kalimat dibawah ini agar menjadi kalimat yang benar dan tentukan tenses nya! 15. Night- was – I – all – task – doing – my 16. During – she – all – sleeping – day – was 17. They – fishing – the – fish- eating- was – were – lake – at – I – the

Page 21: Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense

(Lanjutan) 18. Were – you – book – reading – was – I – waiting – me – a 19. Times – book - was – the – me – read – by – three 20. That - yesterday - song – sang – I 21. Ago- hard – weeks - English – for – studied – Tina – exam – and – I – two