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  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


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  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    IntroductionAre you trying to master on social media? Socialbakers is here to help! We havethe art of engaging your fanscreated a guideline of with your social media marketing strategy.10 easy tips to assist

    Social media marketing is and build your brands name and reputation. Andan effective way to reach fanslets face it, everyone is on social these days! So, if they are, you should be too. Being active on social media shows

    your fans that your company is interested in its customers' suggestions and feedback. By creating a balanced

    mixture of Facebook posts, you can provide your fans with information about news and events, while cultivating

    relationships by encouraging conversations and other activity on your Page.

    Engagement is where you . By stimulating engagement on your Page, youreceive feedback from your fans

    are opening the door to receive feedback from fans. Fans thoughts and opinions are clear in their actions andinvolvement with your brand. There are many ways to determine what your fans think of your brand.

    Engagement is any and all activity on your page from your fans. There are several types of Engagement metrics:

    Like, Comments, Shares, Replies, Retweets, etc.Interactions

    the percentage of fans that have seen your post from your Page.Reach

    a formula for quantifying a brands successEngagement Rates

    Evaluating these core metrics will provide you with insight about how your fans feel about your brand and how

    often they are seeing your name. There are several ways to increase Engagement and get more out of your social

    media marketing strategies.

    So, how can you attract more fans, keep your current fans engaged, and ultimately build a bigger social media

    community? Weve got you covered!

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Timing is(nt) Everything, But its ImportantThe best time to be heard is when people are around to hear it. This is true for Facebook posting, as well. It doesnt make

    much sense to post when the fewest people are active online. Depending on your industry, the times and days may vary.

    The automobile industry drives the most engagement on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Because it is also important

    to , Sunday receives the least engagement for the automobile aware of when not to post

    German car manufacturer, BMW, does a great job engaging with their fans during the right times. BMW posted the photo

    below on a Wednesday and received fantastic feedback. With over 59 000 likes, more than 1 000 comments and nearly

    5 000 shares, this photo created a very successful Wednesday for the brand.

    It is crucial to understand your specific optimal posting time. Although BMW receives stellar engagement during

    the industry standard times, the brand also receives a good amount of activity on Fridays.

    This photo was posted on a Friday and received and extremely high amount of activity, with over 70 000 likes

    and shares.

    Brand Name: BMW

    Number of Fans: 12 832 522

    Likes: 59 701

    Shares: 4 947

    Comments: 1 081

    Brand Name: BMW

    Number of Fans: 12 832 522

    Likes: 70 165

    Shares: 7 276

    Comments: 1 156

    # 1

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Be Visually Stimulating

    A clever tactic with posting photos is simply asking fans to interact with it. Giving fans a fun task forces more activity on

    the page and asking questions promotes increased communication.

    # 2

    A picture is worth a thousand words. On Facebook, a picture is worth a thousand comments, shares and likes. It is

    commonly known that photos are the most successful post type on social media, increasing engagement by 120 %.

    People love photos . Facebook users respond to funny, inspirational, cute, even extremely awkward photos. Photoscapture attention quickly and offer a strong foundation for shareable content and shareable content leads to higher

    reach. But, simply posting a photo isnt enough. It needs to contain relevant and entertaining content to keep your fans

    attentions. Lets examine a photo posted by M&Ms USA to see how they collected nearly 16 000 likes and over 3 000


    Brand Name: M&Ms USA

    Number of Fans: 4 207 793

    Likes: 12 633

    Shares: 2 755

    Comments: 3 512

    .4503%Engagement Rate:

    Humor Me

    A fun, lighthearted post can brighten anyones day. It can also lead to

    sharing and liking from fans.

    Charmin, a well-known paper products company, is extremely successful in

    creating humorous content for its Facebook page. The success is proven in

    their amount of likes and shares.

    # 3

    From the photo alone, we can guess which

    company is behind the marketing strategy. It is

    colorful, engaging, and offers much to look at.

    However, what is the purpose on M&M's photo


    The caption of the photo reads, Oh no! Ive lost

    pretzel guy! Can you help me spot him?

    Orange. A simple yet stimulating call to action

    for M&M fans provides a very high engagement

    rating for the post (3 512 comments).

    Brand Name: Charmin

    Number of Fans: 338 763

    Likes: 268

    Shares: 36

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Get Them InvolvedWhat better way to get people interacting with your brand than by simply asking them to? A great way to increase

    engagement is by asking your fans to participate in contests, activities or answer questions. These activities are much

    more enjoyable for fans than simply liking a photo or sharing content.

    Some good examples to get your audience involved:

    Ask fans to write their favorite quotes

    Ask fans to create a caption for a photo

    Create a contest

    Play games

    Purina Dog Chow ran a photo caption contest on their Facebook page. Fans are given a photo of a pet and a deadline

    to create an interesting caption. The winner receives Facebook celebrity status on the Purina Facebook page by having

    their words published for all to see.

    The photo contest received 1 315 likes, 92 shares and 415 comments from people offering caption ideas. Not a bad

    engagement for a simple photo of a cute pup. The winning caption was then published along with the picture, gaining

    even more engagement.

    # 4

    Likes: 1 349

    Shares: 133

    Comments: 22

    The final photo received 1 349 likes, 133 shares, and 22 comments. Purina

    basically received double the engagement from the same photo. Interesting

    and effective strategy!

    Brand Name: Purina Dog Chow

    Number of Fans: 501 393

    Likes: 1 315

    Shares: 92Comments: 415

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Stay Up to DateUtilizing current events or news can really boost your engagement rate. A big news story or popular event can really get

    people talking. Even annual events, like the Super Bowl, are always popular among Facebook users. Oreo, the famous

    cookie brand, made an excellent decision to use the power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl to their advantage. Once theelectricity went out during the football game, Oreo marketing geniuses posted a photo of the cookie with the caption,

    You can still dunk in the dark. The photo received over 21 000 likes, 816 comments, and nearly 7 000 shares.

    People love to talk about holidays on Facebook. Your brand should celebrate holidays to get people noticing your

    content. Take advantage of all that holiday cheer and bring the party over to your page. M&Ms always publishes clever

    content for holidays. This post for Halloween 2012 was a big hit with M&Ms fans, receiving over 102 000 likes, nearly

    20 000 shares, and more then 2 700 comments. This post depicted the popular holiday in a fun way and engaged

    hundreds of thousands of fans. Easy as that!

    # 5

    Brand Name: Oreo

    Number of Fans: 32 121 112

    Likes: 21 233

    Shares: 92

    Comments: 816

    .0921%Engagement Rate:

    Brand Name: M&Ms USA

    Number of Fans: 4 207 793

    Likes: 102 366

    Shares: 19 757

    Comments: 2 722

    1.5413%Engagement Rate:

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Respond AccordinglyCommunication is a two-way street. When fans comment with questions

    or concerns, respond to their queries promptly. This will keep the

    conversation current and show fans that you are interested in their issuesor concerns and are always available to provide support. If youre going to

    be on social media, you must be social! You may find it beneficial to not

    only respond to the negative comments or questions, but also to random

    posts on your page from fans. If a fan writes a glowing post of

    recommendation, thank them publicly. When a fan comments on a photo

    or promotional advertisement, comment back. Anything that keeps the

    conversation flowing and the lines of communication open will increase

    engagement in the long run!

    # 6

    Not Too Long, Not Too Short, Post it Just RightWe live in a world of micro content and fast-moving Facebook browsing.

    Photos are the most successful post type for one reason: users quickly

    realize if they like it or not. Little time is needed to evaluate a photo. Users

    do not spend much time reading on Facebook and want to move through

    the newsfeed quickly with what little time they have. So, when posting text

    updates, keep it short and simple. Of course, always keep it interesting!

    # 7

    Mix It UpA good way to keep your posts interesting is to mix up the content. Try to

    avoid posting the same type of content each day. Fans know what your

    brand is about, so they dont need to be sold every day. If you are in the

    Food & Beverages industry, try posting something different than the

    normal content. Perhaps a Happy Friday post. Everyone loves to be

    reminded that the weekend is close! The small touches are what really

    make a difference.


  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing


    Tell Them What You Want

    # 9

    Be Provocative and EdgyThere is nothing wrong with causing a stir in the social media

    world. Create posts that are shocking and unique to ensure

    a captivated audience. Take, for example, the ad below fromAston Martin.

    The photo promotes pre-owned Aston Martin cars, employing

    the slogan, "You're know you're not the first to buy, but do you

    really care?" The scantily-clad women immediately draws your

    eye, but keeps your attention through its catchy slogan. This

    photo's edginess prompts a high sharability rate. You may not

    want to post photos as provocative as this, however, a little spicenever hurt anyone.

    # 10

    When posting a photo, video, quote, or anything you want fans to like or share, simply ask them to. Fans like to voice

    their opinions, so ask them what they think. Inspirational photos tend to have a high shareability, so try these too.

    UK-based beauty distributor, Cloud 10 Beauty provides a great example of how to ask fans to respond to a post. For

    their upcoming March Madness discount program, they asked Facebook fans which products they would like to get

    discounts on. As you can see, within the first hour they received over 30 comments.

    Brand Name:

    Cloud 10 Beauty

    Number of Fans: 8 851

    Brand Name:

    Aston Martin

    Number of Fans:

    2 173 491

  • 8/10/2019 Social media-guide- -internet marketing











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