solid edge customization with vb2005 (fundamentals)

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Solid Edge Customization with VB2005 (Fundamentals). Solid Edge Customization review. Solid Edge customization の種類 Macro (マクロ) マクロは アウトオブプロセス アプリケーションです (EXE) スタンドアロン .EXE VBA マクロ スクリプト言語 (.VBS) Addin (アドイン) アドインは インプロセス コンポーネントです (DLL) Solid Edge が起動された時に自動的にロードされます。 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Solid Edge Customization reviewSolid Edge customizationMacro (EXE) .EXEVBA (.VBS)Addin (DLL)Solid EdgeSolid EdgeCOM API COM

  • Solid Edge API Overview SolidEdgeCOM APISolid Edge Assembly Type Library - (assembly.tlb)Solid Edge Constants Type Library - (constant.tlb)Solid Edge Draft Type Library (draft.tlb)Solid Edge File Properties Object Library (PropAuto.dll)Solid Edge Framework Type Library (framewrk.tlb)Solid Edge FrameworkSupport Type Library (fwksupp.tlb)Solid Edge Geometry Type Library (geometry.tlb)Solid Edge Install Data Type Library (SEInstallData.dll)Solid Edge Part Type Library (Part.tlb)Solid Edge Revision Manager Object Library (RevMgr.tlb)

  • Solid Edge API Solid Edge\Program Files\Solid Edge V20\SDKSolid Edge SDK\Program Files\Solid Edge V20\SDK\Sesdk.chmSolid Edge APIHelp\Program Files\Solid Edge V20\SDK\SDKExamples.chmVisual Basic 6.0\Program Files\Solid Edge V20\CustomVisual Basic 6.0VB.NET

  • Visual Basic 2005 OverviewVisual Basic 2005Visual Basic 6 (Common Language Runtime CLR)

  • Visual Basic 2005 OverviewVisual Basic6VB6COMVB2005Runtime Callable Wrappers (RCW)COMVB2005.NET Framework Class LibrariesC#C++Microsoft .NET APIVisual Basic 6.0

  • Visual Basic 2005 Visual Studio2005Visual BasicVB6

  • Visual Basic 2005 VB2005

  • Visual Basic 2005 Visual Basic VB2005 Visual Studio 2005\Projects

  • Visual Basic 2005 .NETRCWRuntime Callable WrapperCOMInterop AssemblyRCWVB2005COMOKInterop.SolidEdgeFramework.dllInterop.SolidEdgePart.dll

  • Visual Basic 2005 VB2005

  • Visual Basic 2005 VS.NETVisual Basic

  • VB2005Solid Edge API

  • VB2005Windows

  • Solid Edge APISolid Edge APISolid EdgeOK

  • Imports StatementImports SolidEdgeFramework 2

    Dim objSolidEdgeApplication As Application Dim objSolidEdgeApplication As SolidEdgeFramework.Application

  • Try.Catch.FinallyVB.NET Finally Try

  • F8

  • VB2005 tips (


    .NET (Caspol.exe)

  • VB2005 tipsCOMVB6COMNothing.NET.NET Framework VB6SET objSolidEdgeApplication=NOTHINGVB2005Marshal.ReleaseComObject(objSolidEdgeApplication)objSolidEdgeApplication = NothingGC.Collect()

  • VB2005 tipsAPISolidEdgeFramework - SolidEdgeFrameworkSupport- D (lines, dimensons, boundaries,)SolidEdgeGeometry - DD ( body,face,curve,)SolidEdgePart

  • VB2005 tipsSolidEdgeAssembly SolidEdgeDraft SolidEdgeConstants - igRight, igUnitDistance,Revision Manager insight connect