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Bucket List Must-do's in Japan and Finland! Noora Sarjanoja, University of Oulu Fumitaka Kurihara, Tohoku University Hina Imazawa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Namiho Saito, Hokkaido University STUDENT WORKSHOP 2018

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  • Bucket ListMust-do's in Japan and Finland!

    Noora Sarjanoja, University of OuluFumitaka Kurihara, Tohoku UniversityHina Imazawa, Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesNamiho Saito, Hokkaido University


  • Japan

  • Data

    • Prefecture in Tohoku(eastern and northern) region

    • 1h 30min from Tokyo by Bullettrain

    • Over 2 million inhabitants

    • Facing the Pacific Ocean


  • Popular food inMiyagi

    • Zunda, sweets madefrom soy

    • Gyutan, the tongue of cow

    Photo by Riho Sato

    Photo by Moe Takeyama

    Photo by Moe Takeyama

    Photo by Eri Kuwayama

  • Matsushima

    Town with coast and many islandsBeautiful view, one among top3 views in Japan

    Photo by Fumitaka Kurihara Photo by Fumitaka KuriharaPhoto by Riho Sato

  • Sea foodPhoto by Yasutoki Kanami

    Photo by Riho Sato

  • Let´svisit Miyagi!

    Photo by Moe Takeyama

  • About Kyoto

    Kyoto prefecture is in westernJapan and the old capital cityof Japan.You can experience here manyclassical places, events, food,etc.

    Googole map


  • Byodoin temple• The most famous temple in Japan• Byodoin temple is engraved in the Japanese coin.• Byodoin was originally the second house of a noble

    family, so it is very elaborate and beautiful.

    • You can see a lot of Japanese classical art• The museum in Byodoin has many sculptures and

    pictures that You can study closely.• Byodoin is a rare spot because we enjoy not only

    architectures but also sculpture, picture, and landscape.

    Photo byNamiho Saito

  • Japanese tea Matcha

    • Matcha is powder of green tea. We dissolvematcha and drink. This is bitter, so we usually eat

    Wagashi (Japanese sweets) with matcha.

    • Uji-city in Kyoto is very famous for high gradematcha. There are many tea shop stands in Uji.

    • Matcha sweets: Matcha can give good flavor toother food. Now, matcha sweets, for example,parfaits, cakes and icecream are very popular.

    • You can enjoy matcha. Try it!

    Photo byNamiho Saito

  • Gion-festivalVery classical, gorgeous, long festival

    • Traditional festival in KyotoMany artistic "Hoko" tour around.It is so exciting and powerful!

    • Chimaki is like a talisman, and you can buy themduring the festival.

    It will protect you from unhappiness.

    Photo byNamiho Saito

  • NagoyaPicture© White Whirlwind

  • Where?

    Picture© Lincun

  • About Nagoya

    • The prefectural capital of Aichi

    • Population: About 2 million (6million in Aichi)

    • Area: 326.4sq km

  • Food


    Udon noodle stew with Miso(soybean paste)

    Pictures ©Hina

  • Food


    A fried or grilled chiken wing with sweet andsalty sauce

    Pictures ©Hina

  • Unique Curture

    Café in the morning

    We can eat breakfast with coffee

    Pictures© Hina

  • Finland

  • SaunaSauna is something you simply cannot miss!

    If possible, visit a traditional wood-heated sauna.

    • In the summer, swim in a lake after sauna.• You can dip into a lake in the winter, too… but… it’s cold!

    • You can spice up the experience with vihta,(or vasta) (= a large whisk made of birch branches).

    • You use it to gently hit yourself or your fellow sauna-goers (this is good for blood circulation).

    • For hardcore enthusiasts, there is the smoke sauna,which is a sauna without a chimney: after the sauna isheated and the fire put out, the smoke is ventilated out,and the sauna is ready for use (works on residual heat).

    Photo by PublicDomainPictures

    Photo by Zakordon

    Photo by marituononen

  • HikingFinland is the land of forests and lakes!

    It is something you should definitely experience while visiting.

    If you have the chance, visit one of the many hiking routes.

    One of the more popular hiking routes is Karhunkierros inOulanka. It's a sight to behold!

    • It’s a Finnish tradition to grill sausages over acampfire – it's very tasty!

    • Everyone is free to pick berries in Finland. If it’s theberry season (late summer to autumn), taste some!

    • You can pick mushrooms, too. However, somemushrooms can be very poisonous, so be careful!

    Photo by KatherineSlade

    Photo by Kjerstin_Michaela

  • Berries you may see in a Finnish forest

    Cloudberry (lakka, hilla...)= cloudberry jam,


    Lingonberry (puolukka)= jam, often served as

    garnish to reindeer meat

    Mustikka (bilberry)= jam, soup, pie...

    Photo by Philibum Photo by Jonas Bergsten

    Photo by Marek Silarski

  • Fishing

    Fishing is a popular hobby in Finland, andit's something you would definitely not regret tryingout for yourself.

    Plus, if you fish at a lake – either from the shore orfrom a rental boat – you get to enjoy the beautifullakeside view, too!

    You can fish without a license or a fee if

    • You are fishing or ice-fishing with a hook and line,AND

    • You're NOT fishing at a rapids site or at a specific,managed fishing site

    You can fish in the winter, too!Photo by Joonas Lyytinen

    Photo by langll

    Photo by hschimider


  • Fish you might catch

    The Common roach (särki)Easy to recognize thanks to its red eyes! The European perch (ahven)

    Watch out for the fins, they can cut you!

    Photo by Karelj

    Photo by Vassil

  • Oulu

  • University of OuluBotanical Gardens

    If you are interested in Botany, or if you just want to seesome exotic plant life, visit the Botanical Gardens!

    • For a small entrance free (3 euros), you get toadmire rare flora!

    • It's right next to Oulu University

    Photo by TeVe

    If you cannot travel to the countryside or to the wilderness toenjoy Finnish nature, don't worry! There is green in the heart

    of the city, too!

  • Hupisaaret= interconnected parks that are great

    for promenades

    Photo by Estormiz

    Or if you wish to see moreeveryday Finland...

  • Torinranta

    Torinranta is a must-see place in Oulu.

    It has lots to see and do in the summer!

    • Buy fresh vegetables and berries• Eat some food, like fried muikku! (vendace)

    • Shop at Kauppahalli (Market Hall) for cookingingredients and crafts

    • Greet Toripolliisi (the Bobby at the Market Place)• And of course...

    = the market place nearOulu city center

    Photo by Veronika SusovaPhoto by Jpatokal Photo by Estormiz

    Photo by Noora Sarjanoja

  • PannukakkutaloPannukakkutalo serves great Finnish pancakes.Finnish pancakes are something you shoulddefinitely, definitely taste when in Finland!When compared to Japanese pancakes, Finnishpancakes (räiskäle, lätty) are more crêpe-like: thinand crispy, and often served with strawberry jamand whipped creamPannukakku is actually a pancake that is baked inan oven: it's much thicker and has a smoothcrust.

    Photo by EstormizPhoto by Anneli Salo

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