superweek 2014 julien coquet tag management is not a miracle cure

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Tag Management is not a miracle cure Julien Coquet Superweek 2014

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Tag Management is the latest craze in digital analytics implementations. It's supposed to change the way we deploy analytics/tracking capabilities and yet, success is not guaranteed. In this presentation originally given at Superweek 2014 in Hungary on January 21st, 2014, Julien Coquet details where tag management systems (TMS) fail their end users. Julien also presents best practices on how to deploy of tags via a TMS. About Julien Coquet: Julien is a web analytics expert, consultant and evangelist. A veteran of web performance measurement, Julien assists companies with their online analytics strategies by translating business requirements into measurable goals and key performance indicators into actionable reports - and more!


  • Tag Management is not a miracle cure Julien Coquet Superweek 2014
  • About myself: Julien Coquet Linguist turned Web Analyst In Web Analytics for far too long Consultant, evangelist, speaker Blogger, author, translator KPI Therapist @juliencoquet
  • About my company: Hub'Sales Based in Paris Part of the B&D Group A leader in digital analytics consulting Team of 12 consultants Home of Hub'Scan, a tagging optimization solution
  • A foreword For the sake of this presentation, and given the audience's familiarity with Google's TMS, Google Tag Manager will be used in this presentation to simplify concept usage.
  • Tag Management 101 - A single piece of code(container) - Embedded webmarketing solutions (tags) - Variables (macros) - Rules (rules)
  • Tag Management 101
  • Tag Management 101 (for LOTR nerds) "One tag to rule them all, one macro to nd them, one rule to bring them all and in the data bind them."
  • Tag Management: a saturated market And many more
  • Insight #1 Tag Management sucks
  • Insight #2 I