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<ul><li>Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. July 2014 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 2 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 3 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. bsi. sustainability roadmap 4 WFN Water Management ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ISO 14064-1 Organizational Level GHG Emissions Verification PAS 2050 Product &amp; Service Life Cycle GHG Emissions Verification ISO 50001 Energy Management SRA Sustainability Report Assurance PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Carbon Management Energy Management Sustainability Management Env Management Water Management </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. What is your green-related business challenge? 5 Tightening and complex mandatory/regulatory requirements? Customer/supply chain requirements? Public pressure to do Greener business? The rapidly-rising operation cost with energy, water, materials? Improving brand image and Green credentials? Stakeholders wishes on disclosing business sustainability performance? Potential finance/business pressure on sustainability mismanagement? Wanting to do more green initiatives but dont know what/where/how? </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 6 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 7 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 8 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 9 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 10 Total: 2422 Sites cert. by bsi. World 277 Sites cert. Total 2422 Market Share #3 11.4% Sites cert. by bsi. APac 84 Sites cert. Total 223 Market Share #1 37.7% bsi. on energy management Extremely fast growth rate in EnMS application Certificates doubled in last 4 months! 1244 vs. 2422 (Dec-12 vs. Apr-13) Why so popular? It saves you MONEY!! </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. Morgan Lovell has always been an environmentally conscious organization. However the ISO 50001 energy management standard provides a credible benchmark against which we can monitor and continually improve our performance going forwards.. We thought we were already good when it came to sustainability, however ISO 50001 has helped us identify aspects that we can still do better Sophie Hutchinson, Sustainability Manager, Morgan Lovell 11 Morgan Lovell (UK) EnMS case study Client objectives: Client results: Independent 3rd party verification of best practice regarding energy management Ability to meet current &amp; future mandatory energy efficiency targets &amp; impending legislation Reduction in energy and operating costs Improved image and reputation leading to competitive advantage Financial impact head office electricity cost savings of 30% Process improvements more efficient and better management of energy Robust EnMS well prepared to meet the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme Competitor differentiation top 25 Greenest Companys in the UK by the Sunday Times </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 12 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 13 More? be carbon neutral Company-wide carbon neutral operation Improved business efficiency A globally recognized certificate to prove env. leadership Positioning in an extremely competitive industry Client needs We are dedicated to operating our paper trading business with as little impact on the environment as possible. BSIs PAS 2060 assures both customers and prospective customers that they are working with a responsible company Charles Chan, Business Strategy, Polytrade Paper PAS 2060 smoothed the transition to carbon neutrality Demonstrate env. commitment to its customers Positioning as a carbon neutrality leader Process improvements increased efficiency &amp; cost savings Client benefits </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 14 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 15 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 16 (Eco Industrial Town) (1) (Eco Family / Green Factory) (2) (Eco Industrial Zone / Estate) (3) (Eco Town / Eco City) </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 17 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. Smart city standards Taking the stakeholder feedback into account, an updated model is proposed to cover the different city actors, their organization, as well as smart city objectives. Instead of considering data ows as a technical idea, here the social interaction between the different stakeholders has the emphasis. 18 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. Smart city standards (Eco- Efficiency) 19 (Industrial Symbiosis) (Towards Zero Waste) (Waste Exchange) </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 20 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 21 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 22 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 23 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 24 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 25 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 26 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. Any Questions </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. 28 </li><li>17/07/2014 </li><li>17/07/2014 </li><li>17/07/2014 </li><li>32 </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. Share Embed Assess Support Shape Sharing knowledge to drive growth BSI offers a range of products and services to make standards easy to use: Traditional paper or soft pdf formats available online State-of-the-art publishing platform to enable dynamic sharing of standards within your organization British Standards Online, available 24/7 updated daily providing access to every standard Flexible licensing options to share individual standards across your entire organization BSI membership provides access to our dedicated knowledge services and update system 7/17/2014 Available 24/730,000+ Standards </li><li>17/07/2014Copyright 2012 BSI. All rights reserved. This image cannot currently be displayed. Share Embed Assess Support Once assessed, we provide you with globally recognised marketing tools for you to actively promote your excellence Shape Assessing your progress to build confidence Our Learning Advantage assessor training ensures our people continually develop We match our assessors industry experience to your needs, providing: An in-depth assessment of your organization BSI Excellerator Report benchmarking your performance against similar organizations and identifying risks that may prevent you from achieving your true potential Ongoing support through training, self assessment tools, product testing, workflow tools, compliance software 7/17/2014 </li><li>National and sector/scheme accreditations held worldwide Global accreditations International Accreditation Forum SCC (Canada) JAB (Japan) HKCAS (Hong Kong) JIPDEC (Japan) SAI Social Accountability JAS-ANZ (Australia)ENAC (Spain)EMA (Mexico) INMETRO (Brazil) RvA (Netherlands) UKAS (UK) KAB (Korea) SAC (Singapore) TAF (Taiwan) CNAS (China) NABCB (India) Dakks (Germany) RSPO - Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil IATF - Automotive ITSMF IT Service Management BSI is also a member of the Independent International Organization for Certification (IIOC) BSIs accreditations 7/17/2014 </li><li>36 </li><li>Contact Information Address: BSI Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 127/25 Panjathani Tower, 20th Fl. Nonsee Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Tel: +66 2 294 4889-92 Fax: +66 2 294 4467 Email: Web: </li></ul>


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