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It's presented at the symfony meetup #9. About deploymenting to Symfony application, using Capifony.


  • 2014/04/19 @_nishigori Symfony Deployment with capifony
  • $ whoami @_nishigori! nishigori! capifony contributor
  • Symfony is a PHP framework for web projects.
  • Deploying symfony and Symfony2 Applications with Capistrano
  • Hows Capifony sound? Symfony 1.4+ OR Symfony2! Supports related libraries ! Doctrine! Propel! Composer! Tests covered! Inner DSL (Capistrano way)
  • Get Started $ echo `capifony` >> {YOUR_SYMFONY_PROJECT_ROOT}/Gemfile $ bundle install -j6 Installing capifony 2.6.0 Your bundle is complete! It was installed into ./vendor/bundle ! $ bundle exec capifony {YOUR_SYMFONY_PROJECT_ROOT} [add] writing './Capfile' [add] writing './app/config/deploy.rb' [done] symfony 2 project capifonied!
  • Get Started # Set your specification (hosts, document root, etc..) $ ed app/config/deploy.rb ! # Prepare $ bundle exec cap deploy:setup ! # Deploy $ bundle exec cap deploy ! # Rollback $ bundle exec cap deploy:rollback
  • Advanced capistrano-conrm! Conrm before deploy (& dene tasks)! ! capistrano/ext/multistage (included in Capistrano)! 2.x-Multistage-Extension! Easy way to use a different deployment strategy
  • Be carefully Fllow related libraries! BC Break release! e.g) composers `no-dev` option, # app/config/deploy.rb set :comopser_verion, 1.0.0-alpha8
  • CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Reliable Software Releases! through ! ! Build,! ! Test,! ! and! ! Deployment Automation
  • Testing - Spec capistrano-spec!! capifony is using capistrano-spec ! {CAPYFONY_ROOT}/spec capifony_symfony2_doctrine_spec.rb capifony_symfony2_propel_spec.rb capifony_symfony2_shared_spec.rb capifony_symfony2_spec.rb capifony_symfony2_symfony_spec.rb spec_helper.rb
  • Testing - Integration Development environments made easy You can deploy using vagrant instance. so easily run, and quickly :P
  • Martin Fowler Automated CI and Go
  • Testing - Integration CI Server e.g) test (green) -> deploy to stages
  • btw, is made with Drupal
  • Thanks :)