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Promo materials for the National Project: Bayer, Gender Equality


  • Where does pearl milk tea originate from?

    Which building is the second highest building in the world?

    Which island has the most abundant scenery?

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  • Embrace Equal ity, Embrace Taiwan

    E m b r a c e S e x

    G e n d e r E q u a l i t y E d u c a t i o n

    J o b D e s c r i p t i o n

    You may only

    experience Exchange

    for only one time in


    Why not choose the

    most high quality


    Our Project starts from 2012/02/25~2012/04/25

    Before Arrival EPs should have recorded videos collecting opin-

    ions about gender equality from their friends, family, or even strangers. Questions will be provided by Bayer Taiwan.

    Material Preparation: EPs will be required to bring related text-books/materials regarding their countries gender equality issues.

    Training: In Taiwan, EPs will participate in training programs pro-vided by AIESEC Taiwan and Bayer Taiwan. Programs will cover gender equality, contraception method and presentation skills.

    Provide Additional Knowledge: During the training sessions in Tai-wan, EPs will be provided with additional knowledge to create and finalize education material to assist them when presenting gender equality issues.

    Discussion with High School Students: EPs will share and discuss gender equality issues from different perspectives with high school students.

    Campus Forum Organizing: Work with AIESECers to design promo-tion materials and to organize creative promotion activities in the university.

  • M o r e s t o r i e s f r o m t r a v e l e r s i n

    T a i w a n .

    Come from Australia ,Western and Northern Europe.

    Passionate about the issue and willing to work with local mem-


    W e p r e f e r E P s w h o ,

    Salary in US: 10 dollar / per day

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