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Page 1: Tesla Coil

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Page 2: Tesla Coil

LATAR BELAKANG--------------------------------------------------------------------• Penting untuk diketahui tesla coil adalah salah

satu penemuan Nicola Tesla dimana cukup banyak orang yang tidak mengetahuinya

• Sifatnya yang aplikatif

Page 3: Tesla Coil

TUJUANMemperkenalkan Tesla CoilMemaparkan kegunaan/fungsi Tesla Coil pada zaman sekarang.

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Literatur Buku Halliday Resnick

Page 5: Tesla Coil

The Setup for Tesla Coil

Page 6: Tesla Coil


• Primary coil• Secondary coil• Capacitor for each coil• Spark gap• Power source• Transformer

Page 7: Tesla Coil

How Tesla Coil Works?

Page 8: Tesla Coil


1. Electromagnetic force2. Resonance

Page 9: Tesla Coil

The Principles

• Electrical current is the flow of electrons• The difference in voltage between two places

is what pushes that current• Current is like water, and voltage is like a hill

Page 10: Tesla Coil

Electromagnetic Induction

• Flowing electric current generates a magnetic field

• If a magnetic field flows through the center of a coiled wire, a voltage is generated in the wire

• The electric potential (“hill”) generated increases with the number of turns of wire

• Common alternating current (AC) electrical transformer

Page 11: Tesla Coil

The Differences

• 120 V wall current to roughly 10,000 V

• Steps up the voltage to between 100,000 and one million volts

• This potential is so strong

• The iron core of a normal transformer cannot contain it

Page 12: Tesla Coil

The Differences

• Air between the coils• A capacitor • A spark gap

Page 13: Tesla Coil
Page 14: Tesla Coil


Page 15: Tesla Coil


• Sparkgap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy (1920s)

• Wireless transmission• Electrotherapy devices such as violet ray• Entertainment and educational displays• Leak detectors for high vacuum systems

Page 16: Tesla Coil

Kesimpulan • Tesla coil adalah salah satu penemuan Nicola Tesla

dimana cukup banyak orang yang tidak mengetahuinya• Tesla coil used to produce high-voltage, low-current,

high frequency alternating-current electricity.• Most of the time coils are utilized for entertainment or

education. They can be utilized to show the ideas of electrical power. They are able to also be utilized to captivate folks in museums or in science exhibitions. They make significant crowd-pleasing electrical arcs