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e Integral Designer: Developing You Whitney Hess [email protected] @whitneyhess

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It’s a given that much of our success as practitioners depends on our ability to foster meaningful relationships with our colleagues and customers. But what about our relationship with ourselves? When we ignore our emotions, act against our values, and become indifferent to our surroundings, we lose who we really are and run a much greater risk of not achieving our clients’ goals (and our own). In this talk, we'll explore how presence, adaptability, empathy, and influence can be our most effective design tools. And we'll address how to cultivate these qualities through intellectual, emotional, and physical practices we can integrate into our everyday routines.


  • e Integral Designer: Developing You Whitney Hess [email protected] @whitneyhess
  • from superhero to zero
  • What does it take to be integral?
  • Self-Awareness Social Awareness Self-Management Relationship Mgmt Social + Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness Social Awareness Self-Management Relationship Mgmt Social + Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness Emotional Self-Awareness Accurate Self-Assessment Self-Condence Social Awareness Empathy Organizational Awareness Service Orientation Self-Management Emotional Self-Regulation Transparency Adaptability Achievement Orientation Initiative Optimism Relationship Mgmt Developing Others Inspirational Leadership Change Catalyst Inuence Conict Management Teamwork & Collaboration Social + Emotional Intelligence
  • What am I missing?
  • My SEI Prole (early 2013)
  • My SEI Prole (early 2013)
  • Mind Heart Body
  • Mind Heart Body Most workplaces
  • Mind Heart Body ink Feel Sense
  • Mind Heart Body ink Feel Sense Cognitive Emotional Somatic
  • Integration
  • Neuroplasticity!
  • Self-Awareness Self-Management Relationship Mgmt Social Awareness
  • Self-Awareness Self-Management Relationship Mgmt Social Awareness Presence Empathy InuenceAdaptability
  • Self-Awareness Presence
  • ose struggling with presence: Get distracted easily Have overactive mental chatter Find themselves easily irritated Treat people abrasively without realizing it Feel imbalance in their work life, health and family Feel unexplained aches and pains
  • e Oblivious Applicant (a story)
  • Benets of presence: Greater awareness and understanding of your own feelings and emotions Easier to focus on the task at hand Heightened experiences and stronger memories Peacefulness and inner stillness Connection to your personal truth
  • Developing your presence 1. Write morning pages 2. Observe your thoughts 3. Pause and breathe
  • Self-Management Adaptability
  • ose struggling with adaptability: Find it hard to juggle demands Get frustrated by change even when positive Find changing priorities stressful Slow to see things from another perspective
  • When Development is Done (a story)
  • Adaptability = Flexibility Attitude Versatility Aptitude from Dr. Michael O'Connor and Dr. Tony Alessandras e Platinum Rule Condence Tolerance Empathy Positiveness Respect Resilience Vision Attentiveness Competence Self-correction +
  • Benets of adaptability: Know how to negotiate agreements so that everyone wins Accept surprises whenever they arise Able to generate alternative solutions
  • Developing your adaptability 1. Brainstorm alternatives 2. Observe your reactions to change 3. row away old work
  • Social Awareness Empathy
  • ose struggling with empathy: Assume they know how the other person feels Believe everyone thinks like they do Wait for their turn to talk, planning their response Have a hard time reading people Are oen surprised by what someone has said or done
  • BlahBlahBlah (a story)
  • #1 Job Skill in 2020
  • Five Levels of Listening: 1. Ignoring 2. Pretending 3. Selective 4. Active 5. Empathic from Stephen Coveys e 7 Habits of Highly Eective People
  • Benets of empathy: More accurately read peoples moods and non-verbal cues Respect and relate well to people of diverse backgrounds Understand how others perspectives dier from your own Better predict others reactions More eectively serve their needs
  • Developing your empathy 1. Assess your level of listening 2. Watch for cues 3. Read more literary ction
  • Relationship Mgmt Inuence
  • ose struggling with inuence: Take little notice of audiences needs or interests Deliver same argument or presentation regardless of audience Rely on their position of authority, or are resigned to having not having any Find it hard to communicate a common vision that involves others
  • e Incredible Hulk (a story)
  • Principles of Persuasion: 1. Reciprocity 2. Consistency 3. Social Proof 4. Liking 5. Authority 6. Scarcity from Dr. Robert Cialdinis Inuence: e Psychology of Persuasion
  • e Salesperson Eect
  • Benets of inuence: Build consensus and support for ideas Appeal to others self-interest Adapt your approach by anticipating peoples responses Turn others into evangelists
  • Developing your inuence 1. Consider your available strategies 2. Observe an inuencer 3. Be a helper and accept thank you
  • Self-Awareness Self-Management Relationship Mgmt Social Awareness Presence Empathy InuenceAdaptability
  • Corporate Mindfulness Googles Search Inside Yourself [email protected] Meditation at Medium meditating CEO SAPs Mindfulness Program
  • What would it be like if I had more _________? What kind of invitation am I to others?
  • What do I need to do to be integral?
  • ank you. Whitney Hess @whitneyhess [email protected]
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  • Other Resources Books e Intuitive Body, Dicult Conversations, Daniel Golemans Emotional Intelligence, e Power of Now Tools Oprah & Chopra, Headspace, Li app, Insight Timer Programs Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Wisdom 2.0, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, HayGroups Emotional & Social Competency Inventory