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Presentación de la empresa Ayudamos a las empresas a construir relaciones duraderas con sus clientes ¿Quiénes somos? ¿Qué hacemos y qué es lo que nos hace únicos? ¿Cómo trabajamos? Clientes. Equipo. Contacto

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Three Slices - agencia de marketing rumano


  • 1. Presentacin de la empresa Ayudamos a las empresas a construir relaciones duraderas con sus clientes Quines somos? Qu hacemos y qu es lo que nos hace nicos? Cmo trabajamos? Clientes. Equipo. Contacto
  • 2. Quines somos? Q u i n ? Three Slices naci al principio de 2008 de una iniciativa empresaria y de la pasin de su equipo para la comunicacin, no convencional, de la usabilidad y del inters particular para el ambiente online. Hemos alcanzado un volumen de ventas de 135.000 EUR en 2008, y planeamos doblar esta cifra en 2009. Construimos soluciones para la excelencia en la comunicacin estratgica de la marca y en el marketing poco convencional. Maximizamos el potencial del web para la comunicacin empresarial Ofrecemos servicios totales exteriorizados de marketing Nos centramos en negocios locales
  • 3. Qu hacemos y qu es lo que nos hace nicos? Q u ? Three Slices hace marketing basado en la eficacia financiera, centrada en aumentar las ventas del cliente. Desde la estrategia del concepto hasta la implantacin, nuestra agencia mantiene un enfoque organizado para reducir al mnimo los posibles costes de adquisicin para el cliente. Creatividad. Disciplina. Orientacin hacia las ventas
  • 4. How do we work? SWOT Analysis: What is your current positioning in the market? Which are your major competitors? What is the weakest point of your company? These answers, and more, are structured in a matrix, grouped by: Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats Brand audit: We analize your Companys identity and the way it is perceived bye the consumers. Internet audit: Is your Company present in the online media? How do you signal its presence? What instruments of online communication are you using?
  • 5. How do we work? Having the results from the research stage, we develop a strategic plan, formed by 3 directions: I. BRANDING - we define a visual identity of your company: brand manual, logo, stationery, personalized prints etc - we create the slogan of your brand: a short phrase ment to position you into the mind of the targeted consumer - alternatively, we can create an audio logo, a short audio fragment that comes with every visual presence of your brand on TV and Internet to make the brand recognition more easier.
  • 6. How do we work? II. COMMUNICATION Public relations: - press releases in both online and offline media - image crisis management - press conferences and specific events Website: We develop a communication platform in the online media for the particular profile of your brand, its product and services portfolio, within the spirit of the existing brand identity.
  • 7. How do we work? Newslettering: we design periodic e-media starting from graphics, programming and ending with news and other information about your Company to clients that are subscribing for this kind of news. Corporate blog: A very powerful communication instrument ment to gather consumers around your brand, to exchange opinions, to discuss with the management or other company representatives etc. Multimedia presentations: Professional audio-video presentation of your company for various events, such as: sales meetings, press conferences, internal communication, fairs etc.
  • 8. How do we work? III. PROMOTION - we optimize the code of your website to make it easier to be found when users search for products and services related to your brand - we create, implement and monitor promotional online campaigns to increase the number of visitors on your website. - SMS Marketing, to directly inform you clients about news and other brand-related facts - Direct Marketing: we create, design and send various promotional materials to any client database - Viral Marketing: we enjoy Guerilla Marketing, thats why we create low budget, yet highly creative multimedia content such as funny movies on a minimum budget. We let this content to self-propagate on the Net through already classic channels: IMs, Youtube etc.
  • 9. How do we work? This activity supposes the actual implementation of the strategy and its control on a cost-efficiency basis, directly connected with sales and profit increase objectives targeted by our Client. The only indicator interesting for us in this phase is the Return On Investment - in other words, how cost-efficient is our marketing strategy for the Client?
  • 10. Clients A small part of our clients: t n o Cl o r
  • 11. Team . 11 Radu Trandafir Alina Bodrug Strategy Director Senior Associate Strategy, PR Mass media Ciprian Burcovschi Art director Claudiu Bodrug Visual identity Research specialist Market research Our cat, Sasha Meow meow specialist :)
  • 12. Bucharest, 16-18 Viscolulului Street, Sector 6 [email protected] Tel / fax: +40 - (21) 2074797