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1~Instrumentation and control costs~CEBAF-TN-85-001~SEP~1985~Donal Day~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

2~Guidelines for PSR consultant~CEBAF-TN-85-002~Sep~1985~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

3~Emittance growth, energy spread in recirculator arcs~CEBAF-TN-85-003~Oct~1985~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

4~Recirculator arcs~CEBAF-TN-85-004~Oct~1985~David Douglas~ACC~Superseded by 85-010.~~~1~~~~~~~~

5~Ground stability guesstimates~CEBAF-TN-85-005~Oct~1985~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

6~Isochronicity requirements for the path length variation system~CEBAF-TN-85-006~Oct~1985~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

7~Quantum excitation in recirculator arcs~CEBAF-TN-85-007~OCT~1985~Christoph Leemann~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

8~A possible reduction in isochronicity requirements~CEBAF-TN-85-008~Oct~1985~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

9~[Letter on shielding design]~CEBAF-TN-85-009~Oct~1985~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

10~Recirculator arcs (revised)~CEBAF-TN-85-010~Oct~1985~David Douglas~ACC~Supersedes 85-004.~~~1~~~~~~~~

11~Beam diagnostics devices~CEBAF-TN-85-011~Oct~1985~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

12~Summary of recirculator arc lattice design~CEBAF-TN-85-012~Oct~1985~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

13~External focusing in linac~CEBAF-TN-85-013~Oct~1985~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

14~[Letter on estimate of additional cost of reducing annual boundary radiation dose from 50 mrem to 25 mrem]~CEBAF-TN-85-014~Oct~1985~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

15~Radiation and safety assessment documentation -- visit note~CEBAF-TN-85-015~Oct~1985~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

16~Review of various aspects of CEBAF superconducting recyclotron proposal~CEBAF-TN-85-016~Oct~1985~Roy E. Rand~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

17~Estimates of the radioactivity produced in the ground water surrounding CEBAF 6 GeV, 1/2 MW electron accelerator~CEBAF-TN-85-017~Nov~1985~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

18~Temperature effects of high-current, low-emittance beams~CEBAF-TN-85-018~Nov~1985~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

19~Synchrotron radiation in the recirculator arcs~CEBAF-TN-85-019~Nov~1985~Blaine Norum~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

20~Comments on analysis of multi-pass BBU~CEBAF-TN-85-020~Nov~1985~A. Vetter~PHY~In 1998, an old list mentioned a revision of TN-85-020 designated 86-024 (not to be confused with 85-024). But neither the library nor AccD holds this revision. Concerning consultant A. M. Vetter, see Joe Bisognano.~~~1~~~~~~~~

21~Multi energy schemes~CEBAF-TN-85-021~Nov~1985~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

22~Effect of breaking in seals on SC cavity performance~CEBAF-TN-85-022~Nov~1985~Padamsee, H.~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

23~A polarized high energy photon beam for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-85-023~Nov~1985~Blaine Norum~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

24~Radiation shielding requirements for End Stations A and C~CEBAF-TN-85-024~Dec~1985~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

25~A note on beam collimators~CEBAF-TN-86-025~Mar~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

26~Transverse emittance measured by synchrotron light monitor~CEBAF-TN-86-026~Jan~1986~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

27~RF separator induced emittance growth~CEBAF-TN-86-027~Mar~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

28~Emittance growth in the one GeV, CEBAF superconducting linac due to the RF couplers~CEBAF-TN-86-028~Mar~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

29~Analysis of beam loss due to quantum fluctuations in arcs~CEBAF-TN-86-029~Feb~1986~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

30~A simple production and transport model for tritium in groundwater~CEBAF-TN-86-030~Mar~1986~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

31~Comments on new RF separator extraction scheme~CEBAF-TN-86-031~Mar~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

32~Transport of polarized electrons in the CEBAF linac~CEBAF-TN-86-032~Apr~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

33~Stepping forward through extraction: the true confessions of an alternative extraction scheme~CEBAF-TN-86-033~Apr~1986~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

34~ 'Kick' error sources and emittance dilution (rev.)~CEBAF-TN-86-034~Aug~1986~David Douglas~ACC~Revised 25 Aug. 86.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

35~Current spikes for use as tuning pulses during linac operation~CEBAF-TN-86-035~Jul~1986~Richard York, J. Fugitt~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

36~Temperature regulation of room temperature accelerating structures~CEBAF-TN-86-036~Jul~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

37~Energy acceptance of spreaders and recombiners impact upon possible linac energy configurations~CEBAF-TN-86-037~Jul~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

38~Energy spread from RF phase and amplitude errors~CEBAF-TN-86-038~Aug~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~See also 86-050.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

39~Beam diagnostics at CEBAF: beam current, position, and profile monitors~CEBAF-TN-86-039~Aug~1986~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

40~Arc beam line lattices with simplified geometry~CEBAF-TN-86-040~Aug~1986~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

41~A fast beam position monitor using synchrotron light~CEBAF-TN-86-041~Sep~1986~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~Revised 26 Sept. 86.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

42~A result on phototube noise~CEBAF-TN-86-042~Sep~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

43~Beam breakup simulations of the Saclay recirculating linac~CEBAF-TN-86-043~Oct~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

44~Dispersion and chronicity measurements using dipole excitation offsets~CEBAF-TN-86-044~Nov~1986~David Douglas~ACC~Revised 19 Nov. 86.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

45~High dispersion configuration for low energy beam lines (revised)~CEBAF-TN-86-045~Nov~1986~David Douglas~ACC~Revised 19 Nov. 86.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

46~Performance of the room temperature vacuum system~CEBAF-TN-86-046~Nov~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

47~Estimates of ion accumulation in the recirculator~CEBAF-TN-86-047~Dec~1986~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

48~Gas flux into the differential pumps~CEBAF-TN-86-048~Dec~1986~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

49~Operational considerations~CEBAF-TN-86-049~Dec~1986~Richard York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

50~Revised energy spread estimate~CEBAF-TN-86-050~~1986~Geoffrey Krafft, Joseph Bisognano, Roger Miller~~Published 7 May 1987; listed as both 87-050 and as 86-050.~~~~~~~~~~~

51~Workshop on radiation safety~CEBAF-TN-86-058~~1986~W. Swanson, Don Cossairt, Ken Crook, M. Hofert, T. Jenkins, C. Johnson, D. Lee, J. McCaslin, Robert P. McGee, Paul Page, L. Read, Geoffrey Stapleton, Siegfrid Tesch~~April 1986 compilation is listed as both 86-058 and 87-058.~~~~~~~~~~~

52~Revised energy spread estimate~CEBAF-TN-87-050~~1987~Geoffrey Krafft, Joseph Bisognano, Roger Miller~~Published 7 May 1987; listed as both 87-050 and as 86-050.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

53~Modification of PARMELA to include CEBAF cavities~CEBAF-TN-87-051~Jan~1987~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

54~Wake potentials for CEBAF linac: a modal analysis~CEBAF-TN-87-052~Jan~1987~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

55~Wake potentials at short distance~CEBAF-TN-87-053~Jan~1987~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

56~Single bunch collective effects for CEBAF linac~CEBAF-TN-87-054~Jan~1987~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

57~A laser gun for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-87-055~Mar~1987~R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

58~Wake fields effects for a Gaussian bunch in a 5-cell CEBAF accelerating cavity~CEBAF-TN-87-056~Apr~1987~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

59~Air activation at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-87-057~Nov~1987~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

60~Workshop on radiation safety~CEBAF-TN-87-058~~1987~W. Swanson, Don Cossairt, Ken Crook, M. Hofert, T. Jenkins, C. Johnson, D. Lee, J. McCaslin, Robert P. McGee, Paul Page, L. Read, Geoffrey Stapleton, Siegfrid Tesch~~April 1986 compilation is listed as both 86-058 and 87-058.~~~~~~~~~~~

61~Impedances of CEBAF superconducting accelerator~CEBAF-TN-87-059~Jun~1987~J. Bisognano, Sam Heifets, Byung Yunn~ACC~Published March 1988.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

62~Radiation damage considerations of superinsulation~CEBAF-TN-87-060~Jul~1987~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

63~Radiation control review (book)~CEBAF-TN-87-061~Jun~1987~R. H. Thomas et al.~PHY~14 MB file. Bound compilation may also be listed as 'Report of the CEBAF Radiation Control Review Board, April 16-18, 1987.' Library has master copy.~~~1~~~~~~~~

64~The production of radionuclides in the groundwater~CEBAF-TN-87-062~~1987~G. Stapleton~~Note: Two slightly divergent versions in Accelerator Division files.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

65~EGS simulation of high-energy transmission through thick walls~CEBAF-TN-87-063~Aug~1987~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

66~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-87-064~~1987~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

67~On running EGS~CEBAF-TN-87-065~Sep~1987~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

68~Radiation damage problems in the beam enclosure~CEBAF-TN-87-066~~1987~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

69~Note on the energy spread~CEBAF-TN-87-067~Oct~1987~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

70~Impedances at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-87-068~Nov~1987~Sam Heifets, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

71~Summary of radiation damage problems in beam enclosures~CEBAF-TN-87-069~Dec~1987~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

72~Thermal expansion of magnet stands and orbit errors~CEBAF-TN-87-070~Nov~1987~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

73~Cavity pair testing for CEBAF at Cornell University~CEBAF-TN-87-076~~1987~P. Kneisel, A. Heidt~~Originally published September 1987; cross-listed as both 87-076 and 88-076.~~~1~~~~~~~~

74~Pressure in a stainless steel vacuum system~CEBAF-TN-88-071~Feb~1988~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

75~An example of geologically produced ground loops~CEBAF-TN-88-072~~1988~J. R. Boyce~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

76~Proposal for a safety and interlock system for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-88-073~~1988~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

77~Positron beam transport tunnels at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-88-074~Mar~1988~Jim Boyce, Jorg Kewisch, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

78~Asymptotic behaviour of impedances~CEBAF-TN-88-075~Feb~1988~Joseph Bisognano, Sam Heifets, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

79~Cavity pair testing for CEBAF at Cornell University~CEBAF-TN-88-076~~1988~P. Kneisel, A. Heidt~~Originally published September 1987; cross-listed as both 87-076 and 88-076.~~~~~~~~~~~

80~Cavity microphonics study~CEBAF-TN-88-077~Mar~1988~Larry Doolittle~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

81~Superconductivity RF test on cryounit A~CEBAF-TN-88-078~Mar~1988~I. E. Campisi~ACC~Prepared by I. E. Campisi on behalf of SRF Division.~~~1~~~~~~~~

82~Determination of the injection energy into the first linac from the properties of the first spreader~CEBAF-TN-88-079~May~1988~Jorg Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

83~A cross coupling between cavities~CEBAF-TN-88-080~May~1988~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

84~Evaluation of microphonics induced transverse emittance dilution~CEBAF-TN-88-081~Jun~1988~Richard York, Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

85~Effect of phase errors and amplitude errors for the corporate feed RF system~CEBAF-TN-88-082~Jun~1988~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~TN not distributed; contact author.~~~~~~~~~~~

86~A numerical study of coupling between cavities~CEBAF-TN-88-083~Jun~1988~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

87~A first proposal for an unconventional, high accuracy control system for the CEBAF cavities~CEBAF-TN-88-084~Jun~1988~R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

88~Skyshine calculations for CEBAF end stations and comparisons with measurements made at the Bates Accelerator Laboratory~CEBAF-TN-88-085~Jul~1988~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~Use Revision B of 18 June 1990. At the time of Revision A (27 Nov. 89), the TN was renamed 'Calculation of neutron skyshine radiation and comparison with measurements at BATES (MIT) Laboratory.'~~~1~~~~~~~~

89~Intercepting beam diagnostic devices at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-88-086~Jul~1988~P. Adderley, Walter Barry, Brian Brooks, Rolf Bork, Francis Cucinotta, Caroline Grubb, Jorg Kewisch, Peter Kloeppel, T. Mason, Edwin Navarro, Randy Pico, Henry Robertson, R. Rossmanith, Joan Sage, Marty Wise~ACC~Revised 10 November 1988.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

90~Specification of phase and amplitude control for RF separator~CEBAF-TN-88-087~Jul~1988~Chong-Guo Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

91~Retesting of the Interatom cavity pair 1/3 at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-88-088~Jul~1988~Peter Kneisel, Albert Heidt~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

92~An RF separator system for bunch length measurement~CEBAF-TN-88-089~Aug~1988~Richard York, Chong-Guo Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

93~A MAFIA study of CEBAF RF-separator design~CEBAF-TN-88-090~Aug~1988~Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

94~Oxygen deficiency results from a liquid nitrogen spill in the CEBAF injector test cave~CEBAF-TN-88-091~~1988~J. Patrick Kelley~~~~~1~~~~~~~~

95~A review and cost estimate of cryogenic instrumentation~CEBAF-TN-88-092~Aug~1988~Ganapati Rao Myneni~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

96~Adjusted four pass layout~CEBAF-TN-88-093~Sep~1988~Daniel Berkery~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

97~Comments on the beauty factory parameters~CEBAF-TN-88-094~Sep~1988~Joseph Bisognano, Sam Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

98~End Station Radiation Control Workshop, Sept. 26-28, 1988~CEBAF-TN-88-095~Sep~1988~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~4.5 MB file~~~1~~~~~~~~

99~Strongback to lift concrete blocks in the test lab~CEBAF-TN-88-096~Oct~1988~Walter Tuzel, Ralph Stegman~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

100~Preliminary results of tensile test on niobium at room temperature and 4.2 K~CEBAF-TN-88-097~Oct~1988~Peter Kneisel, Ganapati Rao Myneni~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

101~Comparison of the adverse effects of misalignments for CEBAF 4-and 5-pass lattices~CEBAF-TN-88-098~Oct~1988~Sam Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

102~Calibration procedure for megahertz inductive loop beam position monitors~CEBAF-TN-88-099~Oct~1988~Walter Barry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

103~Ground loops at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-88-100~Nov~1988~Jim Boyce, George Burtner, Paul Brindza~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

104~First measurements of the emittance at the CEBAF injector~CEBAF-TN-88-101~Nov~1988~Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

105~First beam position measurement and orbit correction with prototype Loop Position Monitor~CEBAF-TN-89-102~Jan~1989~W. Barry, P. Adderley, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith, M. Wise~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

106~OLE: On-line envelope display and fast orbit correction for CEBAF, part 1: testing the program at the injector~CEBAF-TN-89-103~Jan~1989~Caroline Grubb, P. K. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

107~Radiological control of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility~CEBAF-TN-89-104~Feb~1989~G. Stapleton, R. Thomas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

108~Minimum and maximum number of beam position monitors for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-89-105~Feb~1989~Bruce Bowling~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

109~Experimental comparison of emittance measurement techniques~CEBAF-TN-89-106~Apr~1989~P. Adderley, William Diamond, Peter Kloeppel~ACC~No electronic or paper copy available.~~~~~~~~~~~

110~Beam current modulation effects on energy spread~CEBAF-TN-89-107~Apr~1989~Walter Barry~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

111~Klystron power curves without circulators~CEBAF-TN-89-108~Mar~1989~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

112~On the independence of the longitudinal wakefield on direction of transit through a cavity~CEBAF-TN-89-109~Apr~1989~Joseph Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

113~Orbit correction in the CEBAF accelerating sections~CEBAF-TN-89-110~Apr~1989~Bruce Bowling, Jorg Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

114~Residual dispersion in arc transport system~CEBAF-TN-89-111~May~1989~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

115~Establishing quadrupole locations using the beam~CEBAF-TN-89-112~May~1989~David Douglas~ACC~Includes addendum of 26 May 1989.~~~1~~~~~~~~

116~CEBAF tech notes: a vehicle for project communication~CEBAF-TN-89-113~MAY~1989~Beverly Hartline, Christoph Leemann~PRJ~~~~1~~~~~~~~

117~RF system Q without circulators~CEBAF-TN-89-114~May~1989~Geoffrey Krafft, Joseph Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

118~Two-corrector, two-bump orbit correction scheme~CEBAF-TN-89-115~May~1989~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

119~A specification on RF amplitude and phase control for the injector~CEBAF-TN-89-116~May~1989~Chong-Guo Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

120~Evaluation of fire prevention systems at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-89-117~Jun~1989~Jim Boyce~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

121~The cryomodule containment vessel's design criteria~CEBAF-TN-89-118~Jun~1989~J. Patrick Kelley~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

122~TE0-modes with URMEL~CEBAF-TN-89-119~Jun~1989~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

123~Understanding 5-cell mode structures~CEBAF-TN-89-120~Jun~1989~Larry Doolittle~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

124~Klystron RF current and klystron gap voltage with and without circulators~CEBAF-TN-89-121~Jun~1989~G. A. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

125~RF control penalty by omitting circulators~CEBAF-TN-89-122~Jun~1989~G. A. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

126~VSWR vs. attenuation at low accelerator current~CEBAF-TN-89-123~Jun~1989~G. A. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

127~Test 305: cryostat thermal performance (see note)~CEBAF-TN-89-124~Jun~1989~B. Schneider, T. Mann~ACC~Listed titles vary for this TN, which in any case characterizes itself on its cover form this way: 'Summarizes heat load and thermal performance of A 1/2' cryounit.'~~~1~~~~~~~~

128~Test 402: cryostat thermal performance (see note)~CEBAF-TN-89-125~Jun~1989~B. Schneider, T. Mann~ACC~Listed titles vary for this TN, which in any case characterizes itself on its cover form this way: 'Summarizes heat load and thermal performance of A' cryounit.'~~~1~~~~~~~~

129~Drift chamber considerations -- construction and operation~CEBAF-TN-89-126~Jun~1989~Steve Christo, Mac Mestayer, Dave Doughty~PHY~Cover note says: 'Notes taken during a visit by Ricardo De Salvo regarding drift chambers.' Without explanation, attached to the TN are three CLAS notes: 91-009, 90-010, and 89-014. The latter TN attachment appears to be identical to the TN itself.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

130~Report on wire chamber aging~CEBAF-TN-89-127~Jun~1989~Steve Christo~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

131~Report on the SciFi 88 Conference~CEBAF-TN-89-128~Jun~1989~Steve Christo~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

132~Effect of quadrupole component in 'C' correction dipole~CEBAF-TN-89-129~Jun~1989~D. Douglas, L. Harwood~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

133~Alignment tolerance for arc correction dipole~CEBAF-TN-89-130~Jun~1989~D. R. Douglas, R. C. York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

134~A method to measure phase distribution of charge in bunch (or bunch length)~CEBAF-TN-89-131~Jun~1989~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

135~Transfer matrix simulating motion through a linac cavity~CEBAF-TN-89-132~Jun~1989~D. Douglas, R. C. York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

136~The problem of using superconducting wire LHe level sensor in temperature range 1.5-5 K~CEBAF-TN-89-133~Jun~1989~Ganapati Rao Myneni~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

137~A note on tapering a step~CEBAF-TN-89-134~Jun~1989~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

138~Transfer matrix for cryomodule~CEBAF-TN-89-135~Jun~1989~B. Bowling, D. Douglas, J. Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

139~Requirements for an independent CTF cryomodule cooldown/warmup station~CEBAF-TN-89-136~Jun~1989~C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

140~Cv required to pump vertical dewars from 4.4 K to 2.0 K~CEBAF-TN-89-137~Jun~1989~C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

141~Radiation source terms for the end stations~CEBAF-TN-89-138~Jul~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~Revision B is dated August 89 -- Revision A is dated 17 Sept. 90. Original TN was dated 14 Dec. 89. Both Revision A and B are in this file. Revision A is 1st 47 pages.~~~1~~~~~~~~

142~The calibration of the cavities' field probe~CEBAF-TN-89-139~Jul~1989~Isidoro E. Campisi~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

143~TRANSPORT analysis of 50-MeV spectrometer design~CEBAF-TN-89-140~Jul~1989~P. K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

144~Preliminary alignment of powering tolerances for arc beam transport system~CEBAF-TN-89-141~Jul~1989~David R. Douglas, Johnny Y. Tang, Richard C. York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

145~Test Lab radiation shielding considerations~CEBAF-TN-89-142~Jul~1989~C. Reece~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

146~The second-order beam-loading effect~CEBAF-TN-89-143~Jul~1989~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

147~Normal mode analysis of the CEBAF accelerator cavity~CEBAF-TN-89-144~Jul~1989~Mark Wiseman~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

148~Finite element analysis of the CEBAF superconducting cavities~CEBAF-TN-89-145~Jul~1989~Mark Wiseman, Leigh Harwood~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

149~Analysis of SPEAR ring magnet data~CEBAF-TN-89-146~Jul~1989~Leigh Harwood~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

150~Requirements for HOM loads and filters~CEBAF-TN-89-147~Jul~1989~Joseph J. Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

151~Summary of alignment and powering tolerances for arc beam transport system~CEBAF-TN-89-148~Jul~1989~D. Douglas, R. C. York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

152~Chemical treatment procedure for cavity pairs used in the upgraded cryomodule test~CEBAF-TN-89-149~Jul~1989~K. Finger, V. Nguyen, W. D. Riel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-07-01-EX.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

153~Cryounit A' RF tests~CEBAF-TN-89-150~Jul~1989~Isidoro E. Campisi~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-07-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

154~Radiation levels outside truck entrance tunnels and personnel access labyrinths for the end stations~CEBAF-TN-89-151~Jul~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

155~Cold iron superconducting quad design~CEBAF-TN-89-152~Jul~1989~Paul Brindza~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

156~Energy spread from fluctuations in the beam load~CEBAF-TN-89-153~Aug~1989~Geoffrey Krafft, Sharon Laubach~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

157~Application of a relational database in the control system~CEBAF-TN-89-154~Aug~1989~Andrea Barry, Jorg Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

158~Design of shielding to ensure maximum concentrations of H-3 and Na-22 in groundwater remain within standards (rev. A)~CEBAF-TN-89-155~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~Use rev. A of 7 Aug. 89.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

159~Roof shielding (skyshine) designs for end-stations~CEBAF-TN-89-156~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

160~Air activation in end-stations~CEBAF-TN-89-157~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

161~Activation of helium used for beam isolation in the beam dump channel (revised)~CEBAF-TN-89-158~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~Use rev. A of 13 Feb. 90. Original TN is dated Aug. 89. Not clear if rev. A is a replacement or an addendum, so both are kept in AccD files.~~~1~~~~~~~~

162~Air activation in the beam dump cave~CEBAF-TN-89-159~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

163~Star density contours and attenuation length in concrete surrounding the CEBAF beam dumps~CEBAF-TN-89-160~Aug~1989~San Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

164~Safety instructions for the operation of the facility to test CEBAF cryomodules (revision A)~CEBAF-TN-89-161~Aug~1989~R. Sundelin, G. Stapleton, T. Hassler, K. Clark, T. Mann~ACC~Use version of 8 Sept. 89 marked 'Revision A.' (TN's original date: 14 Aug. 89.) TN is also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-08-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

165~Radiolysis and radioactivation of beam dump cooling water~CEBAF-TN-89-162~Aug~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

166~Tuners, microphonics, and control systems in superconducting accelerating structures~CEBAF-TN-89-163~Aug~1989~Lawrence R. Doolittle~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-02-EXA. (That designation not in usual form for SRF numbers, but quoted verbatim.)~~~1~~~~~~~~

167~Transition radiation beam diagnostics~CEBAF-TN-89-164~Aug~1989~S. Y. R. Liu~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

168~RF-superconductivity -- present status and future developments~CEBAF-TN-89-165~Sep~1989~Peter Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-09-01-EX.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

169~OLE: fast on-line display of the CEBAF beam envelope~CEBAF-TN-89-166~Sep~1989~Andrea Barry, Bruce Bowling, Caroline Grubb, Jorg Kewisch, Peter Kloeppel, Chandler McDowell, Robert Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

170~Automatic generation of the LOGIC description for the transport systems~CEBAF-TN-89-167~Sep~1989~Andrea Barry, Bruce Bowling, Jorg Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

171~Simulation of quadrupole mispowering using OLE~CEBAF-TN-89-168~Sep~1989~B. Bowling, D. Douglas, J. Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

172~Boundary dose contributions from beam dumps and cooling water plant~CEBAF-TN-89-169~Sep~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

173~The CEBAF machine coordinate system (revised version)~CEBAF-TN-89-170~Sep~1989~J. R. Boyce, A. Barry, A. Jewell~ACC~Includes revision A of 13 Feb. 90 which supersedes original TN dated 18 Sept. 89.~~~1~~~~~~~~

174~Concepts for a 10 MHz current intensity modulator~CEBAF-TN-89-171~Sep~1989~W. Barry, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

175~Configuration of the switchyard and beamlines for ensuring safety of beams~CEBAF-TN-89-172~Sep~1989~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

176~Prospectives of a linac based beauty factory~CEBAF-TN-89-173~Sep~1989~S. A. Heifets, C. McDowell, M. Fripp~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

177~Radiological aspects of the conceptual design for the CEBAF end stations -- revisions and additions to the information presented at the August 1989 review~CEBAF-TN-89-174~Sep~1989~G. Stapleton~ACC~13 MB File - includes addendum~~~1~~~~~~~~

178~The effects of inhomogeneities in arc transport system quadrupoles~CEBAF-TN-89-175~Sep~1989~D. Douglas, J. Y. Tang, R. C. York~ACC~Includes one-page 'Correction to TN-0175' published 30 Nov. 89.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

179~Undulator beam energy monitor~CEBAF-TN-89-176~Oct~1989~R. Roy Whitney~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

180~An alternative method of path length variation in CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-89-177~Oct~1989~J. R. Boyce, Jorg Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

181~Evaluation of proposed alternative method of path length variation for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-89-178~Oct~1989~G. H. Biallas, D. R. Douglas, L. H. Harwood, R. C. York~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

182~A method of modulating the beam current at 10 MHz~CEBAF-TN-89-179~Oct~1989~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

183~Fundamental and sideband power needed to drive an amplitude modulated cavity~CEBAF-TN-89-180~Nov~1989~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

184~Another method of modulating three beams separately~CEBAF-TN-89-181~Nov~1989~Chong-Guo Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

185~The measured data of RF components in CEBAF injector~CEBAF-TN-89-182~Nov~1989~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

186~Effects of field asymmetry in the coupler~CEBAF-TN-89-183~Nov~1989~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

187~New liquid helium level sensor~CEBAF-TN-89-184~Nov~1989~Ganapati Rao~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-11-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

188~Outgassing of Kalrez 174, Viton 174, O-rings, and Solvents~CEBAF-TN-90-185~~1990~Ganapati Rao~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-11-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

189~Effect of the ion trapping at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-89-186~Nov~1989~S. Heifets~ACC~Copies in both AccD and library files are marked 'draft.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

190~Production magnet testing~CEBAF-TN-89-187~Nov~1989~Leigh Harwood~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

191~An overview of the accelerator Personnel Safety System~CEBAF-TN-89-188~Nov~1989~J. Heefner, H. Robertson, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

192~Impedance policy at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-189~Nov~1990~J. J. Bisognano, S. A. Heifets, B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

193~Comparison of the Design Handbook manifold and a proposed manifold for waveguide vacuum~CEBAF-TN-90-190~Dec~1990~Joe Van Dyke~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-12-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

194~Emittance measurement with one or three profile monitors: a comparison~CEBAF-TN-89-191~Dec~1989~P. K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

195~On asymmetric collisions with large disruption parameters~CEBAF-TN-89-192~Dec~1989~S. A. Heifets, G. A. Krafft, M. Fripp~ACC~Dated September 1989. Also CEBAF-PR-90-03, published in NIMA, 293 (3), 286-290, 1990~~~1~~~~~~~~

196~Description and interfacing guide for the CEBAF fast shutdown system, rev. A~CEBAF-TN-90-193~Dec~1990~John Perry~ACC~Revision A is dated 17 Sept. 90. Original TN was dated 14 Dec. 89.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

197~Cryomodule test: RF performance and HOM loads~CEBAF-TN-90-194~Jan~1990~Isidoro E. Campisi, William J. Schneider~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-01-EXA (a number diverging from the usual SRF pattern, but copied verbatim from the TN's cover form).~~~1~~~~~~~~

198~Superconducting cavity pairs for CEBAF's 5 MeV injector and upgraded cryomodule~CEBAF-TN-90-195~Jan~1990~Viet Nguyen-tuong, Keith Finger~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-89-12-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

199~Top assembly drawings system for the accelerator~CEBAF-TN-90-196~Jan~1990~Warner Heilbrunn, Al Jewell~ACC~Use attached 'song sheet' revision B of February 1991 (cover form dated 20 Mar. 91), superseding original 'song sheet' TN of 4 Jan. 90.~~~1~~~~~~~~

200~Second order achromatic high dispersion configuration for low energy beam lines~CEBAF-TN-90-197~Jan~1990~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

201~Calculation of photon skyshine from an anisotropic source~CEBAF-TN-90-198~Jan~1990~San Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

202~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-90-199~Jan~1990~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

203~CLAS conductor design and stability, stress, cryogen requirement and safety analysis~CEBAF-TN-90-200~Jan~1990~Walter Tuzel~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

204~Cryogenic dissipation minimization by gradient optimization~CEBAF-TN-90-201~Jan~1990~R. Sundelin~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-01-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

205~Photon beam at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-202~Jan~1990~Sam Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

206~Measuring the phase spread of the CEBAF beam by backphasing accelerator cavities~CEBAF-TN-90-203~Jan~1990~Peter K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

207~Beam dump plate temperature~CEBAF-TN-90-204~Jan~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

208~Design for 25-kW beam dumps at 100 MeV and 500 MeV~CEBAF-TN-90-205~Feb~1990~P. K. Kloeppel~ACC~Includes erratum of 2/1/90~~~1~~~~~~~~1

209~Determination of the high-frequency behavior of the impedance from low-frequency data~CEBAF-TN-90-206~Feb~1990~S. A. Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

210~Jan. 90 CTF status~CEBAF-TN-90-207~Feb~1990~C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

211~Operation and regulation of 2.0 K circuit~CEBAF-TN-90-208~Feb~1990~D. Arenius, W. C. Chronis J. Fugitt, C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

212~Bug in the VAX PARMELA from Illinois~CEBAF-TN-90-209~Feb~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Philippe Liger~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

213~A beam breakup study of NIST race-track microtron~CEBAF-TN-90-210~Feb~1990~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

214~Beam breakup in recirculating linacs~CEBAF-TN-90-211~Feb~1990~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

215~Front End Test (FET) drawing detail~CEBAF-TN-90-212~Mar~1990~L. A. Dillon-Townes, Dale Jamison~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

216~Radiation levels at ARC/IR detector electronics located in the accelerator tunnel~CEBAF-TN-90-213~Mar~1990~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

217~A MAFIA study of the CEBAF chopper cavity~CEBAF-TN-90-214~Mar~1990~C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

218~Cold iron superconducting quad design~CEBAF-TN-90-215~Mar~1990~Paul Brindza~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

219~Beam breakup thresholds for a recirculation experiment~CEBAF-TN-90-216~Mar~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

220~A highly effective deflecting structure~CEBAF-TN-90-217~Mar~1990~C. Leemann, C. G. Yao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

221~Another 10 MHz beam modulation scheme~CEBAF-TN-90-218~Mar~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

222~User access tools for the accelerator database~CEBAF-TN-90-219~Mar~1990~A. M. Barry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

223~Preliminary position assignments for beam profile monitors~CEBAF-TN-90-220~Mar~1990~David Douglas, Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

224~Notes on a simple cylindrical argon filled ion chamber for beam loss protection~CEBAF-TN-90-221~Mar~1990~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

225~Installation management at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-222~MAR~1990~B. K. Hartline, C. W. Leemann, T. L. Mann~PRJ~~~~1~~~~~~~~

226~Precise beam diagnostic and control systems for high energy accelerators and colliders~CEBAF-TN-90-223~Mar~1990~Ivan Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

227~Measurements of the absolute value of the beam energy and its deviation at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-224~Mar~1990~Ivan Karabekov, R. Rossmanith~ACC~See also TN-90-252.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

228~On the dump design~CEBAF-TN-90-225~~1990~S. A. Heifets, P. Kloeppel~~~~~1~~~~~~~~

229~Concentration of diffusing radioemitters in a sphere~CEBAF-TN-90-226~Apr~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

230~Remarks on the number of beam position monitors required for successful machine operation~CEBAF-TN-90-227~Apr~1990~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

231~CEBAF personnel access and safety system -- intercom system~CEBAF-TN-90-228~Apr~1990~H. Robertson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

232~CEBAF personnel access and safety system -- access control system~CEBAF-TN-90-229~Apr~1990~H. Robertson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

233~Estimates of radiation dose due to releases of radionuclides in air exhausted from CEBAF accelerator vaults using AIRDOS-EPA code~CEBAF-TN-90-230~Apr~1990~San Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

234~A proposal for accelerator physics experiments using a beam recirculated through the Front End Test accelerator at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-231~Apr~1990~W. Barry, J. J. Bisognano, L. S. Cardman, J. Kewisch, G. A. Krafft, N. S. Sereno, C. K. Sinclair~ACC~Spokesmen: Cardman and Sinclair~~~1~~~~~~~~

235~More details on required damping by higher order mode loads~CEBAF-TN-90-232~Jun~1990~R. Sundelin~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-06-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

236~Workshop on personnel safety interlocks~CEBAF-TN-90-233~Apr~1990~Geoffrey Stapleton~ACC~Bound compilation from 29-30 March 1990 workshop chaired by R. H. Thomas of LBL.~~~1~~~~~~~~

237~Power requirements for the chopper cavities~CEBAF-TN-90-234~May~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Kelly Mahoney, Chong-Guo Yao, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

238~On the microwave Compton back-scattering~CEBAF-TN-90-235~May~1990~S. A. Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

239~Amplitude errors in the RF control system~CEBAF-TN-90-236~May~1990~Curt Hovater, Rich Abbott, S. Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

240~On the design of the high-energy dump~CEBAF-TN-90-237~May~1990~S. A. Heifets, P. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

241~How to run FLUKA at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-238~May~1990~San Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

242~Estimation of radioactivity induced in water used for cooling the FET beam dump~CEBAF-TN-90-239~May~1990~Geoffrey B. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

243~Fluctuations in the results of finite time averages for signals of arbitrary spectrum~CEBAF-TN-90-240~May~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Joseph Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

244~FORTRAN binary data file conversions for various CEBAF computers~CEBAF-TN-90-241~May~1990~A. Nguyen, B. A. Bowling, J. Kewisch~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

245~RF testing of the CEBAF prototype warm window assembly~CEBAF-TN-90-242~May~1990~J. P. Kelley, M. Augustine, J. Heckman, C. Humphry, G. Marble, J. Takacs, R. L. Terrell~ACC~Also known as CEBAF SRF-90-05-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

246~Notes on the beam-beam effects in a linac based beauty factory~CEBAF-TN-90-243~May~1990~A. L. Gerasimov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

247~Impedance of a taper~CEBAF-TN-90-244~Jun~1990~S. A. Heifets~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

248~Electric/pneumatic valve driver module model Z0002~CEBAF-TN-90-245~Jun~1990~John Perry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

249~Beam position measurement in the CEBAF recirculating linacs by use of pseudorandom pulse sequences~CEBAF-TN-90-246~Jun~1990~W. C. Barry, J. W. Heefner, G. S. Jones, J. E. Perry, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

250~Evaluation of the VAT mono-valve for cavity pairs~CEBAF-TN-90-247~Jun~1990~P. Kneisel, K. Saito, G. Rao~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-07-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

251~Engineering analysis of the reference design for Hall A dipole~CEBAF-TN-90-248~Jul~1990~Walter Tuzel, John Alcorn~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

252~Quench back problem of the intrinsic stable coil for CLAS magnet~CEBAF-TN-90-249~Jul~1990~W. Tuzel~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

253~Vertical test results of CEBAF's first production cavity pair~CEBAF-TN-90-250~Jul~1990~I. Daniels, S. Downey, E. Hanson, A. Heidt, T. Howell, M. Iacobucci, P. Kneisel, B. Lewis, J. Mammosser, G. Rao, J. Pauley, K. Saito, L. Turlington, B. Umphlett~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-07-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

254~REFBASE1 documentation~CEBAF-TN-90-251~Aug~1990~N. Dobeck~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

255~Specification of the synchrotron light system proposed for absolute monitoring of the CEBAF beam mean energy~CEBAF-TN-90-252~Aug~1990~I. Karabekov, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith~ACC~Further specification of the system proposed in TN-90-224.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

256~CEBAF Personnel Safety System PLC failure modes and effects analysis~CEBAF-TN-90-253~Aug~1990~J. Heefner~ACC~Report prepared by a contractor.~~~1~~~~~~~~

257~Proposal for the initial rough phasing of the linacs~CEBAF-TN-90-254~Aug~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Stefan Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

258~Physics requirements on the determination and stability of the parameters of the beam~CEBAF-TN-90-255~Aug~1990~P. E. Ulmer, W. Bertozzi, J. M. Finn, R. W. Lourie, J. Mougey, A. Saha~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

259~Accelerator fire protection system~CEBAF-TN-90-256~Aug~1990~Tom Hassler, Mike Willard, Barry Moss, George Stevenson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

260~Architecture of the WBS 4 serial link magnet controller system~CEBAF-TN-90-257~Aug~1990~J. Perry, N. Dobeck~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

261~Injector low energy beamline design, rev. A~CEBAF-TN-90-258~Aug~1990~C. K. Sinclair~ACC~Original TN of 28 Aug. 90 was superseded by Revision A of 2 Jan. 1991.~~~1~~~~~~~~

262~A 45 MeV spectrometer for the Front End Test~CEBAF-TN-90-259~Sep~1990~D. R. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

263~[See note.]~CEBAF-TN-90-260~Sep~1990~[See note.]~ACC~Not in library or AccD files. Listings show two titles: 'The use of argon filled coaxial RF cable for beam loss ion chambers at CEBAF' (Stapleton & Dotson) and 'Description and interfacing guide for the fast shutdown system' (Perry). See 90-221 & 89-194.~~~~~~~~~~~

264~Transmission of the CEBAF injector apertures~CEBAF-TN-90-261~Sep~1990~George Neil~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

265~SWARM: a relativistic bunch-bunch collision code~CEBAF-TN-90-262~Oct~1990~J. R. Boyce, S. Heifets, G. A. Krafft, B. Bowling~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

266~Parameter lists for an FEL at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-263~Oct~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

267~Coupler deflection measurements~CEBAF-TN-90-264~Oct~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

268~An observation point for measurement of the 45 MeV emittance in the Front End Test~CEBAF-TN-90-265~Oct~1990~D. R. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

269~The CBF positron source -- possibilities~CEBAF-TN-90-266~Oct~1990~J. R. Boyce, J. Kewisch, R. Rossmanith, R. Whitney~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

270~On the FEL gain -- a TDA study~CEBAF-TN-90-267~Oct~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

271~Drift and quad magnet vacuum tube O.D.'s throughout machine~CEBAF-TN-90-268~Oct~1990~Jim Parkinson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

272~Notes on the energy spread~CEBAF-TN-90-269~Oct~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~Includes one-page addendum that is marked 'Rev. A.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

273~CHL ODH protection system~CEBAF-TN-90-270~Oct~1990~Joe D. Wilson, Jr.~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

274~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-90-271~Nov~1990~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

275~On multiple verniers~CEBAF-TN-90-272~Nov~1990~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

276~Evaluation of the VAT mono-valve for cavity pairs, part 2~CEBAF-TN-90-273~Nov~1990~P. Kneisel, K. Saito, G. Rao~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-11-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

277~On the influence of cooldown conditions on the cavity performance~CEBAF-TN-90-274~Nov~1990~K. Saito, P. Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-11-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

278~Beam energy, polarization and current determination using a high resolution chicane in Hall A~CEBAF-TN-90-275~Nov~1990~J. M. Finn, P. Markowitz, J. LeRose, J. Mougey, P. E. Ulmer~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

279~On matching of highly disrupted beams~CEBAF-TN-90-276~Nov~1990~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

280~Possible storage rings for CEBAF high luminosity, high disruption test facility~CEBAF-TN-90-277~Nov~1990~S. Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

281~Optical specifications for corrector dipoles~CEBAF-TN-90-278~Nov~1990~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

282~Field limitations in vertical test of the KEK 5-cell cavities~CEBAF-TN-90-279~Nov~1990~Kenji Saito~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

283~Proposal for the energy vernier~CEBAF-TN-90-280~Nov~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Stefan Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

284~Inexpensive fast (2.5 microseconds) x-ray detection~CEBAF-TN-90-281~Nov~1990~J. Peterson, J. Perry~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

285~Accelerator physics experiments using a beam recirculated through the injection accelerator at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-90-282~Dec~1990~Nicholas S. Sereno~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

286~Electroweak parity violation measurements using the CEBAF HRS spectrometer pair~CEBAF-TN-90-283~Dec~1990~J. M. Finn, P. Markowitz, P. M. Rutt~PHY~Appended to author list: 'The College of William and Mary in Virginia'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

287~Do anodic oxide layers on niobium prevent Q degradations caused by cooldown conditions?~CEBAF-TN-90-284~Dec~1990~K. Saito, P. Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF SRF-90-12-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

288~Q disease and CEBAF superconducting cavities~CEBAF-TN-90-285~Dec~1990~Viet Nguyen-tuong~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-90-12-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

289~An achromatic transverse translation with variable M56~CEBAF-TN-90-286~Dec~1990~D. R. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

290~First order focussing and steering of misaligned cavities~CEBAF-TN-90-287~Dec~1990~Geoffrey Krafft, Jonathan Jackson, David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

291~CEBAF's production chem room: installation and operation~CEBAF-TN-90-288~Dec~1990~A. Heidt, P. Kneisel, D. Lloyd, J. Pauley~ACC~Also known as CEBAF SRF-90-12-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

292~Preliminary designs of final focus system for CEBAF high luminosity, high disruption test facility (equal energy case)~CEBAF-TN-90-289~Dec~1990~S. Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

293~[Unused TN number.]~CEBAF-TN-91-001~Jan~1991~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

294~Accelerator related water cooling requirements~CEBAF-TN-91-002~Jan~1991~Biallas, George~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

295~Bunch-bunch offset calculations~CEBAF-TN-91-003~Jan~1991~J. R. Boyce~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

296~The injector STAR distribution system~CEBAF-TN-91-004~Jan~1991~C. Hovater, K. Crawford, R. Abbott~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

297~Commissioning of the CEBAF accelerating sections~CEBAF-TN-91-005~Jan~1991~Jorg Kewisch, Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

298~Fundamental mode fluctuations and FEL transparency~CEBAF-TN-91-006~Feb~1991~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

299~January 1991 CTF-VTA interaction test~CEBAF-TN-91-007~Feb~1991~D. Ahlman, B. Almeida, J. Preble, C. H. Rode, B. Schneider~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

300~A preliminary design of final focus system for CEBAF high luminosity, high disruption test facility (unequal energy case)~CEBAF-TN-91-008~Feb~1991~S. Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

301~Summary of the test results for the 1/4 cryomodule~CEBAF-TN-91-009~Feb~1991~W. Schneider, I. Campisi, K. Crawford, M. Drury, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

302~Summary of the test results for cryomodule I~CEBAF-TN-91-010~Feb~1991~W. Schneider~ACC~TN lists 31 authors. Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-02-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

303~Envelope function for best superconducting cavity results~CEBAF-TN-91-011~Feb~1991~V. Nguyen, R. Sundelin~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-02-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

304~An estimation of the maximum applied power required to heat the HOM loads to a specified temperature~CEBAF-TN-91-012~Feb~1991~J. Patrick Kelley~OTP~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-02-04-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

305~An estimate of the maximum HOM load flange temperature resulting from dissipated RF power in the load~CEBAF-TN-91-013~Feb~1991~J. Patrick Kelley~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-02-05-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

306~Thin target muon yields and CEBAF end station dose estimates for photoproduction, electroproduction and pion decay~CEBAF-TN-91-014~Feb~1991~G. Stapleton~ACC~Includes addendum of 5 Dec. 1997, titled 'Thin target pion yields and muon dose rates due to pion decays.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

307~Proposal for stabilizing beam energy at better than the 10-4 level in Halls A and C~CEBAF-TN-91-015~Feb~1991~P. K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

308~Superconducting cavities from high thermal conductivity niobium for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-016~FEB~1991~Peter Kneisel, John Mammosser, Ganapati Rao Myneni,Kenji Saito~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

309~Surface resistance programs at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-017~Mar~1991~Changnian Liang, Lawrence R. Doolittle~ACC~Also known as CEBAF SRF-91-03-02-EXA-Rev. A.~~~1~~~~~~~~

310~An autocorrelation technique for measuring sub-picosecond bunch length using coherent transition radiation~CEBAF-TN-91-018~Mar~1991~Walter Barry~PHY~Includes addendum/errata of 18 Mar. 1991.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

311~A user's guide to the new interactive interface to the Model DIMAD~CEBAF-TN-91-019~Mar~1991~M. Bickley~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

312~WBS 1.0 vacuum interlock system~CEBAF-TN-91-020~Mar~1991~K. Jordan, K. Crawford, J. Marshall, S. O'Sullivan, R. Bundy, R. Nichols, B. Schneider, F. Dylla, R. Sundelin, J. Van Dyke~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-03-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

313~Summary of the test results for cryomodule #5~CEBAF-TN-91-021~Apr~1991~ W. Schneider, R. Bundy, K. Crawford, M. Drury, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-04-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

314~Dispersion in commonly used cables~CEBAF-TN-91-022~Apr~1991~E. S. Smith~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

315~Commissioning of the injector cryounit~CEBAF-TN-91-023~Apr~1991~M. Drury, R. Bundy, K. Crawford, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, J. Marshall, J. Preble, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-04-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

316~Hall A line of sight shielding~CEBAF-TN-91-024~Apr~1991~K. A. Aniol, V. Punjabi~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

317~An optical equivalent to a negative length drift~CEBAF-TN-91-025~Apr~1991~D. R. Douglas, G. A. Krafft, B. C. Yunn~ACC~TN is marked 'Revised 24 April 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

318~Linearity tests on the CEBAF viewer system~CEBAF-TN-91-026~May~1991~B. A. Bowling, P. K. Kloeppel, M. E. Wise~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

319~Another approach to the design of 85 MeV e-plus storage ring for CEBAF high luminosity, high disruption test facility~CEBAF-TN-91-027~May~1991~S. Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

320~Z0007 gun driver module user manual~CEBAF-TN-91-028~May~1991~J. Perry~ACC~Distributed TN lacked ending figure, a fold-out schematic of injector grid driver card. Available AccD files.~~~1~~~~~~~~

321~Tolerable helium leak rates~CEBAF-TN-91-029~May~1991~R. Sundelin~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

322~A closed cycle cryogenic system for testing superconductivity RF cavities~CEBAF-TN-91-030~May~1991~C. Reece, J. Susta, T. Powers, B. Almeida~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

323~An automated RF control and data acquisition system for testing superconducting RF cavities~CEBAF-TN-91-031~May~1991~C. Reece, T. Powers, P. Kushnick~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

324~Performance of superconducting cavities for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-032~May~1991~Peter Kneisel, John Mammosser Ganapati Rao, Kenji Saito, Ron Sundelin~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-04-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

325~Q degradation in superconducting niobium cavities~CEBAF-TN-91-033~May~1991~Kenji Saito, Peter Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-05-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

326~CEBAF cryomodule testing~CEBAF-TN-91-034~May~1991~Kevin Jordan, Rich Bundy, I. E. Campisi, Ken Crawford, Mike Drury, J. Patrick Kelley, Tim Lee, Jim Marshall, Joe Preble, John Robb, William J. Schneider, Ed Stitts, Rondald Sundelin, Henry Whitehead, Mark Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-06-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

327~OSP: Vertical Test Area cavity testing~CEBAF-TN-91-035~May~1991~C. Reece~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-07-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

328~Grounding of relay racks~CEBAF-TN-91-036~May~1991~Bob La Mora, Nick Dobeck~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

329~Cavity tuner performance~CEBAF-TN-91-037~May~1991~Tim Lee~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-08-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

330~Commissioning of injector cryomodule I~CEBAF-TN-91-038~May~1991~M. Drury, K. Crawford, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, J. Marshall, R. Nichols, J. Preble, W. Schneider, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-05-09-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

331~Summary of the test results for cryomodule #6~CEBAF-TN-91-039~Jun~1991~W. Schneider, R. Bundy, K. Crawford, M. Drury, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-06-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

332~CEBAF designed gate valve~CEBAF-TN-91-040~Jun~1991~Larry Turlington~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-06-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

333~Interference effects in HOM spectra~CEBAF-TN-91-041~Jun~1991~J. J. Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

334~User manual for fast shutdown node module~CEBAF-TN-91-042~Jun~1991~J. Perry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

335~Mechanical tuner for 5-cell cavity~CEBAF-TN-91-043~Jun~1991~P. Kneisel, J. Mammosser~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-06-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

336~Commissioning of injector cryomodule II~CEBAF-TN-91-044~Jul~1991~J. Marshall, K. Crawford, M. Drury, K. Jordan, P. Kelley, T. Lee, R. Nichols, J. Preble, W. Schneider, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-06-04-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

337~Specification for construction of absolute energy monitors for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-045~Jul~1991~Ivan Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

338~Infrared heating of HOM loads during testing~CEBAF-TN-91-046~Jul~1991~R. Sundelin~ACC~First two paragraphs of introduction were replaced. See document in Accelerator Division files designated TN-91-046A, dated 9 Sept. 1991.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

339~Present limitations on VTA utilization~CEBAF-TN-91-047~Jul~1991~R. Sundelin~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

340~Low energy neutron shielding for the Hall A detector huts~CEBAF-TN-91-048~Jul~1991~K. A. Aniol~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

341~Criteria for, and evaluation of, candidate materials for the CEBAF cryounit's warm RF window~CEBAF-TN-91-049~Jul~1991~J. Patrick Kelley, Brian Carpenter, John Fischer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

342~Hydrogen depth profiling in niobium~CEBAF-TN-91-050~Jul~1991~Viet Nguyen, Larry Doolittle~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-07-11-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

343~The programmable controller-based CEBAF Personnel Safety System~CEBAF-TN-91-051~Jul~1991~R. Bork, J. Heefner, H. Robertson, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

344~Propagation of second order focussing errors~CEBAF-TN-91-052~Jul~1991~Michael Fripp, David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

345~Magnet placement for the FET recirculation experiment~CEBAF-TN-91-053~Jul~1991~Nick Sereno~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

346~Precision beam energy measurement at CEBAF using synchrotron radiation detectors~CEBAF-TN-91-054~Jul~1991~Brian Bevins~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

347~Arcs, sparks, vibes, and beams~CEBAF-TN-91-055~Jul~1991~Larry Doolittle, Larry Phillips~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-07-30-EX. Addresses how electric fields at the warm and cold windows might be affected by microphonics, detuning, control mode, and beam current.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

348~Injector beamline design for 5 MeV, 25 MeV, and 45 MeV injector~CEBAF-TN-91-056~Aug~1991~D. Scheidecker, S. Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

349~Thermal cycling of RF window flange indium seals~CEBAF-TN-91-057~Aug~1991~G. Rao Myneni, P. Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-08-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

350~Mechanical properties of RF window frame and cavity flange Nb~CEBAF-TN-91-058~Aug~1991~Ganapati R. Myneni~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-08-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

351~Implementing correlation techniques with null character pseudorandom sequences for monitoring beam position in CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-059~Aug~1991~Mitchell Golner~GST~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

352~Beam diagnostic viewer system (CEBAF ref. dwg. B0010D01)~CEBAF-TN-91-060~Aug~1991~Hsi Feng, Peter Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

353~Method of using electron beam welder to study window arcs and punctures~CEBAF-TN-91-061~Aug~1991~R. Sundelin~ACC~Also known as TPN-91-007.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

354~A first design of an 8-GeV positron storage ring for a B-factory~CEBAF-TN-91-062~Aug~1991~S. Jin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

355~Transverse beam breakup at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-91-063~Aug~1991~Michael Fripp, Joseph Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

356~Beam diagnostic profile monitor system (harp)~CEBAF-TN-91-064~Aug~1991~H. Feng~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

357~Report on HOM loads and revision of specification~CEBAF-TN-91-065~Aug~1991~J. Bisognano, I. Campisi~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

358~Radiological assessment of the design of the 600 MeV test beam dump~CEBAF-TN-91-066~Aug~1991~G. Stapleton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

359~Phase yielding minimum energy spread for a single bunch including the RF curvature and the longitudinal wake~CEBAF-TN-91-067~Aug~1991~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

360~A reinjection chicane for the west recombiner~CEBAF-TN-91-068~Sep~1991~D. R. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

361~More on the transfer matrix of a cavity~CEBAF-TN-91-069~Sep~1991~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

362~Arc studies of the injector cryomodules~CEBAF-TN-91-070~Sep~1991~M. Drury, R. Abbott, K. Crawford, L. Doolittle, C. Hovater, K. Jordan, W. Lacy, J. Preble, C. Reece, W. Schneider~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-09-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

363~A dedicated FEL driver design~CEBAF-TN-91-071~Sep~1991~D. R. Douglas, J. J. Bisognano, G. A. Krafft, D. V. Neuffer, B. C. Yunn~ACC~Heading on AccD file copy says: 'Revised 12 September 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

364~Design considerations for implementing alternative RF separator schemes~CEBAF-TN-91-072~Sep~1991~D. R. Douglas~ACC~Heading on AccD file copy says: 'Revised 19 September 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

365~Waveguide flange and seal investigations~CEBAF-TN-91-073~Sep~1991~Mark A. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-09-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

366~FEL design using the CEBAF linac~CEBAF-TN-91-074~Sep~1991~G. R. Neil, J. J. Bisognano, D. Douglas, H. F. Dylla, G. A. Krafft, C. W. Leemann, P. Liger, D. V. Neuffer, C. K. Sinclair, B. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

367~Niobium thread pull tests~CEBAF-TN-91-075~Sep~1991~Mark A. Wiseman~ACC~Dated '8/21/91, Rev. 9/23/91.' Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-09-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

368~Improved cables for signal transmission~CEBAF-TN-91-076~Sep~1991~John Perry, Dave Seidman~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

369~An expanded digital input system~CEBAF-TN-91-077~Sep~1991~J. Hansknecht~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

370~History of the warm beampipe vacuum system~CEBAF-TN-91-078~Sep~1991~Joseph Van Dyke, John Heckman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-10-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

371~Beam viewer/beam profile monitors cable numbering system~CEBAF-TN-91-079~Oct~1991~T. A. Smith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

372~Beam breakup in a superconducting IRFEL~CEBAF-TN-91-080~Oct~1991~G. A. Krafft, M. Xie~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

373~Alignment tolerances for CEBAF accelerating cavities~CEBAF-TN-91-081~Oct~1991~J. J. Bisognano, D. R. Douglas, B. C. Yunn~ACC~TN is marked 'Revised 15 October 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

374~Tunnel shielding walls and NFPA guidelines~CEBAF-TN-91-082~Oct~1991~James R. Boyce~ACC~TN is mistakenly marked TN-91-123. Cover sheet says TN-91-082.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

375~CEBAF naming conventions (rev. 2)~CEBAF-TN-91-083~OCT~1991~B. Hartline, C. W. Leemann, C. H. Rode, T. L. Mann~PRJ~Use Tom Hassler's rev. 2 of 13 Dec. 93, 'Changing the CEBAF nomenclature document.' following original document (Rev. 2 cancels and supersedes rev. 1, the addendum by C. H. Rode distributed 10 Dec. 92. Original TN was dated 21 Oct. 91.)~~~1~~~~~~~~1

376~English translation of RF control system faults~CEBAF-TN-91-084~Oct~1991~Charlene B. West, George Lahti, Bruce Morgan~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

377~Pump down of IA 90/91 on 28 Oct. 91 in dewar 8~CEBAF-TN-91-085~Oct~1991~Bruce Almeida, Ganapati R. Myneni, Raymond Jacobs~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-10-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

378~Summary of test results for quarter cryomodule #9~CEBAF-TN-91-086~Nov~1991~W. Schneider, R. Bundy, K. Crawford, M. Drury, K. Jordan, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-11-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

379~Basic noise considerations for CEBAF beam position monitors~CEBAF-TN-91-087~Nov~1991~W. Barry~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

380~Error analysis of the beam viewer system for quantitative measurements~CEBAF-TN-91-088~~1991~S. Jin, P. Kloeppel~~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

381~Heat stress survey, summer 1991~CEBAF-TN-91-089~Nov~1991~P. Hunt, D. Braswell, R. Hugate, R. Holt, J. Kozma~ACC~Title may be listed in other ways, including ' 'Summer Heat Stress Survey,' North and South Linac Service Bldgs.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

382~The cavity tuner LVDT as a control device~CEBAF-TN-91-090~Nov~1991~James Marshall~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-11-22-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

383~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-91-091~Dec~1991~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

384~In search of missing dispersion: the effect of dipole end fields in the FET recirculation~CEBAF-TN-91-092~Dec~1991~D. R. Douglas, G. A. Krafft, D. V. Neuffer, N. Sereno, M. G. Tiefenback~ACC~TN is marked 'Revised 10 December 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

385~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-91-093~Dec~1991~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

386~On the automatic pumpdown of the VTA dewars~CEBAF-TN-91-094~Dec~1991~William C. Chronis~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

387~The effect of observed dipole end fields on beam transport system optics~CEBAF-TN-91-095~Dec~1991~D. R. Douglas~ACC~TN is marked 'Revised 10 December 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

388~Performance of CEBAF IR-FEL~CEBAF-TN-91-096~Dec~1991~B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

389~Steering magnets for beam separation~CEBAF-TN-91-097~Dec~1991~Z. Li, Dave Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

390~Error analysis for the 1645 MeV extraction beam line~CEBAF-TN-91-098~Dec~1991~Zenghai Li, Dave Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

391~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-91-099~Dec~1991~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

392~Spreader-recombiner design guidelines~CEBAF-TN-91-100~Dec~1991~D. Douglas~ACC~TN is marked 'Revised 10 December 1991.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

393~MCEEP: Monte Carlo for electro-nuclear coincidence experiments~CEBAF-TN-91-101~Dec~1991~P. E. Ulmer~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

394~High-power operation of two-color FELs~CEBAF-TN-91-102~Dec~1991~J. J. Bisognano, B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

395~Behavior of electropolished niobium cavities under different cooldown conditions~CEBAF-TN-91-103~Dec~1991~K. Saito, E. Kako, S. Noguchi, P. Kneisel, H. Miwa, T. Suzuki~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-12-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

396~Observation of Q-degradation in superconducting niobium cavities due to cooldown conditions~CEBAF-TN-91-104~Dec~1991~Kenji Saito, Peter Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-12-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

397~Sensitivity of CEBAF 5-cell cavities to external pressure~CEBAF-TN-91-105~Dec~1991~P. Kneisel, A. Heidt, J. Mammosser, G. M. Rao~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-91-12-04-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

398~Floating wire analogue for absolute momentum calibration of HMS~CEBAF-TN-91-106~Dec~1991~C. Yan~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

399~Field mapping for Hall C HMS~CEBAF-TN-91-107~Dec~1991~C. Yan~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

400~Determining chopper alignment with the CEBAF camera system~CEBAF-TN-91-108~Dec~1991~B. Bowling, P. Kloeppel, G. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

401~Full and half machine cooldown options~CEBAF-TN-91-109~Jan~1991~C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

402~Temperature dependence of the Q-degradation of an anodized 5-cell cavity~CEBAF-TN-92-001~Jan~1992~K. Saito, P. Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-01-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

403~Warm window evaluation~CEBAF-TN-92-002~Jan~1992~Viet Nguyen, John Fischer Joe Preble~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-01-02-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

404~A review of quadrupole field homogeneity specifications~CEBAF-TN-92-003~Jan~1992~D. R. Douglas~ACC~TN says: 'Revised 22 January 1992.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

405~Magnet measurements for the FET recirculation experiment~CEBAF-TN-92-004~Jan~1992~J. Karn, N. Sereno~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

406~Non-isochronous recirculation at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-92-005~Jan~1992~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

407~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-92-006~~1992~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

408~Summary of tests results for cryomodule #8~CEBAF-TN-92-007~Jan~1992~W. Schneider, R. Bundy, M. Drury, K. Jordan, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, Q. Saulter, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-01-03-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

409~Emittance dilution and separator phase and amplitude stability requirements~CEBAF-TN-92-008~Jan~1992~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

410~A review of the arc dipole alignment specification~CEBAF-TN-92-009~~1992~D. R. Douglas~~TN says: 'Revised 29 April 1992.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

411~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-92-010~~1992~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

412~Hall 'B' oxygen deficiency analysis under spills of cryogenic fluids~CEBAF-TN-92-011~Dec~1992~John O'Meara, Walter Tuzel~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

413~Automatic beam spot detection for the CEBAF camera system~CEBAF-TN-92-012~Feb~1992~B. Bowling, C. McDowell~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

414~Front End Test cavity tuning data~CEBAF-TN-92-013~Feb~1992~Curt Hovater, Stefan Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

415~The possibility of absolute measurement of beam energy using backscattering of a transverse plane electromagnetic wave~CEBAF-TN-92-014~Feb~1992~I. P. Karabekov, V. V. Musakhanian~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

416~Comparison of the transfer matrix elements for two quadrupole fringe field models~CEBAF-TN-92-015~Mar~1992~N. Sereno~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

417~Vertex separation in an asymmetric B-factory~CEBAF-TN-92-016~Mar~1992~B. Norum~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

418~Beam position monitor controls software~CEBAF-TN-92-017~Mar~1992~B. Bowling~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

419~Analysis of TACL network algorithms with recommendations for improving performance~CEBAF-TN-92-018~Mar~1992~Sally Schaffner, Valerie Corker~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

420~Cavity resonator as wiggler: use of Compton scattering to measure beam energy~CEBAF-TN-92-019~Mar~1992~Robert Rossmanith, Peter K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

421~How does indium contamination influence cavity performance?~CEBAF-TN-92-020~Mar~1992~P. Kneisel, K. Saito~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-03-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

422~Q-degradation in high purity niobium cavities: dependence on temperature and RRR-value~CEBAF-TN-92-021~Mar~1992~K. Saito, P. Kneisel~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-04-01-EXA.~~~1~~~~~~~~

423~North linac operation at elevated temperatures~CEBAF-TN-92-022~Apr~1992~C. Hovater, C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

424~Summary of test results for cryomodule #10~CEBAF-TN-92-023~Apr~1992~W. Schneider, R. Bundy, M. Drury, K. Jordan, J. Marshall, J. Preble, J. Robb, Q. Saulter, E. Stitts, M. Wiseman~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

425~Evaluation of the CEBAF Injector Superconducting Cavity Performance~CEBAF-TN-92-024~Apr~1992~Joe Preble, Michael Drury, James Marshall, John Robb, Quentin Saulter, Bill Schneider, Mark Wiseman~ACC~Though confirmed (March 1998) to have been distributed, TN is not available in AccD or library files.~~~~~~~~~~~

426~Gravitational wire sag in non-rigid drift chamber structures~CEBAF-TN-92-025~Jun~1992~M. Chew, J. O'Meara, W. Tuzel~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

427~Commissioning of north linac cryomodule 1~CEBAF-TN-92-026~Jun~1992~M. Drury, J. Marshall, J. Preble, Q. Saulter, W. Schneider, M. Wiseman~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

428~Using the 70 MHz-bunch length chassis~CEBAF-TN-92-027~Jun~1992~Curt Hovater, Bruce Bowling~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

429~Manufacturing of the 9-cell KEK/CEBAF-collaboration cavity~CEBAF-TN-92-028~Jun~1992~P. Kneisel, K. Saito, L. Turlington, J. Brawley~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

430~TACL user process CAMAC I/O library~CEBAF-TN-92-029~Jun~1992~Marty Wise~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

431~Macros for the logic editor~CEBAF-TN-92-030~Jul~1992~Scott Higgins~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

432~Reconciliation of window Q measurements~CEBAF-TN-92-031~Jul~1992~L. Doolittle, P. Kushnick~ACC~Also known as CEBAF-SRF-92-07-01-EX.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

433~A theorem relating luminosity and deflection~CEBAF-TN-92-032~Jul~1992~G. A. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

434~Beam loss monitor control module model Z0005~CEBAF-TN-92-033~Jul~1992~John Perry, Eric Woodworth~ACC~Listed sometimes as 'User manual for beam loss monitor controller.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

435~Gain and power of CEBAF FELs~CEBAF-TN-92-034~Jul~1992~Zenghai Li, B. C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

436~A new scheme to compensate for emittance in FELs (and synchrotrons?)~CEBAF-TN-92-035~Jul~1992~George R. Neil, Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

437~Performance and installation status of superconducting cavities at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-92-036~Aug~1992~C. Reece, J. Benesch, H. F. Dylla, J. Mammosser, J. Preble, W. Schneider~ACC~Paper contributed to XVth International Conference on High Energy Accelerators, 20-24 July 1992, Hamburg, Germany.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

438~Strange attractors in electron storage rings~CEBAF-TN-92-037~Aug~1992~David Boozer~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

439~Superconducting niobium cavities with high gradients~CEBAF-TN-92-038~Aug~1992~P. Kneisel, K. Saito~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

440~Photon flux computation for the HRS spectrometers at forward angle~CEBAF-TN-92-039~Sep~1992~Zein-Eddi Meziani~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

441~A guide to RFxxxop -- the RF expert TACL screen~CEBAF-TN-92-040~Sep~1992~Curt Hovater, David Bains, Stefan Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

442~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-92-041~Sep~1992~[Unused TN number]~PHY~~~~~~~~~~~~

443~North linac 1L15 LHe spill test~CEBAF-TN-92-042~Sep~1992~C. H. Rode~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

444~The impact of variations in the effective length of arc dipoles~CEBAF-TN-92-043~Sep~1992~D. R. Douglas, L. H. Harwood~ACC~TN header says: 'Revised 21 September 1992.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

445~Energy measurement on beam switchyard line of Hall C~CEBAF-TN-92-044~Sep~1992~R. V. Servranckx~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

446~150 MeV run parameters~CEBAF-TN-92-045~Oct~1992~C. H. Rode, J. Preble, W. J. Schneider~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

447~Time response requirement for the BLM/FSD system~CEBAF-TN-92-046~Oct~1992~C. K. Sinclair~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

448~A method for achieving minimal bunch length in the CEBAF injector~CEBAF-TN-92-047~Oct~1992~J. A. Jackson, G. A. Krafft, R. Abbott~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

449~Study of north linac dump optics with reduced number of quadrupoles, and an optional high dispersion region in the extraction area~CEBAF-TN-92-048~Oct~1992~Y. Chao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

450~Accelerator physics comparisons of storage-ring/storage-ring and linac/storage ring B-factory colliders~CEBAF-TN-92-049~Nov~1992~David Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

451~HARP user's manual~CEBAF-TN-92-050~Nov~1992~R. Abbott, B. Bowling, E. Woodworth~ACC~Marked 'Preliminary.'~~~1~~~~~~~~

452~Search for ODH victims in accelerator service buildings~CEBAF-TN-92-051~Nov~1992~Tom Hassler, Steve Suhring~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

453~Lift of transparency titles from papers submitted at the XVth HEACC '92 conference~CEBAF-TN-92-052~Nov~1992~Ronald M. Sundelin~OTP~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

454~Bunchlength measurement by backphasing~CEBAF-TN-92-053~Nov~1992~Philippe Liger, Robert Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

455~Hall C beam momentum measurement system~CEBAF-TN-92-054~Nov~1992~D. Neuffer, C. Yan, R. Carlini~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

456~Temperature dependence of CEBAF SRF cavity performance (plus illustration of assorted cavity phenomena)~CEBAF-TN-92-055~Nov~1992~Charles Reece~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

457~Further notes on the emittance compensation scheme~CEBAF-TN-92-056~Nov~1992~George R. Neil, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

458~Electron beam specifications for the CEBAF UVFEL~CEBAF-TN-92-057~Nov~1992~Stephen Benson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

459~RF-superconductivity technology: its sensitivity to surface conditions~CEBAF-TN-92-058~Nov~1992~P. Kneisel~ACC~Invited paper presented at the AVS Symposium, November 1992, Chicago.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

460~Analysis and simulation of the measurement of cavity resonance frequency~CEBAF-TN-92-059~Dec~1992~Rui Li, Byung Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

461~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-92-060~Dec~1992~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

462~Proposal for a beam profile monitor using a static wire pickup~CEBAF-TN-92-061~Dec~1992~Michael G. Tiefenback, David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

463~Emittance, acceptance, and phase space area~CEBAF-TN-92-062~Dec~1992~Michael Tiefenback~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

464~Maximum beam transport through the FEL buncher~CEBAF-TN-92-063~Dec~1992~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

465~Design criteria for beam dumps for Halls A and C~CEBAF-TN-92-064~Dec~1992~C. K. Sinclair~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

466~Tensile test of CLAS links AB and CD~CEBAF-TN-93-001~Jan~1993~Walter Tuzel, John O'Meara~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

467~The use of electronic CAE/CAD/CAM for rapid development of instrumentation in the SRF Department~CEBAF-TN-93-002~Jan~1993~Tom Powers~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

468~CEBAF intermediate power beam tune up dump~CEBAF-TN-93-003~Jan~1993~C. K. Sinclair,R. J. Vetterlein~ACC~TN includes 'Temperature predictions and operating limits for the CEBAF tune up dump,' prepared by Robert J. Vetterlein following the ARR-2 panel's request.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

469~How the linac beam position monitors 'work'~CEBAF-TN-93-004~Jan~1993~Geoffrey Krafft, Alicia Hofler~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

470~The TACL logic for the CEBAF fast shutdown system~CEBAF-TN-93-005~Jan~1993~Bruce Bowling, Jim Coleman, Jorg Kewisch, Pete Kloeppel, Bonnie Montjar, John Perry, Marty Wise, Eric Woodworth~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

471~Progress report on the superharp~CEBAF-TN-93-006~Jan~1993~C. Yan, P. Adderley, R. Carlini, E. Feldl, H. Feng~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

472~Description of the BPM control screens~CEBAF-TN-93-007~Jan~1993~Alicia Hofler~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

473~On setting the default masks for the fast shutdown system~CEBAF-TN-93-008~Jan~1993~ Peter Kloeppel, Geoff Krafft, John Perry, Steve Suhring~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

474~Space charge effects on the beam dynamics of electrons in the FEL injector~CEBAF-TN-93-009~Jan~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

475~Processing the harp signals in the frequency domain~CEBAF-TN-93-010~Jan~1993~Rui Li~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

476~Parasitic electron bunches in the FEL injector~CEBAF-TN-93-011~Jan~1993~ Hongxiu Liu, Steve Benson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

477~Personnel safety system: proposal for segmentation of the accelerator tunnel and its interlock systems~CEBAF-TN-93-012~Jan~1993~H. Robertson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

478~Bunch length receiver~CEBAF-TN-93-013~Jan~1993~Richard Abbott~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

479~Beam position monitoring by phase demodulation~CEBAF-TN-93-014~Jan~1993~Richard Abbott~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

480~Curious behavior of a cavity pair~CEBAF-TN-93-015~Feb~1993~Larry Doolittle~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

481~A bunch length diagnostic utilizing coherent transition radiation~CEBAF-TN-93-016~Feb~1993~E. Price, J. Jackson, G. Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

482~Measurement of longitudinal beam polarization by synchrotron radiation~CEBAF-TN-93-017~Feb~1993~I. P. Karabekov, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

483~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-93-018~Feb~1993~[Unused TN number]~ACC~~~~~~~~~~~~

484~Full RF operations: software goals~CEBAF-TN-93-019~Mar~1993~Lahti, George E.~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

485~Beam energy absolute measurement using visible light of synchrotron radiation~CEBAF-TN-93-020~Mar~1993~I. P. Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

486~On edge emittance of the nuclear physics beam~CEBAF-TN-93-021~Mar~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

487~On minimum emittance of the nuclear physics beam~CEBAF-TN-93-022~Mar~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

488~Control system transition: RF viewpoint~CEBAF-TN-93-023~Mar~1993~Lahti, George E.~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

489~TACL to ACNET: RF~CEBAF-TN-93-024~Mar~1993~Lahti, George E.~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

490~Cooling systems for the north linac intermediate power tune up dump~CEBAF-TN-93-025~Mar~1993~George Biallas, Nick Monk~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

491~A proposal for experimental investigation of longitudinal spin polarimetry and absolute energy measurement by synchrotron radiation~CEBAF-TN-93-026~Apr~1993~I. P. Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

492~A high pressure ultra-pure water rinsing system for niobium cavities~CEBAF-TN-93-027~Apr~1993~P. Kneisel, B. Lewis, L. Turlington~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

493~Thermal and mechanical properties of heat treated Nb~CEBAF-TN-93-028~Apr~1993~M. G. Rao, P. Kneisel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

494~RF software tasks for 1993~CEBAF-TN-93-029~Apr~1993~George E. Lahti~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

495~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-93-030~~1993~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

496~Emergency management exercise report~CEBAF-TN-93-031~May~1993~Tom Hassler~ACC~May sometimes be listed as 'Final report of emergency management exercise: fire in the Test Lab.'~~~1~~~~~~~~1

497~By-passing the cavities~CEBAF-TN-93-032~May~1993~O. Bazhenov, L. Merminga, S. Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

498~Gradient calibration of north linac with beam~CEBAF-TN-93-033~May~1993~O. Bazhenov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

499~Dose rate at north access hatch due to 45 MeV dump~CEBAF-TN-93-034~May~1993~Robert May, Scott Schwahn~ACC~Also known as Radiological Control Group Note #93-10.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

500~Requirements of the CEBAF beam viewer system~CEBAF-TN-93-035~May~1993~A. Silva~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

501~ESR network communication hardware requirements~CEBAF-TN-93-036~May~1993~Omar Garza~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

502~A new surface resistance measurement method with ultrahigh sensitivity~CEBAF-TN-93-037~May~1993~Changnian Liang~ACC~Ph.D. dissertation.~~~~~~~~~~~

503~On the CEBAF RF-separator design~CEBAF-TN-93-038~May~1993~Byung C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

504~ESR communication link cost analysis~CEBAF-TN-93-039~Jun~1993~Omar Garza~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

505~A procedure for tuning arc optical properties~CEBAF-TN-93-040~Jun~1993~David Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

506~Cryomodule high gradient operations~CEBAF-TN-93-041~Jun~1993~Curt Hovater, Mark Augustine, Kurt Brown, Marie Keesee, Claus Rode, Quentin Saulter, Steve Suhring~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

507~Thermal conductivity measurements on electrodeposited copper in the temperature range between 2 K and 40 K~CEBAF-TN-93-042~Jun~1993~G. M. Rao, P. Kneisel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

508~Interactive beam optics design program for the CEBAF linacs~CEBAF-TN-93-043~Jun~1993~A. Nguyen-tuong, B. A. Bowling, J. Kewisch~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

509~End Station Refrigerator communication link specifications~CEBAF-TN-93-044~Jun~1993~Omar Garza~ACC~Title may also be listed as 'ESR communications link specifications.'~~~1~~~~~~~~

510~Beam symmetry conservation using a dipole with zero pole face rotations and uniform field~CEBAF-TN-93-045~Jun~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

511~A procedure for tuning FODO quadrupole lattices~CEBAF-TN-93-046~~1993~D. R. Douglas, Y. Chao, A. Hofler, R. Lauze', E. Price~~Ambiguities in designation of this TN-93-046: some cover forms are mismarked 93-043, and some copies of the TN itself are mismarked 92-043.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

512~The CEBAF tunnel paging system~CEBAF-TN-93-047~Jun~1993~Mark Crofford, Greg Arnold, Delander Holder, Curt Hovater~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

513~Illustrative simulation of pseudorandom scheme for detection of multiple beams in the linac~CEBAF-TN-93-048~Jun~1993~John Perry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

514~Magnet field to current conversion~CEBAF-TN-93-049~Jun~1993~S. D. Witherspoon~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

515~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-93-050~~1993~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

516~Introduction to the RF controls software~CEBAF-TN-93-051~Jun~1993~George E. Lahti~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

517~On axisymmetric transport through axially asymmetric beams transport elements~CEBAF-TN-93-052~Jul~1993~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

518~CEBAF's SRF cavity manufacturing experience~CEBAF-TN-93-053~Jul~1993~J. F. Benesch, C. Reece~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

519~Transportation of polarized beams through the CEBAF arcs~CEBAF-TN-93-054~Jul~1993~I. Karabekov, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

520~EGS analysis of a mode of beam damage to the extraction septa~CEBAF-TN-93-055~Aug~1993~P. K. Kloeppel,. C. K. Sinclair~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

521~Beam symmetry conservation through a parallel sided magnet~CEBAF-TN-93-056~Aug~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

522~The use of extractor gauge at LHe temperature~CEBAF-TN-93-057~Aug~1993~M. G. Rao, P. Kneisel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

523~Design of a low noise ionization chamber for beam current monitoring at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-93-058~Aug~1993~M. J. Niczyporuk, D. J. Mack~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

524~On the possibility of accurate measurements of electron beam energy by means of Moller scattering~CEBAF-TN-93-059~Aug~1993~L. G. Levchuk, P. V. Sorokin, P. E. Ulmer~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

525~Beam loss monitor sensor calibration system~CEBAF-TN-93-060~Aug~1993~Andrew Policastro, John Perry~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

526~Synchronous detector for beam position monitors~CEBAF-TN-93-061~Aug~1993~L. Ninan, L. Doolittle, S. Simrock~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

527~Stability tests of XP2282B phototube-base combinations~CEBAF-TN-93-062~Aug~1993~F. Farzanpay, D. J. Mack~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

528~Longitudinal dynamics in the FEL recirculating linac with energy recovery~CEBAF-TN-93-063~Aug~1993~David Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

529~CAVTEK manual~CEBAF-TN-93-064~Aug~1993~Valentin I. Spitkovsky~GST~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

530~CAVGLE manual~CEBAF-TN-93-065~Aug~1993~Valentin I. Spitkovsky~GST~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

531~CAPSULE manual~CEBAF-TN-93-066~Aug~1993~Valentin I. Spitkovsky~GST~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

532~Converting the CAMAC harp system to a VME configuration~CEBAF-TN-93-067~Sep~1993~O. Garza, E. Woodworth~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

533~Severe aperture constraints at the extraction septa~CEBAF-TN-93-068~Sep~1993~David Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

534~Emittance dilution arising from betatron phase ellipse mismatch~CEBAF-TN-93-069~Sep~1993~D. Douglas, Y. Chao, H. Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

535~Synchrotron light monitoring at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-93-070~Sep~1993~C. Liang, J. Denard, E. Feldl, J. Groleau, K. Jordan, I. Karabekov, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

536~A procedure for the tune-up of the injection chicane~CEBAF-TN-93-071~Oct~1993~D. Douglas, J. van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

537~Test results on the 25 W amplifier for the buncher~CEBAF-TN-93-072~Oct~1993~G. Krafft, D. Wang~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

538~Transfer Matrix Measurements, BPM Resolution, and a Complete Recipe for Error Determination in These Measurements~CEBAF-TN-93-073~Sep~1993~Yu-Chiu Chao~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

539~High power emittance and momentum spread measurements~CEBAF-TN-93-074~Oct~1993~D. Douglas, Y. Chao, J. van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

540~Analysis of observed 60 Hz beam motion in the FET accounting for betatron and gamma differences~CEBAF-TN-93-075~Oct~1993~R. Legg, D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

541~Minimization of the non-relativistic phase slip effect on the beam energy spread~CEBAF-TN-93-076~Oct~1993~Rui Li, Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

542~Bunch length monitoring with coherent synchrotron radiation~CEBAF-TN-93-077~Oct~1993~E. J. Price, G. Krafft, P. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

543~Spot-light injection tuning for north linac~CEBAF-TN-93-078~Oct~1993~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

544~Beam optics experiment on the modified injector~CEBAF-TN-93-079~Oct~1993~H. Liu, R. Kazimi, D. Kehne~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

545~Muon cooling and applications~CEBAF-TN-93-080~Oct~1993~David V. Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

546~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-93-081~~1993~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

547~Measurement of linac BPMs at 1 GHz~CEBAF-TN-93-082~Oct~1993~G. Krafft, D. Wang~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

548~Emergency management exercise report: fire in the electrical equipment room under the counting house~CEBAF-TN-93-083~Nov~1993~Tom Hassler~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

549~Current status of our understanding of electronic phenomena at the cold window~CEBAF-TN-93-084~Dec~1993~Larry Phillips~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

550~Beam symmetry preservation experiment on the modified injector~CEBAF-TN-93-085~Nov~1993~H. Liu, R. Kazimi, D. Kehne~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

551~Comments on synchrotron beam monitoring~CEBAF-TN-93-086~Nov~1993~George R. Neil~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

552~Longitudinal impedance of CEBAF linac~CEBAF-TN-93-087~Nov~1993~Byung C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

553~Abstract of N. Sereno's Ph.D. thesis: Experimental studies of multipass beam breakup and energy recovery using the CEBAF injector linac~CEBAF-TN-93-088~Nov~1993~Nicholas S. R. Sereno~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

554~Measurements of mechanical and thermal properties of niobium fabricated in China~CEBAF-TN-93-089~Nov~1993~Ganapati Rao, Lifang Wang, Kui Zhao, Peter Kneisel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

555~Production vertical cavity pair testing at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-93-090~Nov~1993~C. Reece, T. Powers, J. Mammosser, P. Kushnick~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

556~Multipass beam position and profile measurement using photon target~CEBAF-TN-93-091~Nov~1993~I. Karabekov, G. Neil, S. Karabekian, V. Musakhanian~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

557~High power emittance and momentum spread measurements using endstation transport lines~CEBAF-TN-93-092~Nov~1993~D. R. Douglas, D. V. Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

558~CEBAF Q&E Analysis: A software module for SRF cavity testing in the CEBAF VTA~CEBAF-TN-93-093~Nov~1993~Charles E. Reece~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

559~The CCD camera as beam size synchrotron radiation monitor for CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-93-094~Nov~1993~I. Karabekov, G. Neil~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

560~Synchrotron radiation monitors on both ends of the linacs for observing all passes~CEBAF-TN-93-095~Dec~1993~R. Rossmanith, J. C. Denard~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

561~Heating problem of radiator for optical transition radiation proposed for CEBAF multipass beam viewer~CEBAF-TN-93-096~Nov~1993~I. Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

562~Transverse impedance of CEBAF linac~CEBAF-TN-93-097~Dec~1993~Byung C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

563~Report on investigation of corrosion leaks in CEBAF penetration pipes~CEBAF-TN-93-098~Oct~1993~Daniel P. Henkel~ACC~Report prepared in cooperation with NESB at NASA Langley Research Center.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

564~CEBAF experience with in-house production fabrication of niobium parts~CEBAF-TN-93-099~Dec~1993~J. Brawley, F. Folsom, S. Morgan, B. Jones, R. Bennett, C. Reece~ACC~Contribution to the Sixth Workshop on RF Superconductivity, CEBAF, October 1993.~~~1~~~~~~~~

565~Feasibility of measuring 100 and 500 kV beam emittances using the 500 kV diagnostics line in the injector~CEBAF-TN-93-100~Dec~1993~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

566~Basic RF control system tutorial~CEBAF-TN-93-101~Dec~1993~George E. Lahti~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

567~The use of synchrotron light to monitor the beam current at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-93-102~Dec~1993~Peter K. Kloeppel~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

568~Analysis of Coherent Beam-Beam Dipole Instability in a Linac-on-Ring B Factory~CEBAF-TN-93-103~~1993~R. Li, G.A. Krafft, J. J. Bisognano~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

569~Absolute beam energy determination at CEBAF~CEBAF-TN-94-001~Jan~1994~P. E. Ulmer, I. Karabekov, A. Saha, P. Bertin, P. Vernin~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

570~A simulation of the Beijing free-electron laser using pulse propagation theory~CEBAF-TN-94-002~Jan~1994~Xiangyun Chang, Lingyi Zhang, Stephen V. Benson~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

571~PLSPRPLP2 code and simulation of CEBAF UV free-electron laser~CEBAF-TN-94-003~Jan~1994~Lingyi Zhang, Xiangyun Chang, Stephen V. Benson~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

572~Comparison on CEBAF magnets position~CEBAF-TN-94-004~Jan~1994~Siyu Chen, D. R. Douglas, K. Tremblay~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

573~Investigation on chromatic correction for the first pass of the CEBAF beam transport system~CEBAF-TN-94-005~Jan~1994~Siyu Chen, D. R. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

574~A fix for egregious path length errors (with addendum)~CEBAF-TN-94-006~Jan~1994~D. Douglas~ACC~Includes addendum~~~1~~~~~~~~1

575~Notes on the CEBAF beam transport system~CEBAF-TN-94-007~Jan~1994~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

576~Beam energy absolute measurement using K-edge absorption spectrometers~CEBAF-TN-94-008~Jan~1994~I. P. Karabekov~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

577~Orbit correction in the BSY transport arc to End Station C~CEBAF-TN-94-009~Jan~1994~Rui Li, David Neuffer~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

578~Injection conditions and BPM readings in CEBAF linacs for multipass beams~CEBAF-TN-94-010~Jan~1994~Rui Li~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

579~Optimization of bunch length using sensitivity matrix~CEBAF-TN-94-011~Jan~1994~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

580~RF bunching and focusing from the two SRF cavities in the cryounit~CEBAF-TN-94-012~Jan~1994~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

581~On optimizing the bunch length~CEBAF-TN-94-013~Jan~1994~Geoffrey Krafft~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

582~A simplified calculation for harp sensor wire temperature rise~CEBAF-TN-94-014~Jan~1994~C. Yan~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~

583~High resolution short-orbit spectrometer -- a modified version of SOS~CEBAF-TN-94-015~Jan~1994~L. Tang, C. Yan~PHY~Poor quality copy, pages skewed.~~~1~~~~~~~~1

584~A new configuration of lattice for FEL two pass project~CEBAF-TN-94-016~Jan~1994~Siyu Chen, D. R. Douglas, Johannes van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

585~Magnetic shielding of capture overview~CEBAF-TN-94-017~Jan~1994~Quentin Saulter~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

586~Comments on a modified version of the Hall C Short-Orbit Spectrometer~CEBAF-TN-94-018~~1994~R. L. Boudrie, H. E. Jackson, D. H. Potterveld, B. Zeidman~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

587~A lattice design for a 200 MeV FEL driver linac~CEBAF-TN-94-019~Mar~1994~D. R. Douglas, Siyu Chen, Johannes van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

588~On point-by-point space charge model~CEBAF-TN-94-020~Mar~1994~Hongxiu Liu~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

589~A design study of buncher cavity for CEBAF FEL~CEBAF-TN-94-021~~1994~Byung C. Yunn~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

590~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-94-022~~1994~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

591~[Unused TN number]~CEBAF-TN-94-023~~1994~[Unused TN number]~~~~~~~~~~~~~

592~Beam loss monitor performance requirements~CEBAF-TN-94-024~~1994~C. K. Sinclair~~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

593~Emergency management exercise report: hazardous waste spill near the acid storage building~CEBAF-TN-94-025~Apr~1994~Tom Hassler~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

594~An energy diagnostic using the linac FODO lattice~CEBAF-TN-94-026~Apr~1994~D. Douglas, A. Hutton~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

595~Test results of the Hamamatsu ultra compact R5600U photomultiplier tube~CEBAF-TN-94-027~Apr~1994~Drew Weisenberger~PHY~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

596~Additional RF-surface resistance in superconducting niobium cavities caused by trapped magnetic flux~CEBAF-TN-94-028~Apr~1994~P. Kneisel, B. Lewis~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

597~Response of CEBAF's cold RF-window to operation in FE-regime of a cavity~CEBAF-TN-94-029~Apr~1994~P. Kneisel, T. Powers~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

598~Attempt to correlate measured 60 Hz magnetic fields and down stream beam motion in the injector~CEBAF-TN-94-030~Apr~1994~R. Legg, Q. Saulter~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

599~Calculation of radioactivation yields in air from electron beam experiments in CEBAF end stations and the dose to the surrounding population (rev. B)~CEBAF-TN-94-031~APR~1994~R. May, S. Schwahn, G. Stapleton~ACC~Revision B.~~~1~~~~~~~~

600~Improvement of the B0005 surface mount BPM electronics~CEBAF-TN-94-032~Apr~1994~Mark Crofford~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

601~Resolution of spectrometer mode tunings in CEBAF transport lines~CEBAF-TN-94-033~May~1994~D. Douglas~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

602~Forward angle physics in Hall A~CEBAF-TN-94-034~~1994~P. Markowitz, C. C. Chang, E. Cisbani, S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, M. Iodice, G. M. Urciuoli, J. LeRose, S. Nanda~~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

603~Tuning of the capture quadrature chassis~CEBAF-TN-94-035~May~1994~Mark Crofford~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~

604~Cryosorption pumping of H2 and He with metals and metal oxides at 4.3 K~CEBAF-TN-94-036~Jun~1994~M. G. Rao, P. Kneisel, J. Susta~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

605~A lattice design for an IR FEL driver~CEBAF-TN-94-037~~1994~D. Douglas, S. Chen, J. van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

606~High level application prototyping~CEBAF-TN-94-038~Jul~1994~Johannes van Zeijts~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

607~Review of earlier calculations on beam loss mechanisms in the end stations~CEBAF-TN-94-039~~1994~Bob May, Geoff Stapleton, Roy Whitney~~~~~1~~~~~~~~

608~Concept of variable particle size factor for a point-by-point space charge algorithm~CEBAF-TN-94-040~~1994~Hongxiu Liu~~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

609~Model-based compensation of arc dispersion errors~CEBAF-TN-94-041~Aug~1994~D. Douglas, R. Legg~ACC~~~~1~~~~~~~~1

610~Numerical simulation of CEBAF 5 cell cavity~CEBAF-TN-94-042~AUG~1994~Joseph