top 10+ tools, apps and site to amaze, amuse and make your life easier

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Top Ten Online Tools, Apps and Sites to Amaze, Amuse and Make Your Life Easier

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At Women's Learning Studio, we spend most of our time online. To make our lives easier, we decided to choose our top 10 online tools, apps and websites, which we included in this Slideshare. After compiling this list, we looked at all the BEST online tools, which we made available to Women's Learning Studio members.


  • Top Ten Online Tools, Apps and Sites to Amaze, Amuse and Make Your Life Easier
  • At Women's Learning Studio, we spend a large part of our time online. We communicate, collaborate, create and store information and use social media. For that reason, we are very interested in the BEST online tools
  • So, we put together the top 10 tools we use and recommend. We decided to choose our top 10 online tools, apps and websites to share with you. We looked at the most popular and most recommended tools, and each of us chose our favorite 20 from a list of about 100. We did not agree on all of our selections, but it was interesting to see that all three of us listed these 10. Without further ado, we present to you OUR top 10 tools, apps and websites to make your online life easier
  • Diigo Diigo is a wonderful bookmarking tool for online articles, images, documents, etc. Tags help to find information once it is bookmarked. Groups can share and access online articles and information. The Studio has a searchable Diigo data base of 1,500+ resources on MOOCs, social learning, and marketing that we acquired in less than two years. Doris believes Diigo is magical and indispensable to organizing and curating items relevant to us.
  • Hootsuite Hoot suite is a powerful social media management dashboard to view, post and schedule social media content from a variety of online accounts and RSS feeds. Each of us uses Hootsuite to keep up with people and ideas that relate to the Studios operations and future.
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn is a highly useful professional networking site, which lets you share posts, ask and answer questions and participate in online discussion groups. Some use LinkedIn as a blog tool or assist to promoting their blog. Through LinkedIn, we find and re-establish contact with former colleagues who are still dear to us and bring them back into our lives and work.
  • Piktochart Piktochart is a valuable tool to create infographics with pictures, text, charts and graphs. We like the sophisticated templates that remind us a little of the posters we populated with drawings and data to explain our science projects in grade school. Yet it still projects professional design pizzazz to project and inform online.
  • Powerpoint Powerpoint is a very popular and versatile presentation software tool that comes with paid Microsoft bundles or that can be purchased for a monthly fee. We often use it to create and export images and designs for other applications. Some may say it is over-used, but we think that is because it IS so valuable.
  • Skype Skype allows free calls and video conferences. Upgrades allow more participants and more functionality. The three of us are distributed from Maine to Florida. We seldom see each other in person and use it to check-in when we are traveling for work or fun domestically or internationally.
  • Twitter Twitter is a popular social networking and micro-blogging service to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. But that doesnt begin to express its value as an always-on connection tool to learn from others and to publish curated resources.
  • Wikipedia is a remarkable crowd-sourced encyclopedia of every topic imaginable. It is a handy encyclopedia and reference source that is our frequent go-to for starting online research. Its documentation takes us quickly to other interesting sources.
  • WordPress Wordpress is a free and very powerful blog and publishing platform with many plug-ins for user flexibility. We know its range of utility firsthand since we are using its social features to build a learning network with member discussions and sharing places on the Womens Learning Studio website.
  • YouTube YouTube is a video website where users upload, view and share videos. Who doesnt love YouTube for entertainment, accessing how-to videos, and learning? We use it constantly in our work because we like hearing and seeing instead of reading so often.
  • If you spend much time online, you probably already use most of these ten tools. If you are not already using them, check them out. We have found them very valuable. But THAT is not all
  • You can see over 200 more tools After choosing our top 10 tools, we began to make a list of the very best tools, apps and online sites available. We thought about our favorites, searched many sites and reviewed many applications that were new to us. Some looked so appealing that we will use them in the future. From that list, we compiled a new list of over 200 tools, apps and sites for Womens Learning Studio members. Because we believe it is such a great resource, we will continue to update and revise the list.
  • Even better, many of them are free!
  • As a member of Women's Learning Studio, you can access the best 200+ Tools, Apps and Sites to amuse, amaze and make your online life easier. Many are tools you may not know exist. For example, the cartoon image of us on slide two was made with AnyMakingPhoto Editor. If you are a Womens Learning Studio member, login and click on the link at the bottom of this page to see those tools. Click here to register so you can review and return often to use these valuable apps any time you want online assistance. (Men are welcome to join also.)
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