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  • Unit Nine Celebrating Holidays Making Friends
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  • Presentation You are supposed to give a presentation on holidays.
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  • Revision Diction Make Sentences with the given phrase
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  • 1.Dictation (book closed) 2 Make sentences by using the above word and phrases : a) get in touch with; b) up to c) contribute sth. to
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  • Suggested Answers 11.Dictation : quality : delicious traditional typically consist variety intense source switch on decorate 22 Make sentences by using the above word and phrases : aa) Do you still get in touch with your parents? b) He counted up to a hundred. c) I contribute $5 to the party funds.
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  • Students listen to dialogue 1 once and discuss and answer 1.Who is George? Where is he from? 2.What present has Chen brought to the party?
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  • Students listen to dialogue 2 once and discuss and answer (1) What is the first thing Wang did at the party ? (2) Who is quoted as saying Do in Rome as the Romans do?
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  • Passage Pre-reading Activity (1) What is the origin of Thanksgiving Day? (2) How did the early settlers survive their first winter in the New World? (3)What does a traditional Thanksgiving dinner usually include? (4) What do people do if they cant join the family for Christmas?
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  • Passage II When I Was in America Passage I Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Unit Nine
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  • Passage I Celebrating Holidays
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  • Public Holidays in the West early in the new year. The main content is to hold a parade, a party, and other joyful activities. Carnival
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  • Valentines Day February 14, for lovers to express their love to each other. Public Holidays in the West
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  • April Fools Day the first day of April. People can make and tell white jokes to one another.
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  • usually in early April. This is a religious festival. On the very Sunday morning, children are busy looking for the color eggs assumed to be given by the Easter rabbit. Easter
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  • Halloween the evening of October 31. Dancing parties are held with people wearing fancy masks. Public Holidays in the West
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  • December 25th. Celebrate Jesus birthday. Celebrate the sun god begin his journey. Public Holidays in the West Christmas
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  • Traditional Christmas dinner Turkey Ham Sweet potato Vegetables Cranberry sauce ( ) Mince pie
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  • The title of the song may be translated as or . It is a very sweet Christmas carol. Silent Night, Holy Night
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  • Santa Claus Related Information Patron saint of children. The legend first came from Holland and was brought to the US by Dutch immigrants. In America, Santa Claus is fat and jolly, with white hair and beard, and rides in the sky in a reindeer-drawn sleigh, delivering gifts to children at Christmas Eve.
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  • means specifically,solely 1. (Para. 1) Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November is uniquely an American holiday which dates back to the arrival of some of the first European settlers in the New World. 11 Translation Difficult Sentences
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  • Subjunctive Mood 2.(Para. 1) However, those early settlers would not have survived their first cold winter without the help of their native Indian neighbors, who taught them how to plant corns, and how to hunt wild deer. Translation Difficult Sentences
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  • Very few people in this area survived the earthquake. , The old lady was so lucky that she survived the accident. continue to live or exist, remain alive after, live or exist longer than survive survive v. Important Words FOR EXAMPLE
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  • He observed that it had turned cloudy. We always observe birthdays at home. All drivers should observe traffic laws strictly. see and notice; watch carefully celebrate; obey observe observe v. Important Words FOR EXAMPLE
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  • Dont you think we should include some examples in this paragraph? 20 This book includes 20 chapters. bring in, reckon, as part of the whole include v. Important Words FOR EXAMPLE
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  • Dont associate with these dishonest persons. We always associate the Great Wall with China. join or connect, be often in the company of... associate associate v. # associate with Important Words FOR EXAMPLE
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  • Teachers should maintain close ties with the students. The workers are busy maintaining the roads before winter comes. You should learn to maintain your rights as a citizen. continue to keep up, retain maintain maintain v. Important Words FOR EXAMPLE
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  • Summary of the passage I The author wants to tell us the origin of the Thanksgiving Day and How to celebrate it and Christmas. He also mentions Why Christmas is a family holiday.
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  • Reading skill: Predicting(1) Predicting means to guess something, based on some information. Weathermen predict the weather, using clues and information. Research shows that readers who are skillful at predicting information, read more quickly and accurately. One way to use prediction in your reading is to make questions before you read.
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  • Reading skill: Predicting(2) Asking your own pre-reading questions makes you an active reader. Another way to make predictions is to use your own background knowledge (what you already know) to imagine what the writer will say.
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  • Practical Writing: Notices and posters are very common in our daily life, and they are often used to offer information about social functions. Therefore, we should not only learn to read them, but also learn to write them
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  • Instruction Notes: 1) The poster gives us a clear idea of the sponsor, time and place; 2) The poster uses some parallel sentences to catch its audiences eye; 3) The body of the poster is like a Christmas tree, and the fonts are different. It aims to highlight the effect of the poster.
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  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE BUFFET Fancy learning British English in an enjoyable way! Fancy having some real British fish and chips in this city! TIME: Fri.Oct.9, 3:00-5:00 p.m. PLACE: Hilten Coffee Shop
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  • Grammar in Use Exercises: 1.Complete the following sentences using the comparative degree form. 1) The boy plans his time better (well) and more carefully (carefully) than ever before. 2) He earns more (much) money, but less (little) respect than he used to. 3) The earlier (early) you start, the sooner (soon) youll finish the work.
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  • Grammar in Use 2. Correct the errors in the forms of comparative or superlative degree in the following sentences. 1)This is a very poor excuse I have ever heard. 2)The Yellow River is the second long river in China. 3)Christmas is the more important celebration than Thanksgiving Day.
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  • 1.This is the poorest excuse I have ever heard. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China. Christmas is a more important celebration than Thanksgiving Day.
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  • Group Activities: Discuss the main ideas of each paragraph in Passage Activity 1 Activity 2 Write down the summary of this passage according to those main ideas.