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Culturecode, GPR Industrial is a problem solving company for customers that need to keep their machines and equipment running and doesn't have time to deal with the purchasing process. We valued our customers and we offer a complete solution for replacement parts for industrial equipment and heavy machinery


  • Presented by #culturecode
  • WE ARE COMMITED Committed to be a source of knowledge for our customers Committed to deliver results Committed to help the customers solving their problems
  • Committed to keep their equipment running Committed to do our best Committed to grow with our customers Committed to always give excellent customer service Committed to do our job with love and passion
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY We are passionate about customer service and customer interaction We have a professionally trained sales and customer service team
  • We always look for options so our customers can choose We offer great products so our customers are happy
  • TIME IS VALUABLE Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time Jim Rohn We think that customers should not be looking around for the parts they need, they dont have time for that and their job is not to be buyers, their job is to keep production running
  • WE TAKE IT PERSONAL Our customers problem is our problem and we are there to help, whether is something that we carry or something that we need to learn about, we do it and get things done