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Weekly Customs Today Marketing & Sales Strategies

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1st in-depth newspaper on customs and business in Pakistan.


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Weekly Customs

TodayMarketing & Sales Strategies

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Core•Weekly Newsweek Pakistan

Category•Weekly Money Matter •Daily Business Recorder•Monthly PAGE


• Offices in Lahore & Karachi • 4-Color regular publication• Quality contents • Excellent proofediting • Price Rs.50• Registered with SECP, FBR and

APNS• Online presence (Facebook,

Twitter & Slideshare)

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Targets Fundamental Measures

• To become leading business weekly of Pakistan

• To promote causes like Peshawar Stock Exchange and $100 Billion Trade Volume

• To obtain business & quality awards (APNS, LCCI, PAS)

• To attain executive positions in Pakistan Press Council (PCP) and APNS

• Open offices in Islamabad, Peshawar and FATA

(PID Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Department of Information FATA welcome and facilitate newspapers)

• Getting ISO-9000 certification(Services concerns are getting ISO-

9000 certificates in Pakistan like LCCI)

• Obtaining Pakistan Standard Mark from PSQRA

• Enlistment at KSE or LSE(It helps generating revenues and

quality journalism in Pakistan)• Kaizen approach for countrywide


Page 4: Weekly Customs Today

Marketing Strategies Marketing Joint Venture

• Hiring TQM expert at head office • Devising advertisement discount

policy• Full-fledged offices in Islamabad,

Peshawar and FATA • Quality contents like Advertising

Services Exports of Pakistan (2013 & 2014)

• Online presence at Pinterst, SlideShare, Klout and Pring

• Out-of-Home presence of weekly Customs Today in Islamabad and Peshawar

• Branded office vehicles

1st Foreign Economic Counselors ConferenceEvent Partner: Orient Advertising or Pirana or SACVenue: Convention Center IslamabadTime: November 2013 Benefits: 1) Image building of Weekly Customs Today 2) Interaction with influential stakeholdersEvent Planner: Appointed ad agency of Weekly Customs Today

Page 5: Weekly Customs Today

Potential Buyers (Islamabad) Sales Points (Islamabad)

Public•PM’s Secretariat (10 copies) Planning Commission (10 copies)•FBR (200 copies)•National Tariff Commission (5 copies)•ICCI & RCCI•ISE members (50 copies)•PID (10 copies)•Universities (100 copies)•Federal Tax Ombudsman (5 copies)•Competition Commission (5 copies)•Pakistan Post (5 copies)•Privatisation Commission (5 copies)•BOI (5 copies)

Book Sellers •Aabpara Market•Super Market F-6•Jinnah Super F-7•Blue Area•F-11 Markaz•Rawalpindi Murree Road•Rawalpindi Saddar

Page 6: Weekly Customs Today

Potential Buyers (Islamabad) Potential Buyers (Peshawar)

Private•Sabro Air-conditioning•Zong China Tel•PTCL•TCS•Serena (200 Copies)•Marriott (200 Copies)•National Logistics Cell (Rwp)•TAQ Cargo (Rwp)•Frontier Works Organisation (Rwp) •Toyota Islamabad•Hattar Hygiene •SAS Group•Property Bank •Lafarge Cement•Jewelers

Private•R-Sheen•Bank of Khyber (20 copies)•Universities (20 copies)•APWA Tower•Sunrise Marketing•Housing Schemes (50 copies) •Jewelers (10 copies)

Page 7: Weekly Customs Today

Potential Buyers (Peshawar) Sales Points (Peshawar)

Public•Governor Secretariat (5 copies)•CM Secretariat (5 copies)•KP Chamber of Commerce & Industry (5 copies)•PID (10 copies)•Universities (20 copies)•FATA Secretariat (5 copies)•FATA Development Authority (5 copies)•Provincial Housing Authority (5 copies)

Book Sellers •Saddar•Deans Trade Center

•University Road •Campuses of universities•Hayatabad

Page 8: Weekly Customs Today

Sales Team Approach

Daily visit potential buyers for•Advertisement Collection•Subscriptions

Government departments will be motivated to release tenders like Peshawar Mass Transit and Megacity Nowshera.

Daily visit points of sales

Page 9: Weekly Customs Today

Monday Advertising Agencies (3 to 4)Tuesday Govt. Departments (3 to 4)Wednesday Chambers of CommerceThursday Exporters in Islamabad (2 to 3)Friday Importers in Islamabad (2 to 3)Saturday Advertising Agencies (3 to 4)

Sales Team Visit Schedule

Page 10: Weekly Customs Today

• Well furnished Office (ISE Building or EOBI Building or Blue

Area)• Regional Director (Leading & motivating the team) • Advertising Package for

advertisers and ad agencies• Office Vans (Suzuki Hi-Roof – Can be bought from

any bank)

Prerequisite for Islamabad Prerequisite for Peshawar

• Well furnished Office (Deans Trade Center or Hayatabad)• Regional Director (Leading & motivating the team) • Advertising Package for

advertisers and ad agencies• Office Vans (Buying from any commercial bank)

Page 11: Weekly Customs Today

Management 2013Branch Ads Volume Subscription





Rs. Rs. Rs.

Page 12: Weekly Customs Today

Kaizen ManagementBranch Ads Volume Subscription

VolumeExpenditure Capacity

Building Cooperation

Profit Maximizing Competition




Peshawar RD Lahore can be appointed

Khyber Agency, FATA

Much needed

RDs Quarterly Meetings

Rs. Rs. Rs.

Page 13: Weekly Customs Today

Q: Can Customs Today survive in Pakistan?A: It is a specialized weekly and proper marketing and management can make Customs Today successful. Q: Should Customs Today display its NTN at prominent place on every edition?A: Displaying NTN will encourage good taxpayer practice in Pakistan.Q: Can branded vehicles source of promotion?A: Customs Today will tap all available media for promotion in the country. Q: Are these official marketing and sales strategies of Customs Today?A: For cutting-edge in dynamic environment, these strategies are must.

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