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www.successbc.ca. Effective Interview Skills 成功面试要诀. SUDDHODAN BAIDYA Jan 4th, 2012. Topics to be covered. Types of Interviews 面试的类型 Purpose of Interview 面试的目的 Popular Interview Questions 热门面试问题 Post Interview 面试后. 2. Types of Interviews 面试的类型. Telephone Interview Physical Interview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


An Agenda for the New Canadian Communities

Effective Interview SkillsSUDDHODAN BAIDYAJan 4th, 2012www.successbc.ca

1Topics to be coveredTypes of InterviewsPurpose of InterviewPopular Interview QuestionsPost Interview

2Types of InterviewsTelephone InterviewPhysical InterviewWrittenVerbal

3Communication SkillsPresentation SkillsMultitasking SkillsTime ManagementProblem Solving Skills Organizational SkillsLearning SkillsPurpose of Interview QuestionsFuture PlanStabilityTeamwork SkillsMotivation SkillsResearch SkillsStress Relieving Skills

OverallCapable of doing the job4Stages of the InterviewOpening

Questions about credentials, skills, and knowledge

Situational and behavioural questions

Closing 5Things to do before the InterviewKnowing the job you applied forGet prepared with QuestionsTelephone Interview PreparationPhysical Interview PreparationAppearance preparationOften employers will ask:Why do you want to work here?What can you tell me about this company?

6Knowing the jobReview the job postingTake special attention to the job duties and requirementsResearch the company,Visit their websiteGo to the library and look up the company Know recent and past events/news /Mission statementCompany goals

7What does their website tell you about them? Why do you want to work for them? Think about what they need Who are their competitors? Are they well established? What do you want to know about them? What do you like about them?

Questions PreparationCant predict what will be askedHave a few good stories showing outstanding examples of multiple requirements / duties /Get Interview Q & A list from Internet or from Librarywww.google.ca/books- job interviewwww.youtube.com job interview www.vpl.ca8Prepare yourself for the questionsPractice Write your answers downEdit, then read it to a friend, edit some more Talk in front of a mirror / friends / video recorder //You should sound natural9OpeningIntroduce yourself, stand up and greet your interviewerHi, Im Jessica. Nice to meet you!Firm handshakeClasp, pump, pump, breakDont be afraid to initiate the handshakeA good handshake also helps with the employers impression of youDont forget to smile!10Credentials, Skills, and KnowledgeOn your resume, you listed the transferable skills you gain from past work experience

The employer will now ask you to elaborate on your resumeMake sure to prepare for this!

11Tell me about yourself.Describe your personality.What are some of your hobbies and interests?Which three words describe you the best? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 yearsWhat are your strengths/weaknessesDo you have any questions

Popular Interview Questions12How to Handle QuestionsC.O.R.EC = Clarify the Question O = Organize the AnswerR = Respond to the QuestionE = Examples

13How to Answer General QuestionsP.A.W.SP = PersonalA = AcademicW = Work ExperienceS = Skills

14Work Experience/Skills Related QuestionsTell me about your last job. What did you like the most/least about your last job?What are your strengths?What are your weaknesses?15How to Answer Work Experience/Skills Related QuestionsDont talk about your last job in a negative wayThink of the transferable skills you learned from your last positionBe ready with 3 strengthsGive examples of when and how you use themStay away from saying youre reliable and responsibleTell the truth about your weaknessLet them know how you are improving on it

Behavioural QuestionsQuestions to test how you handled situations or problems in your past Questions that may challenge your ethics A good opportunity to showcase your accomplishmentsHave good examples of past experiences that showcases your strengths 17Situational & Behavioural QuestionsGive an example of a time you took meaningful action to solve a problem.How do you tackle comprehensive projects?Describe an episode of exceptional customer service.How do you function in a high pressure situation?18How to Handle Behavioural or Situational Questions?S.T.A.R.R.S = SituationT = TaskA = ActionR = ResultR = Relevance

19AppearancePersonal Care bathe, comb hair, shave, brush teeth, cut nails, clip nose hairs - Dress appropriately with clean clothing No Nos jeans, sandals, shorts, T shirts, white socks, mini skirts, cap/hat, underwear that is visible, too much skin, tight clothing, heavy perfumes and colognesT20Dress to Impress!It is important to look presentable for an interview

Always dress one-up for the job you are seeking

Your outfit could make the difference in whether or not you get the position21What to Wear?










31Handshake & Eye Contact

32Body Posture

33SummaryQuestions C.O.R.EGeneral Questions P.A.W.SSituational & Behavioural Questions S.T.A.R.R.

34TipsFirst ImpressionHand ShakeEye ContactBody PostureSmiling FaceRespect (let interviewer finish question)(Show InterestBe positive (e.g. Yes I can do it) (,Show confidence (e.g. Louder voice)Ask to repeat in you do not understandShorter answer and get to the pointHumor

35Inappropriate (Illegal) QuestionsHow old are you?Are you married? Single? Do you have any children?Will you be starting a family?Do you live with your significant other?Are you religious?Do you have any disabilities?How are you doing financially?36Answering inappropriate questionsI try not to get into personal issues during an interview.Im sorry, I dont see the relevance of the question to the job I am applying for, did I miss the point? 3738Last ImpressionsClosing statementThank the Interviewer for the InterviewShow the Interviewer your interest in the JobAsk Interviewer for business cardThank you for your time, I think I will be a wonderful candidate for this job. If you dont mind, may I ask you for your business card.Shake hand with eye contact and a smileThank You LetterOnce you get home from the interviewWrite a thank you note, e-mail or card to the person that interviewed youEnsure that you address the person by name Let them know that you appreciate that they took the time to meet with youReaffirm your interest in the position!39Follow UpIf a week has passed since the interviewTake the initiative to call the person that interviewed youAsk them if they have made a decision on your candidacy for the positionIf you did not get the job, ask the employer how you could have improved40Practise InterviewPartner with someone else:Role-playing: one person is the interviewer, the other is the intervieweeDecide on the job you are applying forGreetAsk 2 questions to each otherFinish the interview41Thank YouSuddhodan Baidya604-408-7274ext 2046 (Monday-Thursday)604-323-0901 (Friday)

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