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  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Nagaraj Yekkala

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Topic #1 : Overview of Metrics


    Metrics ?

    Metrics Classification

    Topic # 2 : What affects software

    Topic # 3 : Quality Model

    Topic # 4: Metrics cont.

    Topic # 5 : Translating Business needs

    Topic # 6 : Frameworks

    Topic # 7 : Process Improvement

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    While metrics are important means to quantify performance of a process, we often

    define metrics to comply with processstandards, overlooking actual alignment with

    businessfactors.We may put substantial effort and discipline in getting metrics

    deployed, but we might not be using the ones that really matter. How can we define

    metrics that remain anchored to business needs? In other words,how can we translate

    business requirements to the right set of metrics? Once the right metrics are defined,

    how can we monitor and benchmark it to control performance and make


  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Metrics are measurements,collections of data about project activities, resources and

    deliverables.Metricscan be used to help estimate projects, measure project progress and

    performance, and quantify product attributes.

    Software metricscan be classified into three categories:

    Product metrics (size,complexity, performance)

    Process metrics (used to improve development and maintenance)

    Project metrics (cost,schedule, productivity)

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Software metrics are numerical data related to software development.Metricsstronglysupport

    software project management activities. They relate to the four functions of management as


    1. Planning Metricsserve as a basis ofcost estimating, training planning, resource planning,

    scheduling, and budgeting.

    2. OrganizingSize and schedule metricsinfluence a project's organization.

    3. ControllingMetrics are used to status and track software development activitiesfor compliance to


    4. ImprovingMetrics are used as a tool for processimprovement and to identify where

    improvement effortsshould be concentrated and measure the effects of processimprovementefforts.

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy



    Process Technology

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy



    operation revision transition

    reliability efficiency usability maintainability testability portability reusability


  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Gathering Data

    Gather both quantitative and qualitative data about organizations. Use commonly

    accepted practices for collecting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data.

    Employ the technique of ethnological study to software organizations. Ethnography

    consists of looking at what people do, what they say, and the tension between what they

    really do and what they ought to do, as well as what they make artifacts

    Quantitative Data

    Gather up as much quantitative data as possible. These are hard facts about an

    organization. I gather data at the project and application levels and it is rolled up to the

    organizational level. The following is a list of some examples are provided for the

    quantitative data to be gathered :

    Project Size (measure in function points)Application Size (measured in function points)Use Cases

    HoursDefectsStaffSalary FiguresTest CasesTesting ProblemsProduction DefectsProject DurationLines of CodePages of Documentation

    Metrics cont.Metrics cont.

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Metrics and Ratios

    Develop a set of metrics (ratios) using the quantitative data. One of the metrics to calculate is organizational cost per function

    point. This metricis based upon the total organizational cost divided by the total number offunction points. Also calculate

    project cost per function point or hours per function point. Often, there is a large gap between project costs per function point

    and organizational cost per function point.

    Too often the onlycosts that get reported and recorded are programming costs not total organizational costs. Actualprogramming

    costs represent between ten and twenty percent of total software development costs.

    Qualitative Data

    The qualitative scores are based upon actual artifacts where possible. It isimportant to have supporting detail especially

    artifacts.When working with a company do not makes requestssimilar to, Rate your project management skills on a

    scale of1 to 5 because everyone knows the right answer. Instead, rely on artifacts where possible. If a companyis a five in

    project planning,it will have project plans to examine.

    GatherQualitative DataConduct formal interviewsTalk to people, and ask a lot of questions

    Qualitative Scores And Productivity

    There is a strong correlation between high qualitative scores and productivity. It is not by accident that use the word correlateand not the word causes. Correlate and causation are not the same thing at all. It issimilar to figuring out that wealthy people

    listen to classical music and concluding that ifyou listen to classical music,you too will be wealthy. Listening to classical music

    is a characteristic of the wealthy;it is not what made them wealthy.

    Project Success and Project Failures

    Large projects withhigh qualitative scoresin the area of project management skills were more likely to be successful than

    projects with low scores. Those large software projects with more than 10,000function pointsare more likely to be successful whenthey brought in skilled project managers from the outside.

    Metrics cont.Metrics cont.

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Establish measurementgoals aligned withbusiness needsi.e. whatwe want to achieve

    Conceptual Level

    Generate a set ofquestions that can beused to determineachievement of goals

    Operation Level

    Establish the set of data,objective or subjective,that will answer eachquestion in aquantitative way

    Quantitative Level

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Goal Approach Question Metric



    Reduce Costs

    Estimating effortbased on requirementsPlanning based onestimation

    Detecting defects asearly as possibleMinimize acceptancetesting defects

    Detecting defects asearly as possibleMinimize acceptancetesting defects

    How good iseffortestimation ?

    What arecurrent defectlevels?

    What isRework Effort ?




    Translating business needsTranslating business needs

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Classifying software measures

    Three types ofsoftware entities to measure

    Processes collections ofsoftware related activities


    Resources entities required by a process activity

    Within eachclass, we have

    Internal attributes measured purelyin terms of the entityitself

    External attributes measured with respect to how entity relates to its environment. Behaviorof the entityisimportant

    Managers want to be able to measure and predict external attributes

    However, external attributes are more difficult to measure than internal ones, and aremeasured late in the development process

    Desire is to predict external attributesin terms of more easily-measured internal attributes

  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Determining what to measure

    Measurement is useful onlyifit helps understand the underlying process or one ofits resultant products

    Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) has been proven to be effective in selecting andimplementing metrics

    List the major goals of the development project

    Derive from each goal the questions that must be answered to determine if

    goals are being met

    Decide what must be measured in order to be able to answer the questions



  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy



    GQM example goal is to evaluate effectiveness ofcoding standard


    Who is using standard? What iscoder productivity? What iscode quality?

    Proportion ofcoders Using standard

    Using language

    Experience ofcoders Withstandard

    With language With environment, etc.

    Code size(lines ofcode,

    functionpoints, etc)

    Effort Errors




  • 8/6/2019 Metrics Casestudy


    Qualityimprovement starts withidentifying the right metrics.We apply techniquessuch ascontrol

    charts to improve the stability of the process. Thereafter, we embark on a continuousimprovement journey by

    increasing the capability of the process.














    ProcessStable ?

    ProcessCapable ?



    Project -LevelChange


    Yes Yes