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Apresentação ministrada por Jody Garnett, membro da OSGeo, no Geolivre Conference 2009 sobre a Open Geospatial Foundation.


  • Open Source Geospatial Foundation Jody Garnett Open Source Geospatial Foundation 1
  • Introductions Australia GeoTools Founded 1994 GeoServer Integration uDig End to End OSGeo Charter Member Solutions / Services Incubation committee Support Open Source Geospatial Foundation 2
  • Did you Read the Title Page? Creative Commons License! This is worth getting excited about: Not just for books and presentations Governments around the world pushing to have public information available 2008 Decree for Brazil Chile is working on it Australia is in process Open Source Geospatial Foundation 3
  • Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation Open Source DOD Memo OSGeo Japan GeoSpatial Standards Foundation History and Organization Open Source Geospatial Foundation 4
  • Open Source Geospatial Foundation Non Profit Founded in 2006 (not the first attempt!) Mandate to support and promote open source geospatial Provides Common Branding Open Source Geospatial Foundation 5
  • OSGeo Organization Board of Directors Executive Officers Director Local Committees Projects Chapters Members Open Source Geospatial Foundation 6
  • Volunteer Committees Incubation Conference Funding Marketing Public Geodata Education System Admin Website Journal Open Source Geospatial Foundation 7
  • Local Chapters Local (or Language) Promotion of OSGeo Presence at Conferences and Workshops Networking (ie beer) Seventeen official local chatpers Seven more in formation Brazilian OSGeo Chapter Aust-NZ Chapter OSGeo ? Brasil Open Source Geospatial Foundation 8
  • Momentum steady stream of chatter on Internet Relay Chat #osgeo Annual Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics(FOSS4G) conference mark's year end Initial batch of projects allowed the foundation to cut its teeth Open Source Open Development Additional projects joining now PostGIS is now accepted into incubation GeoServer is now accepted into incubation Open Source Geospatial Foundation 9
  • Department of Defence Memo October 16 memo clarifying guidance regarding OSS OSS meets the definition of commercial computer software Market research for software should include OSS Positive aspects of OSS Continuous broad peer-review Ability to modify software .. to respond more rapidly Operated and maintained by multiple vendors Mitigate risk of cost growth due to licensing Sharing maintenance to reduce total cost Open Source Geospatial Foundation 10
  • And a few Tricky bits Must ensure that the plan for software support is adequate (e.g., commercial or Government program office support) many open source licenses permit the user to modify OSS for internal use without being obligated to distribute source code to the public Release to the public when It is in the Governments interest to do so The government has the rights to do so Release is not restricted by law Open Source Geospatial Foundation 11
  • Geospatial and Standards Allow us to work together! We tend to follow OGC Standards OGC uses open source Reference Implementations and has a memorandum of understanding WMTS Publication Catalog Database GML KML GeoRSS Disk Array Application Server Information DMZ Enterprise Services Open Source Geospatial Foundation 12
  • Open Source Implementations Choosing is hard! And having a choice is great TileCache GeoServer GeoNetwork PostGIS Files Disk Array Application Server Information DMZ Enterprise Services Open Source Geospatial Foundation 13
  • Choice OSM OpenLayers Map Bender gvSig Mobile Browser Data Products Mobile Grass GIS JUMP QuantumGIS uDig gvSig Desktop TileCache MapServer GeoServer deegree GeoNetwork PostGIS Disk Array Application Server Information DMZ Enterprise Services Open Source Geospatial Foundation 14
  • More MapGuide OS Mapserver FDO SAGA WorldWind GRASS PROJ MySQL QGIS PostGIS ILWIS GDAL/OGR GEOS OSSIM gvSigMobile CatMDEdit gvSig ImageIO-EXT JTS SEXTANTE DeeGree WKT4J Kosmo JUMP OpenJump GeoServer GeoNetwork GeoTools deeJUMP Batik Spatial Data Intergrator uDig GeoPISTA GeoAPI DIVAGIS JGrass monoGIS Geotools.Net OpenLayers Chameleon MapBuilder MapWindow Ka-Map SharpMap CartoWeb NTS MapBender Friendly Survey - Tour 15
  • Open Source Take 2 FOSS4G Japan Video From OSGeo Japan Open Source Geospatial Foundation 16
  • Song 1 Ease of Use FOSS4G is damn simple Seriously easy of use is key We have about 10 minuets FOSS4G,FOSS4G,FOSS4G, of your time it's easy (before you move on) FOSS4G,FOSS4G, FOSS4G, time is spent on testing, it's soooo easy! installers, user mailing lists Open Source Geospatial Foundation 17
  • Song 2 Community Spirit I can make Fitness of purpose your wish come true There is no reason not to with this software, have fun when you are it will right now doing excellent work if you do GIS thing, Open source is a very FOSS4G is the best choice public process that really supports Quality Open Source Geospatial Foundation 18
  • Song 3 Participation you don't need no money It is true the software is free you can do it as much as you to download and try out want We do recommend 'cause this is the fruit of supporting your local everyone's passion and effort developers so why don't you join us? Open Source Geospatial Foundation 19
  • Song 4 Welcome to OSGeo anyone can do it, Welcome! you can do it Welcome to Geolivre you use it, we share it Welcome to OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Foundation 20
  • Thank You Questions? See you in Barcelona Open Source Geospatial Foundation 21