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Table  of  Contents  Introduction          1    Chapter  1    

   Create  a  Stunning  Website        3    Chapter  2    

   Capture  Leads  Effectively        9    Chapter  3  

   Learn  Blogging  and  SEO        13    Chapter  4  

   Engage  in  Social  Media  Marketing      16    Chapter  5  

   Follow  an  E-­‐Mail  Marketing  Plan      18    Chapter  6  

   Optimize  PPC  Marketing        21    Chapter  7  

   Following  Up  Consistently        24    Conclusion            27    About  Us            28      



 “Innovation  is  the  speci.ic  instrument  of  entrepreneurship.  The  act  that  

endows  resources  with  a  new  capacity  to  create  wealth.  “  –  Peter  Drucker  


Adding  value   to   the   lives  of  people   is  our  goal  when  creating  a  sustainable  and  successful  

business   as   entrepreneurs.   We   help   our   customers,   clients   or   even   our   patients   become  

happier   and   lead   more   meaningful   lives   with   what   we   offer.   Whether   you   are   selling  

products  or  providing  services,  you  need  to  have  a  venue  where  you  can  encourage  people  

to  take  a  look  at  how  you  can  make  their  lives  better.    


You   can   open   a   clinic   if   you   are   a   doctor   or   a   dentist.   Building   a   store   where   you   can  

showcase   your   products   if   you   are   into   business   is   also   a   good   option.  However   in   these  

modern   times,   good   will   not   cut   it   anymore.   You   have   to   be   exceptional.     You   need   to  

embrace  innovation.  The  best  platform  to  communicate  with  the  people  you  wish  to  serve  

today  is  the  internet.  


Entrepreneurs   love  to  get   their  hands  on  new  knowledge  which  can  help   their  businesses  

thrive.  Whether  you  own  a  brick  and  mortar  business  and  you  want   to  optimize   it  on   the  

internet  OR   you  wish   to   jumpstart   your  online  business,   essential   knowledge  on   creating  

websites  and  excellent  marketing  strategies  will  be  valuable  to  you.    



In  this  day  and  age,  following  the  changing  tides  of  information  technology  is  the  answer  to  

developing   your   business   from   a   local   brand   to   a   global   one.   If   your   aim   is   to   get  more  

customers  in  your  area  and  gain  a  competitive  edge,  going  online  is  your  best  option.    


The   internet   can   bring   wonders   to   your   business   in   terms   of   improving   exposure   and  

getting  more  customers.  We  have  gathered  numerous  practical  tips  and  steps  that  you  can  

follow  to  maximize  available  online  tools  for  the  success  of  your  business.    


•  Make  a  stunning  website  

•  Capture  leads  online  

•  Learn  blogging  and  SEO  

•  Choose  social  media  platforms  

•  Follow  an  e-­‐mail  marketing  plan  

•  Optimize  PPC  marketing  

•  Develop  a  follow  up  strategy  


This  book  in  your  hand  right  now  is  precious.  It  is  a  collection  of  effective  ways    

of  putting  your  business  in  the  online  map.  Let  us  help  you  take  the  leap  forward    

and  gain  more  customers  for  long-­‐term  success.  






Chapter  One  Create  a  Stunning  Website  


Taking  your  business  further  means  utilizing  available  tools  to  reach  out  to  more  customers.    

A   vast   majority   of   people   today   rely   on   the   internet   for   information   on   products   and  

services  that  they  need.  This  is  one  piece  of  fact  that  you  should  pay  close  attention  to.  The  

time   is   ripe   for   your   business   to   be   a   part   of   the   online   community.   Modernity   has  

encouraged  people   to   favor  more  convenient  and  accessible  means  of   transaction  and   the  

internet  offers  amazing  solutions.  Create  an  outstanding  website  to  establish  your  presence  

and  people  will  gravitate  to  you.    

How  Will  a  Website  BeneUit  Your  Business?    Online  transactions  are  much  more  convenient  for  customers.  What  you  have  to  discover  is  

how  this  can  work  to  your  advantage,  too.  Less  cost,  less  mobility  and  less  time.  Since  almost  

everything  can  be  done  on  the  internet,  you  can  explore  possibilities  of  how  your  business  

can   function   within   a   website.   Consider   your   website   as   the   online   counterpart   of   your  

store,  clinic  or  showroom.  It  is  an  inexpensive  marketing  and  sales  platform.  Your  business  

will  beneOit  greatly  from  an  outstanding  website  in  several  ways.    

1.  Make  the  Best  First  Impression  

Your  website  will  tell  the  world  who  you  are  and  what  you  can  offer.  If  you  are  an  architect  

whose  goal  is  to  widen  your  clientele,  creating  a  website  will  make  you  more  accessible  to  

people  who  need   your   services.  Make   the   Oirst   encounter   impressive   by   showcasing   your  

best  works  at  the  homepage  of  your  website.  Your  online  design  portfolio  will  be  the  main  

attraction  and  the  ultimate  reason  why  prospective  clients  would  avail  of  your  services.    





2.  Attract  More  Customers  

Having  your  own  website  can  establish  your  credibility  as  a  business  entity  or  a  provider  of  professional   services.  You  now  have   the  venue   to   communicate  with  your   customers   in   a  platform  that  can  be  accessed  by  anyone  all  over  the  world.  Instead  of  limiting  your  reach  to  clients   and   investors   in   your   area,  with   a  website,   you   have   the   capacity   to   attract  more  customers,   stakeholders   and   like-­‐minded   individuals   and   groups.   It   is   an   opportunity   to  dazzle  people  with  your  track  record  in  a  subtle  and  more  professional  way.    









3.  Manage  Updates  and  Promotions  

The   internet   makes   it   possible   for   you   to   streamline   the   process   of   your   business  operations.  With  your  website,  you  can  easily  launch  a  new  product  and  promote  it  on  social  media.     Updating   clients   and   peers   in   your   industry   is   also   more   manageable   because  

publishing  blogs  and  articles  online  is  easy  and  fast.  You  can  be  a  source  of  information  for  people  which   in   turn  will  make  you  or  your  business   the  go-­‐to  place  when  they  need  and  want  products  and  services.    






7  Helpful  Tips  in  Creating  a  Website  

1.  Create  a  Clean  and  Navigable  Homepage  

The  homepage  is  the  ultimate  tool  to  create  a  Oirst  impression  to  visitors  and  customers.  You  

can  put  a  unique  logo  here  that  represents  your  products  and  services.  Your  business  name  

and  tagline  should  also  be  highlighted  in  this  area  of  your  website  so  people  will  remember  

them  easily.    

Be  creative  in  designing  your  homepage  by  telling  a  compelling  story  about  your  business.    

The   concept   of   your   homepage   will   depend   largely   on   your   goal   as   an   entrepreneur.   In  

addition,  you  need   to  package  your  message   in  a  way   that   is   relevant   to   the   industry  you  

belong  to.    

Your   target   market   should   be   fascinated   by   your   homepage   at   the   initial   moment   of  

exposure.  You  can  incorporate  videos  and  images  but  keep  in  mind  that  it  should  be  clutter-­‐

free  with  a   clear   call   to  action  or  CTA.  Make  sure   the   time  visitors   spend  on  your  page   is  

valuable  and  will  yield  the  results  you  both  want.    

2.  About  Us  Page    

This  area   is  often  renamed  as  Our  Story  because   it  should  tell  a   fascinating  account  about  

how  your  company,  business  or  career  came  to  be  and  where   is   it  headed.  Make  sure  you  

provide  an  accessible   link   from  your  homepage   to   this  page.  Here,   your  accomplishments  

should   be   emphasized   to   gain   trust   and   respect   from   visitors   and   customers.   Often,  

companies  include  their  mission  and  vision  statements  in  this  page  to  show  a  clear  picture  

of   their  goals.  Your  About  Us  page   is  your  business'   introduction   to   the  online  and  ofOline  

community.  Make  it  unforgettable!  







3.  Add  a  Service  or  Product  Page  

After  highlighting  key  products  and  services  in  your  homepage,  you  should  put  a  clickable  

link   that   would   point   out   to   this   area   of   your   website.   You   have   already   served   the  

appetizer,  this  page  is  your  main  course.  You  can  be  as  detailed  as  possible  with  your  images  

and   descriptions   as   long   as   you   are  mindful   of   the   short   attention   span   of   a  majority   of  

online  users.  Make  your  service  or  product  page  crisp,  clean  and  easy  to  navigate.  If  you  are  

selling  products,  ensure  a  fast  and  manageable  transaction  starting  from  the  shopping  to  the  

payment  process.    












Add  professional  product  images  

Always  include  ONE  call-­‐to-­‐action.  This  can  be  „buy  now“,  contact  us“,  „Request  a  Quote“  etc..  

Add  a    compelling  product  description  

Write  beneOit-­‐orientaded  headlines.  

4.    Easy  Access  -­‐  Contact  Page  

In  the  homepage  of  your  website,  you  should  already  include  relevant  information  on  how  

your   customers   can   get   in   touch   with   you.   By   incorporating   a   Contact   Page,   you   are  

improving  your  communication  channel  with  existing  and  prospective  customers.  They  can  

input  their  inquiries  and  you  can  respond  to  them  in  a  systematic  way.    

Including  a  Contact  Page  is  a  good  opportunity  for  you  to  get  e-­‐mail  addresses  for  marketing  

and  promotions.  Opening  this  door  will  lead  to  anticipated  future  interactions  which  would  

be  a  great  help  for  your  business.    Make  the  contact  form  simple  and  easy  to  Oill  out.  Always  

think  of  the  convenience  of  your  customers.    

5.    Share  Valuable  Ideas  -­‐  Blog  

People   subscribe   to   newsletters   and   articles   to   keep   abreast   with   the   developments   in  

different  industries.  You  can  impart  your  knowledge  on  a  speciOic  niche  by  integrating  a  blog  

in  your  website.    This  will  enable  you  to  update  your  clientele  regarding  the   latest   trends  

and  innovations  which  are  making  waves  in  a  particular  industry.    

If  you  are  a  doctor  and  there  are  technological  developments  or  new  science  that  you  wish  

to  share  to  the  public,  your  blog  is  the  best  platform  to  do  this.  Establishing  yourself  as  an  

authority   in   the   industry  will  make  people   trust   your   advice   and   recommendations.  They  

are  more  likely  to  seek  your  help  and  services.  Keep  your  blog  relevant  and  updated  at  all  

times  to  retain  customers  and  gain  new  ones.    You  don’t  know  the  exciting  opportunities  for  

expansion  or  business  collaborations  unless  you   try   to  explore   the  world  of  blogging.  You  

will  not  only  communicate  with  clients,  you  will  also  meet  many  interesting  entrepreneurs.    



6.    Make  Your  Website  Mobile-­‐Friendly  

Thanks  to  technology,  we  are  now  able  to  shop,  book  Olights,  avail  of  services  and  engage  in  many  other  useful   transactions   through  our  mobile  phones.  Websites  of  your  competitors  are  already  optimized  for  mobile  phones.  You  should  take  the  plunge  as  well.    

It  is  convenient  for  your  customers  and  clients  to  contact  you  and  view  the  latest  updates  in  your  company  if  you  have  a  mobile-­‐friendly  website.  Everyone  who  has  a  mobile  phone  can  access   your   website   which   means   you   can   cater   to   more   customers.     This   is   especially  

helpful  for    the  immediate  needs  of  your  customers.  If  you  have  built  your  own  mobile  app,  it  will  be  more  convenient  to  engage  in  transactions  simply  by  clicking  a  few  buttons.  The  advantage   of   tracking   your   progress   is   also   a   plus   point   for   having   a   mobile-­‐friendly  website.    

7.    Hire  a  Brilliant  Web  Designer  /  Web  Design  Company  

Designing   your   own   website   is   easy   to   do   nowadays   but   will   the   end   result   be   as  

professional-­‐looking   as   you   want   it   to   be?   When   you   hire   a   pro   web   designer,   you   are  putting   this   important   task   of   creating   an   outstanding  website   in   the   hands   of   an   expert.  This  will  give  you  peace  of  mind,  zero  wastage  on  time  and  effort  and  a  website  that's  well-­‐designed  and  fully  functional.  Delegating  this  task  to  professionals  can  be  the  best  decision  you  could  make.  You  can  maximize  the  talents  and  skills  of  a  great  designer  and  you  will  be  left  with   ample   time   to   tackle   other   areas   of   your  business  which   are  more   signiOicant   to  


In  selecting  web  design  agencies  or  companies  to  collaborate  with,  you  should  also  take  into  account   their  portfolio   to  ensure   that  you  are  working  with  creative  and  strategic  people.  They  should  also  have  your  best  interest  at  heart.  Their  aesthetics,  design  sensibilities  and  work  ethic  are   factors  which  should  be  considered.   If  you  are  unsure  of   the  direction  that  you  wish  to  take  regarding  website  design,  the  best  designers  can  provide  you  options  and  make  this  path  more  navigable  for  you.    





Chapter  Two  Capture  Leads  Effectively  

Similar  to  brick  and  mortar  businesses,  we  want  to  engage  prospective  online  customers  so  

they  will   patronize   our   products   and   avail   of   our   services.  We  do   this   by   attracting   their  

attention  and  offering  them  irresistible  freebies.    

After  building  your  website,   you  can   set  up   landing  pages  which  will  persuade  visitors   to  

take   a   look   at   your   products   and   services.   This   landing   page   is   a   chain   that   you   must  

strengthen  so   the  visitors  will  be  converted   to  customers.  By  giving  out   free  and  valuable  

stuff   like  e-­‐books,  newsletters  and  podcasts   in  exchange   for  personal  or  professional  data  

such  as  an  e-­‐mail,  a  mutual  pact  is  sealed  between  you  and  your  target  market.    

Top  7  Goodies  to  Give  Away  to  Customers  


A   lot  of  people   today  have  shifted   from  tangible  pages   to  e-­‐pages  and   for  good  reason.  E-­‐

books  were  created  to  give  us  a  more  convenient  reading  experience.  When  you  give  away  

e-­‐books  with  valuable  content,  you  are  helping  people  gain  access  to  digestible  information  

that  they  can  use  in  their  professional  or  personal  lives.  You  can  dedicate  an  entire  landing  

page  for  this  free  e-­‐book  in  exchange  for  the  e-­‐mail  addresses  of  your  customers  and  leads.  

By  giving  away  e-­‐books  with  relevant   links,  you  are  hitting  two  birds  with  one  stone.  You  

are  establishing  relationships  with  customers  by  sharing  ideas  and  at  the  same  time,  you  are  

giving  them  the  opportunity  to  explore  the  types  of  products  and  services  that  you  provide.          



Naturally,   giving   your     customers   and   clients   newsletters   for   free   simply   shows   that   you  care   enough   to   send   them  advice,   updates,   tips   and   recommendations  which   concern   the  industry   that   they   are   interested   in.   You   are   establishing   connection   and   a   consistent  relationship  with  existing  customers  as  well  as   the  new  ones.  Your  newsletters   should  be  informative   and   helpful.   Avoid   posting   too   many   advertisements   that   promote   your  products   and   services   so   as   not   to   appear   too   blatant   with   your   promotional   efforts.  

Remember  you  are  not  selling  yet,  you  are  only  marketing.  

Slide  Presentation  

We  must   admit   that   people   online   have   an   incredibly   short   attention   span.   They   cannot  digest   huge   pieces   of   information   especially   if   it   is   fed   to   them   simultaneously.   Through  giving  free  slide  presentations,  you  can  put  your  ideas  out  there  without  overwhelming  your  audience.   Slides   that   are   well-­‐prepared,   succinct   and   relevant   are   helpful   to   people   who  

want  to  understand  a  certain  topic  without  going  through  the  long  process  of  research.  You  are  certainly  doing  them  a  favor  by  making  the  message  interesting  and  digestible.    



















Giving  your   target  market   free   access   to  helpful   and   informative  webinars   is   an   excellent  

marketing  strategy.  An  interactive  online  seminar  will  enable  you  to  reach  out  to  local  and  

international  audiences.  People  can  tune  in  and  watch  interesting  videos  regarding  a  topic  

that  they  want  to  learn  more  about.  Make  your  webinar  something  that  people  can  get  value  

from   and   can   use   to   beneOit   their   lives.   It   is   not   solely   for   marketing   purposes.   Posting  

webinars   on   your   website   will   encourage   people   to   visit   more   often   and   this   is   a   great  

opportunity  to  win  them  over.    


 A  treasure  trove  of  precious  ideas  are  found  online  and  when  you  put  e-­‐courses  in  the  mix,  

people   have   a   lot  more   to   look   forward   to.  When   you   offer   free   e-­‐courses   to   your   target  

market,   you   are   helping   them   advance   in   their   goals.   Joining   e-­‐courses   allows   people   to  

learn   so  much  more   and   track   their   progress.   They   also   feel   a   sense   of   accomplishment  

when  they  Oinish  several  parts  of  the  e-­‐course.    

If  you  are  an  expert  on  online  business  and  you  want  to  help  entrepreneurs   from  all  over  

the   world,   providing   a   comprehensive   e-­‐course   about   how   to   succeed   on   the   internet   is  

something   your   clients   would   be   grateful   for.   In   your   website,   setup   an   e-­‐course   that  

visitors  can  easily  enroll  and  participate  in  so  that  they  will  have  a  convenient  and  fulOilling  






A   subscription   on   a   podcast   which   people   will   Oind   useful   in   their   daily   lives   is   a   great  

freebie  to  give  away  to  your  customers.  They  can  download  and  listen  to  the  podcast  while  

they   are   on   their  way   to   a  meeting   or   at   the   ofOice   to   remind   them   of   practical   tips   and  

advice.     Sometimes,   everyone   needs   reinforcement   in   order   to   continue   similar   to   the  

journey   an   entrepreneur   embarks   on.  With   an   informative   podcast,   you   are   not   wasting  

people's   time.   Instead,   you   are   adding   something   to   their   lives  which   is   relevant   to   their  

progress.   You   can   talk   further   about   the   beneOits   of   your   products   and   services   in   the  

podcast  thus  gaining  your  target  audience's  approval  and  patronage.    

Free  Consultation  

Sharing  your  expertise  online  draws  people  in.  Giving  free  consultation  encourages  people  

to  communicate  with  you  regarding  their  concerns.  When  you  Oind  out  their  issues,  you  are  

in   a   better   position   to   recommend  products   and   services   that   they   need.   It’s   not   a   direct  

approach   to   selling.   On   the   other   hand,   you   are   simply   providing   a   medium   for   initial  

interaction  with  your  target  market.  People  appreciate  the  time  you  put  in  to  help  them  with  

their  problems.  

When  you  establish  yourself  or  your  company  as  an  authority   in   the   industry,  your  target  

market   will   come   running   to   you   for   advice.   Giving   free   consultation   is   a   way   to   earn  

people’s   trust.   It   is   a   subtle   and   effective  way   to   encourage   them   to   listen   to   your   ideas  

initially  and  eventually,  they  can  be  converted  to  paying  customers.    















Chapter  Three  Learn  Blogging  and  SEO  

Your  business  or  professional  service  needs  people  to  prosper.  You  need  to  be  found  by  the  

right  people  on  the  street  and  these  days,  online.  Blogging  is  a  helpful  and  cost-­‐effective  tool  

in  opening  the  communication  channel  between  you  and  the  rest  of  the  world.    

When  you  communicate  with  people,  you  have  a  great  opportunity  to  determine  the  pulse  of  

your  target  market.  What  products  and  services  do  people  need  and  what  speciOic  things  are  

they  looking  for?  As  you  share  valuable  insights  in  your  blog,  you  are  also  gathering  relevant  

information  from  the  people  who  read  your  blogs.  Not  only  that,  your  blogs  can  rank  higher  

in  search  engines  like  Google,  Yahoo  and  Bing  which  means  you're  gaining  more  exposure.  

We  are  sharing  a  few  reasons  why  you  should  engage  in  the  art  of  blogging  for  the  success  of  

your  business.      

7  Ultimate  Reasons  to  Blog  

1.  Reach  out  to  more  people  

Waiting   for   customers   to   come   to   your   store   or   betting   on   word-­‐of-­‐mouth   to   get   more  

customers   is   the   traditional   way   of   doing   business.   Today   with   the   advent   of   blogging,  

advertising  and  marketing   just  became  a   lot  more  convenient.  When  you  blog,  people  see  

what  you  and  your  business  are  all  about.  They  catch  a  glimpse  of  your  offering  and  if  they  

like   what   they   see,   they   are   deOinitely   coming   to   you   for   recommendations.   Blogging   is  

sharing  valuable   ideas  to  your  target  audience.  Since  millions  of  people  are  online,  always  

looking  for  relevant  information,  there  is  a  high  chance  that  you  can  persuade  more  people  

to  visit  your  website  and  avail  of  your  products  and  services.              


2.  Convenient  market  research  

If  you  master  the  art  of  blogging,  it  will  help  your  business  tremendously.  You  can  cut  cost  by  simultaneously  performing  your  market   research  while  you  blog.  You  don't  have   to  go  out  there  to  gain  feedback  on  certain  products  and  services.  People  online,  speciOically  the  readers  of  your  blog,  will  give  you  comments  and  suggestions  right  below  the  article  or  blog  that  you  posted.  When  you  put  social  media  links  to  your  website,  your  blogs  can  be  easily  shared  online  which  again  will  result  in  more  valuable  feedback  on  whatever  it  is  that  you  

want  to  know  from  your  target  market.    

3.  PR  and  Promotions  

If  you  have  already  set  up  your  blog,  the  media  will  have  an  easier  time  picking  up  news  and  updates   in   their   online   radar.   Promoting   new   products   and   updating   the   public   about  enhanced  services  becomes  a  walk  in  the  park.  Please  keep  in  mind  that  it  is  so  easy  to  gain  a  bad  reputation  online  and  for  that  negativity  to  spread  like  wildOire.  Ensure  that  you  blog  

responsibly   and  only  post   content   that   highlights   your  best   products   and   emphasizes   the  quality   of   services   your   company   or   business   is   willing   to   offer   the   world.   Refrain   from  getting   involved   in  bad  publicity   especially   if   your  profession   is   at   stake.   Stick   to  positive  promotions  and  you'll  be  on  your  way  to  success.    

4.  Credibility  and  Good  Reputation  

As  you  blog,  you  are  providing  an  online  identity  to  your  company  or  business.  Through  the  ideas  you   share,   you  are   representing   the  values   and   ideas   that   your  business   stands   for.  

The  content  of  your  blog  should  be  beneOicial  to  your  target  audience  in  order  to  establish  a  good   reputation.   Remember   that   you   are   speaking   for   your   company   or   brand,   your  professional   advice   should   be   consistent.   Blogging   can   boost   your   marketing   efforts   and  your  sales  once  you  have  already  established  a  good  name  for  your  business   in  the  online  community.    


5.  Higher  SEO  ranking  

Search  engine  optimization  or  SEO   is   a   term  you  will   often  encounter  as  you   research  on  

how   to   make   your   website   a   success.   It   simply   means   being   on   the   Oirst   page   of   search  

engines   like   Google  when   people   are   searching   for   a   particular   niche   or   topic.   If   you   are  

posting  relevant  and  up-­‐to-­‐date  blogs  on  your  website,  chances  are  you  will  rank  higher  in  

search  engines.  People  who  are   interested   in  your  products  or   the   services   that  you  offer  

will  have  an  easier  time  accessing  your  website.  This  gives  you  a  great  competitive  edge.  

6.  Retain  Customers  

Online   customers   and   ofOline   clients  will   not   avail   of   your   services   every   single   day.   This  

would  depend  on   the  nature  of   the  services   that  you  offer.  With  a  blog  which  you  update  

regularly,  you  will  keep  your  existing  customers   informed  about  your   latest  products  and  

services.   Since   you   are   posting   relevant   material,   they   are   encouraged   to   respond   thus  

making   your   communication  more   consistent.   Your   customer   and   supplier   relationship   is  

strengthened  through  this  medium.    

7.  Keep  your  business  initiatives  current  

Blogging   gives   your   business   the   advantage   of   staying   relevant.   Creating   great   content  

requires   research   which   means   you   have   the   opportunity   to   look   into   trends   and  

developments   in   your   industry.  You  keep  yourself   informed  and   share  your  updates  with  

the  rest  of  your  clientele.  When  you  are  100%   involved   in  all   these  online   initiatives,  you  

gain   a   better   understanding   of   what   the   future   holds   and   where   you   want   to   take   your  

business  as  technology  advances  rapidly.  


Chapter  Four  Engage  in  Social  Media  Marketing  

We  have   shown  you   the  power  of   owning   a  website   and  we  hope   you   are  more   eager   to  

explore  this  online  adventure  further  for  the  advancement  of  your  business  and  your  career.  

Now,  you  are  ready  to  take  the  next  step  which  is  social  media  marketing.  This  is  crucial  to  

the  continuity  of  your  journey  as  an  entrepreneur.  Your  website  is  live  and  can  be  seen  by  

everyone  online  but  in  order  to  attract  more  people,  you  have  to  market  your  content  on  a  

few  reliable  and  effective  social  media  platforms  such  as  Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  etc.    

We   understand   that   you   may   not   have   felt   the   need   to   engage   in   social   media   for   your  

business  or  profession  before  but  stick  with  us  and  you  will  discover  what  you  were  missing  

out  on.  We  have  collated  the  major  advantages  of  promoting  on  social  media  and  these  will  

make  your  decision  much  easier  to  make.    

7  Advantages  of  Social  Media  Marketing  

1.Brand  Recognition  

You   may   be   a   member   of   a   social   media   platform   for   personal   reasons   and   you   have  

Oirsthand   experience   of   how   this   method   improves   communication.   It   is   the   same   with  

putting  your  brand  or  business   in  social  media  platforms.  When  you  create  accounts  on  a  

few  major  social  medial  platforms,  you  are  encouraging  communication  so  that  people  will  

recognize  your  brand  and  understand  your  offerings.  By  constantly  updating  your  Facebook  

and   Twitter   status,   your   brand   becomes   familiar   to   people  who   check   social  media   on   a  

regular  basis.    



2.  Higher  Conversion  Rate  

When   you   share   articles,   images   and   videos   on   social   media,   people   resonate   with   you  

because   you   are   making   your   brand   or   company   more   interactive   and   accessible.   Many  

people  are  comfortable  throwing  comments  your  way  and  with  each  SHARE,  they  become  

your  marketers  for  free.  Your  target  audience  in  social  media  are  more  than  happy  to  share  

with   friends,   family   and   colleagues   regarding   memorable   experiences   with   your   brand.  

Since  they  are  familiar  with  your  business  already,  they  are  more  likely  to  convert  from  just  

spectators  to  buyers  and  customers.    

3.  Promotions  

Promoting   your   products   and   services   just   got   a   ton   easier  with   social  media.   The  magic  

word   is   followers.   If  you  have  established  your  brand's  presence  on   Instagram,  Facebook,  

Twitter  and  other  major  platforms,  chances  are  you  have  already  gained  a  steady  following.  

Your   promotion   efforts   can   be   hyped   up   and   even   become   viral   on   the   internet  which   is  

deOinitely  good  news  for  your  business.  Once  you  have  earned  the  admiration  and  trust  of  

the   social  media   community,   you   can   rely   on   them   to   take   care  of   the  modern  version  of  

word-­‐of-­‐mouth  marketing  for  you.    

4.  Easy  Market  Research  

These  days,  your  target  market  is  on  social  media.  All  you  need  to  do  is  to  follow  its  lead.  By  

posting  informal  surveys  and  updates  on  social  media,  you  can  get  the  feedback  you  need  on  

certain   services   that   you   wish   to   offer.   If   you   are   a   fashion   or   interior   designer,   just   by  

simply  posting  your  creations,  you  are  sure  to  get  a  feel  of  your  target  customers'  tastes  and  

opinions.  It's  incredible  how  interactive  social  media  is  and  how  helpful  it  is  to  the  progress  

of  your  business.  Your  existing  customers  and  prospective  customers  are  just  clicks  away  no  

matter  where  they  are  in  the  world.    


5.  Less  Marketing  Costs  

Membership  and  creating  an  account  on  various  social  media  platforms  is  free  so  you  have  

nothing  to  lose  but  more  to  gain  from  this  marketing  initiative.  It  will  not  cost  you  to  post  or  

market   a   product   on   Twitter.   You   can   go   in-­‐depth   in   describing   products   and   services  

through   fascinating   videos   and   infographics.   Just  make   sure   that   you  don't   invest   a   lot   of  

time  on  social  media  or  you  will  be  swallowed  whole  by   them.  Manage  your  social  media  

interactions  and  limit  your  posts  to  once  or  twice  a  day.    

6.  Higher  SEO  ranking  

Helpful  articles  that  you  post  on  your  website  can  rank  higher  in  search  engines  if    you  post  

them  on  social  media.  Since  your  readership  are  members  of  Facebook  and  Twitter,  you  can  

post   blog   teasers   in   your   status   and   provide   a   link   to   the   original   content   so   interested  

people  can  read  in  your  website.  If  more  people  are  exposed  to  your  updates,  you  gain  more  

trafOic  to  your  business  website  which  translates  to  higher  SEO  ranking.    

7.  Improved  Customer  Experience  

After   all   that's   said   and   done,   you   can   count   on   social   media   to   improve   the   overall  

experience  of  your  customers   in   interacting  with  your  brand.  Social  media   is  here   to   stay  

and  even  in  the  future,  you  will  still  be  able  to  keep  in  touch  with  your  customers.  Through  a  

series   of   communication   via   social   media,   can   build   conOidence   and   trust.   You   have   the  

opportunity  to  prove  to  your  customers  that  you  are  all  about  helping  them.  Through  social  

media,   you   can   even   express   your   gratitude   for   their   continued   support.   This   type   of  

personalized  relationship  with  your  clients  and  customers  makes  business  worthwhile.    




Chapter  Five  Follow  an  E-­‐mail  Marketing  Plan  

People   communicate   through   e-­‐mail   everyday.   We   can't   imagine   our   professional   and  

personal   lives   without   e-­‐mail.   It's   easier   to   communicate   using   this  method   and  when   it  

comes  to  marketing   for  our  business,   it  still  remains  as  an  effective  and  efOicient   tool.  You  

can  keep  your  customers  and  leads  informed  about  your  company's  new  offerings.  Through  

e-­‐mail,  you  can  invite  people  to  join  events,  show  them  how  they  can  avail  of  free  e-­‐books  

and   newsletters   OR   simply   get   in   touch   through   holiday   greetings.   All   these   marketing  

efforts  are  more  convenient  to  carry  out  with  the  help  of  e-­‐mails.    

Still   not   convinced?   We   are   sharing   with   you   how   e-­‐mail   marketing   can   improve   your  

business.  Whether  you  are  a  recognized  brand  or  you  own  a  small  business,  communicating  

with  the  people  you  serve  through  e-­‐mail  is  effective.    

 Top  7  Advantages  of  E-­‐mail  Marketing    

1.  Simple  and  cost  effective  marketing  

E-­‐mail   marketing   only   requires   little   effort   and   money   from   your   business.   You   can  

compose  your  e-­‐mails  anytime  and  anywhere.  If  you  can  delegate  this  task  to  a    dedicated  

staff  then  you  can  further  simplify  the  process.  You  have  to  count  on  the  reality  that  people  

still   check   their   e-­‐mails   once   or   even   several   times   a   day.   You   have   a   great   chance   of  

reaching  out  to  speciOic  leads  that  you  want  to  convert  simply  by  grouping  your  contacts  and  

sending  customized  e-­‐mails  their  way.    



2.  Tracking  is  systematic  

What's  great  about  e-­‐mail  marketing  is  you  can  track  the  response  of  your  target  audience  

which  will  help  you  identify  what  you  did  correctly  and  what  you  did  wrong.  You  can  track  

positive   and   negative   reaction   through   analytics   and   click-­‐through.   Through   the  

subscription   response,   you   can   also   determine   what   type   of   group   is   interested   in   your  

content,  product  or  service.    DeOinitely,  you  can  segregate  your  prospects  in  order  to  manage  

your  marketing  efforts  and  not  waste  more  time  on  unresponsive  people  or  groups.    

3.  International  target  market  

One  of  the  great  advantages  of  e-­‐mail  marketing  is  how  it  can  reach  a  much  wider  audience  

than  what   you're   probably   accustomed   to   in   a   brick   and  mortar   business.   You   can   send  

anyone   in   any   country   in   the   world   an   e-­‐mail   packed   with   marketing   content.   Those  

untapped  markets  that  you  may  not  originally  thought  were  for  you,  you  will  soon  realize  

that   they   can   possibly   convert   into   YOUR   speciOic   target   market.   If   you're   product   isn't  

popular  locally,  it  might  be  a  bestseller  in  Asia.  The  world  is  yours  to  conquer.    

4.  Creative  and  personalized  approach  

You  may  already  have  several  groups  in  your  e-­‐mail  contacts  which  will  make  it  easier  for  

you   to   customize   the   e-­‐mails   that   you   send   to   have   a   more   personal   impact   on   your  

recipients.   In   terms  of   creativity,  you  can  pretty  much  play  with   the  content  of   the  e-­‐mail  

especially  if  you  included  eye-­‐catching  images  and  taglines.  You  can  enhance  your  database  

in  order  to  include  prospective  clients  especially  the  ones  who  have  already  provided  their  

e-­‐mail  address  through  your  website.    



5.  Interactive  

Your  e-­‐mails  can  generate  fast  response  from  customers  which  means  that  you  can  design  

them  towards  this  speciOic  purpose.  Utilize  different  strategies  such  as  surveys,  quizzes  and  

videos  which   can  propel   people   to   reply   to   your   e-­‐mail.   Keep   in  mind   that   an   e-­‐mail   is   a  

direction   communication   line   to   a   person   or   a   group   of   people.   Take   advantage   of   this  

opportunity  and  make  it  as  fun  and  interactive  as  possible.    

6.  Inclusive  

Unlike   posting   on   social   media   where   your   target   market   is   almost   everybody,   e-­‐mail  

marketing   is   more   direct   and   inclusive.   You   can   choose   a   group   with   a   speciOic   socio-­‐

economic   background   and  write   e-­‐mails   that   target   their   needs   in   a  much  more   focused  


7.  Ease  of  following  up  

When  you  e-­‐mail  customers  on  a  regular  basis,  they  warm  up  to  you  and  it  becomes  easier  

to  follow  up  when  the  time  comes.    Remember  to  extend  your  gratitude  for  their  patronage  

by   sending   thank   you   messages.   In   this   messages,   always   put   a   teaser   for   the   next  

interaction   so   that   they   will   have   something   to   look   forward   to.   E-­‐mails   are   powerful  

because  they  can  be  used  to  secure  present  deals  as  well  as  provide  the  promise  of  future  


You  have  already  baked  the  meal,  you  only  need  to  reheat   it  so   it  will  be  ready   for  eating  

again.   It's   good   to   start   early   with   e-­‐mail   marketing   so   that   through   the   years,   you   can  

already  count  on  loyal  online  customers.    




Chapter  Six  Optimize  PPC  Marketing  

PPC  or  Pay-­‐per-­‐click  marketing  is  beneOicial  for  small  and  big  businesses  because  it  will  help  

you  grow  your  business  online.  Did  we  mention  that  this  method  is  cost-­‐effective?  You  only  

need  to  pay  for  your  ads  that  were  clicked  by  online  users  which  translates  to  zero  wastage  

on   marketing   cost.   Your   advertising   and   promotion   efforts   will   also   be   measurable   and  

easier   to   track   which   is   important   if   you   want   to   study   your   target   market   and   present  

products   and   services   that   matter.   Let's   take   a   look   at   some   of   the   advantages   of   PPC  

marketing  for  your  business,  shall  we?    

 Top  7  BeneUits  of  PPC  

1.  Inexpensive  marketing  tool  

As   an   entrepreneur,   it   is   important   to   take   into   account   budget   for   everything   including  

marketing.  With  PPC,  you  can  set  your  own  budget  and  opt  for  a  cheaper  or  more  expensive  

ad  or  campaign.  Your  marketing  expenditure  will  depend  on  how  much  you  can  afford   to  

shell  out.  PPC  marketing  is  convenient  to  track  which  means  you  can  pretty  much  determine  

if  you  are  spending   the  right  amount  on  marketing  or   if  you  need  to   increase  or  decrease  

your  budget.    

2.  Independent  of  SEO  

Once  you  have  created  your  ad  and  posted  online,  you  no  longer  have  to  worry  about  search  

engine  optimization  because  PPC  is  not  directly  impacted  with  the  developments  in  Google  

or  any  other  search  engines  out  there.    





3.  Measurable  and  Scalable  

It   is   good   to  be  updated  with  your  marketing   strategies  and  you  can  certainly  experience  

this  with  PPC.  You  can  measure  several  factors  when  engaged  in  PPC  campaigns  including  

cost,   views,   visits   and   revenues.   Determining   areas   of   strength   is   important   as   well   as  

identifying   areas   where   you   need   to   improve.   You   can   track   the   cost   of   your   marketing  

efforts  and  Oind  out  if  you  are  making  a  proOit  or  not.  Your  team  will  surely  have  an  easier  

time  scaling  and  measuring  your  progress  with  this  type  of  system  in  place.      

4.  Connect  to  a  speciUic  audience  

Starting  PPC  campaigns  is  easy  and  you  can  customize  your  audience  to  cater  to  a  speciOic  

group.  Factors  such  as  keywords,  device,  websites  and  dates  can  be  predetermined  so  that  

you   can   select   the   location   and   duration   of   your   campaigns.   This   type   of   free   reign   and  

convenience  will   give  you  more  opportunity   to   reach   the   right  kind  of   audience.  Through  

PPC,  your  products  and  services  have  a  better  exposure  on  the  internet  and  on  the  mobile  

devices  of    your  target  market.    

5.  Brand  recognition  

Letting  your  brand  shine  online   is   important   in  order   for  your  business   to  succeed.  When  

you   use   relevant   keywords   in   your   PPC   campaigns,   more   people   who   are   within   your  

industry  will  have  access  to  your  ads  especially  when  they  are  searching  online.  Optimizing  

your  ads  for  mobile  searches  should  also  be  top  priority  because  people  check  their  mobile  

phones   to  check  out  products  and  services  several   times  a  day.  You  will   clearly  stand  out  

and  your  brand  name  will  be  retained  in  the  minds  of  your  target  audience.    



6.  Get  quick  results  

With   PPC,   you   can   achieve   efOiciency   in   your   marketing   initiatives.   The   straightforward  

approach   of   ads   linking   to   your  website   or   online   store   is   hassle-­‐free   and   convenient   for  

prospective  customers.  It  is  easy  to  have  your  ad  up  and  running  and  it  is  easier  to  get  the  

results  you  want  in  a  short  amount  of  time.  

7.  More  options  for  local  entrepreneurs  

For   local  business  owners,   running  a  PPC  ad  will  help  people  access  your  business   faster.  

Imagine  people   looking   for  a  speciOic  product  or  service.  Naturally,   they  will   localize   their  

search   on   the   internet   by   inputting   speciOic   locations.   If   they   stumble   upon   your   ad   right  

away,  they  can  get  more  details  on  your  store  especially  your  location  and  be  on  their  way  

to  visit  you.  It  is  that  simple.      

PPC  ads  are  straightforward  and  for  immediate  results,  your  customers  can  rely  greatly  on  

it.  You  can  double  or  triple  the  people  that  frequent  your  store  through  PPC  marketing  and  

who   knows   how   your   brick   and   mortar   business   will   be   changed   with   such   an  

improvement.  There’s  no  stopping  you  from  expanding  your  business  if  you  are  only  open  

to  online  opportunities.    



Chapter  Seven  Following  Up  Consistently  

We  have  the  heart  of  an  entrepreneur  and  we  realize  that  in  order  to  succeed,  we  must  be  

consistent  in  our  efforts.  When  you  have  set  up  all  of  the  previous  marketing  initiatives  that  

we   have   talked   about,   you   need   to   move   on   to   the   next   step.   Similar   to   your   efforts   in  

keeping  in  touch  with  your  clients  ofOline,  you  are  also  required  to  follow  up  with  customers  

online.  The  difference  between  failure  and  success  in  business  lies  in  your  capacity  to  follow  

up.  We  have  rounded  up  several  tips  on  the  right  way  to  follow  up  customers  online.    

7  Practical  Tips  on  Following  Up  

1.  Post  on  social  media  regularly  

Sometimes,  it  is  the  less  straightforward  approach  that  customers  respond  to  most.  People  

don't  want  to  be  forced  or  reminded  incessantly  about  what  products  they  have  to  buy  or  

what   services   they   need   to   avail   of.   When   you   post   on   social   media   regularly,   you   are  

conditioning   the  minds   of   your   followers   to   anticipate   posts   from   your   business  without  

your  blatant  efforts  to  sell  your  product  to  them.  They  are  discovering  their  needs  on  their  

own  but  with  a  soft  reminder  from  your  end.    

2.    Newsletter  subscription  

If  you  can  persuade  your  target  market  to  subscribe  to  your  newsletters,  following  up  will  

be   easy   breezy.   By   simply   releasing   new   issues   twice   or   once   a   month,   people   will   be  

consistently  reminded  of  your  brand.    



3.  Freebies  

Who  doesn't  love  freebies?  As  mentioned  in  the  Oirst  part  of  this  e-­‐book,  you  can  give  away  

tons  of  valuable  gifts   to  your  customers   in  an  effort   to  capture   their  attention  once  again.  

Since   many   people   love   to   get   freebies,   us   included,   we   have   more   appreciation   for   the  

bearer  which  means  we  are  warming  up   to  your  brand.  Give  well-­‐thought-­‐out   freebies   to  

your  customers  as  promotion  for  new  products  and  services.      

4.  E-­‐mails  

Lucky  you  for  collecting  the  e-­‐mail  addresses  of  your  prospects.  This  gives  you  the  chance  to  

follow   up   on   them   and   inform   them   about   any   upcoming   events,   projects,   products   or  

services  that  you  have  in  store  for  them.  If  they  were  not  converted  the  Oirst  time,  you  can  

still  re-­‐establish  the  signiOicance  of  your  business  through  interesting  e-­‐mail  content.    

5.  Blogging  

Following  up  through  blogging  is  a  subtle  and  effective  way  to  keep  your  customers  in  the  

radar.  They  are  not  in  any  way  obligated  to  respond  or  comment  but  when  they  read  your  

blogs,  they  can  be  enticed  to  re-­‐explore  your  website  again.    

Your   blogging   style   can   be   geared   towards   your   target  market   so   that   they  will   be  more  

inclined  to  interact  with  you.  You  can  open  and  end  blogs  by  asking  questions  to  encourage  

people  to  contemplate  and  think  of  your  solutions  more.  Current  and  controversial  topics  in  

the  industry  can  also  be  explained  which  can  create  timely  interactions  with  your  readers.    

Don't  underestimate  the  social  media  buttons  in  your  blog  page.  Readers  who  are  intrigued,  

fascinated  or  pleased  with  what  they  read  can  certainly  share  your  posts  on  their  account.    




6.  Update  customers  with  articles  

Numerous   articles   fresh   from  writers   permeate   the   online   community   and   some  of   these  

articles  are  going  to  beneOit  your  target  market.  You  can  e-­‐mail  them  links  of  the  articles  that  

you  think  will  give  them  more  knowledge  and  help  them  with  their  lives.  Even  the  articles  

that  you  did  not  write  yourself  can  be  sent  to  your  clientele  as  long  as  they  are  relevant  to  

their  current  needs.    

Remember  that  people  want  to  feel  valued  and  when  you  take  the  time  to  send  thoughtful  

updates,  you  are  going  above  and  beyond  their  expectations.  It  doesn’t  hurt  that  seeing  your  

brand  name  appear  on  their  e-­‐mail  or  social  media  makes  it  more  ingrained  in  their  mind.    

Don’t   underestimate   the   capacity   of   people   to   recognize   good   customer   service   and  

diligence  .  When  you  go  the  extra  mile,  they  reciprocate  with  positive  response.    

7.  Tagging  and  sending  links  

Establish  an  open  communication  with  clients  whether  through  e-­‐mail  or  social  media.  Keep  

them  in  the   loop  by  tagging  them  on  social  media  when  you  have  articles,  blogs  or  videos  

which  are  useful  and  helpful  to  them.  You  can  also  send  them  links  about  relevant  content  

because   this   will   remind   them   to   keep   in   touch.   Please   keep   this   tagging   activity   in  

moderation  to  avoid  annoying  customers.  Once  or  twice  a  month  is  a  good  time  frame.    





 “There’s  a  lot  of  fear-­‐mongering    about  “losing  control”  of  your  brand  online,    

when  in  fact,  you’ve  got  control  over  as  much  as    you  always  have:    how  you  present  your  business    and  how  you  act.”  –  Amber  Naslund  


As   entrepreneurs,  we  have  a   responsibility   to  our   customers  and   to   the   rest  of   society   to  

share   ideas   that   will   beneOit   humanity.  We   help.  We   advice.  We   build   trust.   We   succeed  

when  we  address  the  needs  and  wants  of  our  customers.      


Whatever  your  business  or  profession  is,   learn  to  be  consistent  with  the  quality  of  service  

you  are  willing   to  provide  your   target  market  whether  online  or  ofOline.    Building  a   solid  

reputation  in  your  locality  is  the    tested  and  proven  method  in  business  and  although  it  is  a  

different   platform,   the   internet   is   also   a   community   hence   requires   the   same   reliable  

approach.  The  content   that  you  feed  online  will  reOlect   the  kind  of  entrepreneur,  brand  or  

company   that     you  wish   to   project.   Responsible   and   accountable  marketing   is   crucial   to  

building  a  solid  foundation  for  your  business  or  career.    


You  have  the  capacity  to  stay  on  top  of  things  when  you  transition  from  being  a  brick  and  

mortar  business  to  an  online  venture.  You  do  not  have  to  choose  between  the  two  options.  

The   direction   to   have   a   physical   store   and   a   website   is   yours   to   follow.     This   book   is   a  

straightforward   guide   to   starting   your   online   adventure   as   a  well-­‐rounded   entrepreneur.  

You  can  go  back  to  its  pages  whenever  you  need  inspiration  in  improving  your  website  or  

polishing  your  marketing  strategy.      







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