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interior design student work


  • Sarvesh Singh Bhati M.Sc-ID 2nd Semester Dezyne Ecole College,Ajmer
  • What is Estimation. Purpose of Estimation. What is False Ceiling. Construction of False Ceiling. Parts of False Ceiling. Purpose of False Ceiling. Material used for false Ceiling. Detailed Estimate of False Ceiling.
  • Estimation is a tool for planning and controlling the activity of any project with respect to quality, finance and time. Estimation of a project is a forcast of its probable cost. It is divided in two types: 1. General Estimate 2. Detailed Estimate
  • To find out the probable cost of the project. To make provisions for the budget before hand. It gives an idea of the time required for the completion of work. To obtain administrative approval. To obtain technical sanctions. It help in making tenders. It helps in controlling the expenditure during the execution of the work.
  • Clips Structral Ceiling Hangers Runners Junction Wire Mash Tiles or P O P Work
  • Runners Hangers Clips Wire Mash Junctions
  • 1. Functional A. Cover to hide all fixtures, Wiring and faults of the ceiling. B. Heat Insulator C. Sound Insulator 2. Aesthetic
  • Gypsum Board Mineral Fiber Ceiling Metal Ceiling Wooden false Ceiling Plaster of Paris Ceiling
  • S.No Product No of Pieces (Apporx) Amount (Apporx) Total Cost (Rs.) 1. Runners 15 Pieces Rs. 10 10x15=150 2. Hangers 30 Pieces Rs. 40 30x40=1200 3. Clips 30 Pieces Rs. 20 30x20=600 4. Wire Mesh 40 Meter Rs. 50 40x50=2000 5. Junctions 30 Pieces Rs. 20 30x20=600 6. Tile 30 Pieces (2X2) Rs. 1000 1000x30=30,000 7. Extra Material Rs. 10,000 10,000 8. Labour Cost Rs. 200/Day 200x5=1000 Total Rs. 45,550
  • Sarvesh Singh Bhati M.Sc-ID 2nd Semester Dezyne Ecole College,Ajmer THANK YOU