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CMCN100 Informative Speech


  • 1. Health Benefits of Sleep Why do I need a good nights sleep?

2. Lack of sleep has negative effects Memory Neurons not functioning properly Difficulty accessing previously learned information Memory consolidation 3. Negative Effects Learning/Grades Cannot focus Attention span 4. Negative Effects Heart disease Inflammation markers Source: Harvard Womens Health Watch 5. Positive effects of adequate sleep Improve Memory Better recall of learning Improved memory consolidation 6. Positive Effects Grades/Learning Improved attention span Sharper recall = better performance 7. Positive Effects Improved mood and relaxation Reduce overall fatigue 8. How to improve sleep habits Lifestyle changes Limit caffeine and alcohol Avoid electronics Keep bedroom cool and dark 9. Improve sleep habits Stress relieving techniques Meditation Warm bath Journaling 10. Improve sleep habits Medical issues Consult with your doctor Possible medications 11. Conclusion Learn to be aware of the negative impact lack of sleep can have on your life. Remember all of the benefits to your health an adequate night of sleep can have. Practice the methods I have discussed to improve your sleep habits.


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