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Sharing the Library experience abroad Experiencing librarianship

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Presentation to staff at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on librarianship in the US.


  • 1. Sharing the Library experienceabroadExperiencing librarianship

2. Salem State UniversitySalem, Massachusetts 3. Library Education Librarians Expected to have MLS (Masters inLibrary Science) Good or Bad? 4. Subject Masters Degree Subject Masters becoming requirement Professional Development activities necessary 5. Humanities Librarian: Liaison Art Foreign Languages Music Philosophy Theatre/Speech Communication 6. What is Liaison? Work with departments to Teach InformationLiteracy Collection Development Specialized Reference for Classes 7. Collection Development 8. SharedCollectionsthrough aConsortium 9. WorldCat 10. Digital DevelopmentStill Learningabout DigitalBooks Making Collection DevelopmentDifficult Order digital copy? Or print copy? 11. Information Literacy?Working with classes that come to the libraryHow to find material for research (paper)New ways to engage students on how to use thelibrary 12. Ethics of Information: BeyondDatabases How does Google Work? What is plagiarism? What is visual literacy? What to know about managing image online 13. Visual Literacy 14. Internet vs. DatabasesNothing Really Visible Invisible Web Databases, subscription Based Visible Web On the Internet 15. Mediating the Two Working with new, updated collections Finding reliable resources and using themethically online Challenges of music, artworks, video, articles 16. Some New Items Films on Demand Thousands of streaming videos on a wide variety ofacademic topics. Oxford Digital Collections Theater Full-Text Thousands of Plays Available in Full-Text 17. Oxford Online 18. Notable Collections Naxos Music Full Streaming of Music Albums ArtSTOR Millions of High Quality Images Films on Demand Thousands of streaming videos on a wide variety ofacademic topics. 19. Naxos 20. ArtSTOR 21. Films on Demand 22. RefWorksAn onlineresearchmanage-ment, writingandcollaborationtool 23. LibGuides 24. Libguides: Example 25. Online Tutorials 26. Mobile Technology 27. Mobile Library Using iPads, iPhones, Androids and e-readers:Kindle, Nook for books 28. OverDriveDigitalBooksavailablethroughconsortium 29. Reference Desk Old Library = Staffed the Reference Desk Liaison Model = Moved Away from ReferenceDesk New Library = No Reference Desk 30. The Old Library 31. Interim Library 32. Interim 33. New Library and LearningCommons 34. Library and Learning Commons? Library as Place Enhance Social Interaction Cross Disciplinary Learning