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A contributor is a one who has an ability and characteristic like creation, innovation, humanity.


  • 1. Who is contributor? A contributor is a onewho has an ability andcharacteristic likecreation, innovation,humanity etc.. Contributor has anability to create value forself, for family, for team,for society, fororganization.

2. Continuous.. Contributors are not instruction-oriented, butsolution-oriented. They find solutions rather thansimply take instructions or blindly followprocesses. Contributors have both human values as well asfunctional effectiveness They get the job done,but also do it the right way. 3. Check points for contributorCONTRIBUTOREffectiveness + Human valueGood Work Goal Ethics concern 4. Characteristics of a Contributor Ability to Delegate Performing workactivities well Being ethical Focuses on goal Last Mile Execution Communication Confidence Commitment Positive Attitude CreativityAbility to Inspire 5. Do contributors work for benefitsor not? Contributors do not work for their benefits butthey always try to be helpful in solving theproblems of other troubled persons , this should bethe moral duty of contributors. The contributors focus on WE not I. In their work , contributors demonstrate concernfor the human beings they are serving. They take challenges as an opportunities. Contributors always work for others needs notfor their benefits. 6. Conditionally Contributor 7. Society Contributor may be aperson or a group.They do work forsociety not for them.They do not expectany thing from society.They dont contributeto be famous. 8. Goups in SocietyGroups like,Karuna Foundation forAnimal WelfareBeing humanRashtriyaSwayamsevak SanghNature club 9. Examples In our society examples ofcontributor are, Freedom fightersAnna HazareKiran BediDeepchand Gardi 10. NGO's contributionShiksha foundation by P&G 11. Many institutes provide scholarships, free seat admission toeligible candidates which is their contributive sight.Institution consist of teachers ,students who can contributeapart from their regular work. 12. Non ContributorMany of politicians work for their personal benefitsinstead of social development which ultimatelyleads to corruption.It is very glorious thing that India finished 5th atGlasgow commonwealth but it is hard to believethat some Indian officials did shameful acts.Now a days most of schools are taking higher feeswhich a middle class family cant afford, samescenario for engineering colleges.