5 divine principles of inevitable success

5 DIVINE PRINCIPLES OF INEVITABLE SUCCESS I pray that you prosper even as your soul prospers. This saying, found in scripture, is at the heart of all success. The wisdom here has been passed down for thousands of years for the benefit of all believers. THE WORLD IS SUFFERING A PLAGUE OF DOUBT AND FEAR AND THESE PRINCIPLES ARE THE CURE principle/ˈprinsəpəl/ Noun: 1. A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. 2. A rule or belief governing one's personal behavior and speech. These principles, once understood completely and embraced fully, will not only cause a massive mind shift, but begin a transformation in those around you and in the universe itself as it relates to your well being.

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One night I had this epiphany about how I could change my life for the better. I quickly wrote the notes while they were fresh on my mind. Ironically, the next day my cousin asked me to watch this interesting DVD called "The Secret" I was stunned to discover that most of what I had revealed to me the night before was also in the movie.


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I pray that you prosper even as your soul prospers. This saying, found in

scripture, is at the heart of all success. The wisdom here has been passed

down for thousands of years for the benefit of all believers.




Noun: 1. A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the

foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

2. A rule or belief governing one's personal behavior and speech.

These principles, once understood completely and embraced fully, will not

only cause a massive mind shift, but begin a transformation in those

around you and in the universe itself as it relates to your well being.

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Man is uniquely created to not mirror the world around him but to change

the world to reflect what is inside of him. Man was created a creative being.

Whole books could be written on each individual principle and very many

have been. But in this case, it will be given to you in summery. You will

find plenty of stories to make it flesh out in real life as your eyes see more


Share this valuable information with everyone as a tool to better

our world. Although all these principles can be found in scripture and other

writings, this concise document will bring them together for you in one

place so you can apply them to your life more easily.

Before anyone ever begins to become a success, it is highly advised that

they are mindful and obedient to these five divine principles, or the

consequence of ruining themselves and those they love is a stark residual

effect of mismanaged power. Evil with power multiplied can become

exponentially more destructive than ignorance without great power.

Everyone knows of very wealthy and successful people that have never

learned to live in true prosperity. We have heard of the rock stars and

entertainers that have killed themselves and others despite their enormous

successes. So consider sharing this with those it could help the most.

Those that ruined themselves with power and success were never in tune

with their potential and they simply couldn't handle the rapid trajectory of

fame and fortune in their state of being. They lacked the first principles.

Now we begin the the most important first principle. It is be:

1 - Wholehearted

These three abide, faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

“Faith Worketh by Love”. “Even so faith, if it hath not works is dead, being

alone.” When you're wholehearted it means you're all in.

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Success is yours if you position your heart right. The whole heart principle

starts with love. You will need to have a love for others to have the God

kind of faith. The God kind of faith is different, unlike natural faith, God's

faith works by love. In other words, it's interest is more outside ourselves.

Let me explain; by faith, we know the worlds were formed by the Word of

God. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the title deed of things

not yet seen. We must learn to believe with our whole heart, without

wavering and doubting that we will have what we know we have been

inspired to have, be or achieve. But not just for ourselves, for others.

God saw what He created before He created it. Then He spoke it into

existence. In the same way, when we are inspired to something creative,

we should see it in our mind very clearly. We focus on it without

distraction. We accept it as ours and enjoy the truth we know we have it.

Make it real in your mind and accept it as a gift, giving thanks for it. But be

sure what you aspire to is a worthy ideal. The power of faith is a universal

law, like gravity. The reason I interject the necessity of Love in this

teaching is for your own good, and the good of all mankind. A man of

great faith in himself without love is no more than powerful beast.

You speak what you desire to have and believe you already have it. Thank

God everyday that you have what you believe. Regardless of visible

circumstances, you never give up on that vision and confession.

Faith like this is essential. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Because you must believe He exists and He rewards those that seek Him

with all their heart. But it can't be to horde it to yourself, it must be given.

You see, when your heart is in that position, not only do you have faith to

receive from God but you will also want what He wants too. Next, you will

need to make sure you can let go of any bitterness in your heart. It is

nothing worth holding onto, since it can stop all blessings from God. It will

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choke the flow of true prosperity. Unforgiveness, resentment and hatred all

quench the Spirit of God. Let it go and forgive anyone you have a grudge

against. If you do not forgive, neither will God forgive you.

The next thing is to be exceedingly grateful for every blessing you have

already, and for the new ones that come everyday. Have the attitude of

gratitude. Even when things don't go the way you want, be thankful that

you can learn something in the process and know what doesn't work.

Learn to be content with what you have and in the situation that you are

in. Not to say that you don't look for better opportunities, just don't have a

spirit of discontentment. Know that God cares for you and He has your

best interests at heart. Look to the future with hope, faith and love.

If you know you have caused offense, go and make it right if possible. If it

isn't possible, ask for forgiveness and pray that the debt can be repaid by

God. Make sure your slate is clear and you don't continue causing more

offenses. From now on keep it clean with everyone, including God Himself.

Only make agreements if you have the will and capacity to fulfill them.

That of course requires that you know your capacity. And similarly, only

make agreements with those you trust have the will and capacity to fulfill

them. It does no good to bargain with someone at extreme disadvantage.

If you fail this advice it will only cause harm and heartache for all parties.

If you ever deviate from these principles, quickly get back on track and

make sure you are square with everyone. Hopefully you didn't hurt anyone

but yourself. But don't forget, you can also forgive yourself if God can

forgive you. Live, love and forgive. Be true to God's image created in you.

The Whole Heart principle is about living with love and integrity. No one

can be truly prosperous without faith, love and integrity.

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2 - Whole Mind

What you think matters too. If you are constantly consumed with doubts

and fears then that is what you will get. The focus of your fear is faith that

what you fear is real and will become manifest. Do you remember the

story of Job. He was a good man in the Old Testament that lost all he

owned, and he was an extremely wealthy man. But the the story reveals

something about him that was a problem. It says that the thing he feared

most came upon him. He couldn't prevent it by worrying. More likely, he

invited it by his own fear. You must live life without fear. “No Fear”

In the whole mind principle it is essential that you don't ever dwell on lack,

loss or troubles. Bad possibilities should be quickly rejected from your

mind. You should picture your mind being protected by an armored

helmet. The negative thoughts bounce right off. It is the helmet of

salvation. The war of the spirit begins and in the mind.

Concentrate all your energy, attention and resources on inviting positive

goals and possibilities that you have clearly pictured in your mind.

If anything or anyone causes doubt, confusion or fear, separate yourself

from them. If people conflict with your vision move on, leave them behind.

Make a conscious effort to be discerning the difference between good and

evil. If you aren't sure which it is, study the bible for an answer. That is

what God gave it to us for. When you know, without a doubt what the good

is, commit to it, even at your own loss. This may seem counter intuitive on

the surface, but in the long run you will be vindicated and rewarded.

Never entertain fear as a habit. When you have positioned your heart to be

justified before God and man, you have nothing to fear. Stand for the truth

and justice we all say we believe in. If God be for us, who can beat us?

How can you be justified before God? The only way is to accept the

payment He made in your behalf. He has provided a substitute for the

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penalty you owe for all the wrong you have done that you can never repay.

He gave His own Son as a sacrifice so you will be guiltless before Him. Ask

Him for forgiveness and stop living a life offensive to Him. Then you will

have a whole mind, a clear conscience, without fear or doubt.

3 - Humble Spirit

It's easy to be humble when you know you're made of dirt. We are all

made of dirt. While we know we are made of dirt we also know that we all

have a treasure deposited inside each of us. That treasure was put there

for the benefit of others. We have all been given some kind of gift. The

world can be blessed by the gift that has been given to us to share.

Be humble about your successes and achievements, knowing it is God that

gives the power to get wealth without adding sorrow.

Be sensitive to the quiet gentle voice of the Spirit of God that leads us into

all truth. He never imposes His will, but is always sweet and warm while

birthing our souls to new growth and understanding. Submit to the leading

of The Holy Spirit that keeps your life in harmony with the divine purpose.

Live in peace with others as much as it depends on you. Undue conflict

about trivial matters will sap energy and resources better spent forwarding

campaigns that win hearts and minds. Like sister Teresa said, “I wont

attend an anti-war rally, but if you have a peace rally, give me a call.”

You will gain more ground championing a cause you are for than you can

by fighting people that you are against. Never engage in frivolous conflict.

Submit yourself to those that have the responsibility over you for your own

good. Whether they be fathers, bosses or public officials. Humbly submit to

those that have been appointed or have earned the place of authority over

you in deference to their position. If you have a grievance, then only

entreat, plead and petition with all due respect. But never foment an

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insurrection unless the life of the whole enterprise itself is at stake because

of abusive leadership. And only then, if you have a divine directive.

4 - Sound Words

Say what you mean and mean what you say. People will judge you by the

words you speak. If you don't know what to say about a particular topic,

just keep silent. It is better that people wonder if you are ignorant

on the subject than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

Be honest and forthright. But always use tact. Season your words with

kindness and gentleness as much as you can.

Always, as often as you can, encourage others to follow these same life

success principles. Warn those that discourage you and others.

Give special attention to those that are most sensitive to your approval

and acceptance. They are under your care as you were under someone

before too. But only correct those you have a right to correct. And do it in

a spirit of gentleness. Correction can always be done without demeaning.

Let your words always be used for purposes of faith, love, peace, joy and

truth for those around you. Be the good influence in word and deed.

Don't ever let the language of doubt, fear and despair rule your tongue.

Life and death are in the power of your tongue. Use it for life.

5 - Generous Hand

Now practice exuberant generosity as much as it depends on you. Live

with an open hand and open heart. No one can steal what you are willing

to giveaway. Don't wait til you become wealthy to be generous. When you

share with those in greater lack than you, you open the windows of heaven

to pour out more than you can contain.

All of these principles work by the law of Genesis. That is the law that says

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whatever kind you plant is the same kind you will grow and reap. And if

you sow sparingly, you will also reap sparingly.

Never use or take anything or anyone that you don't have an explicit right

to. That includes never borrowing anything without permission.

When you have work to do, work honestly and energetically at whatever

you have the opportunity to do. Use your mind and skills to be as efficient

as possible. Think of innovative ways to improve things.

Pattern the success of others that are now excelling at what you believe is

your calling. Study their ways, methods and techniques. If you get the

chance to intern or be mentored by a master in your calling, take it.

Never be slack and lackadaisical about the job you have right now,

whatever it is. By taking your current situation seriously, you have a better

chance to advance. Maybe your advancement wont be from your superiors

here on earth, but from heaven, because God will see your excellence.

And finally, strategically leverage your available assets such as your skills,

talents, gifts, resources and connections. Study how to leverage earning

powers. Rather than using your own time and energy to earn, learn to

make investments in assets that can be grown to create dynamic passive

wealth machines. Think in terms of future growth through investments.

Leverage the power of multiplication through generosity. Incentivize the

propagation of your vision and ideals by sharing the prosperity of it down

through the generations that follow in your enterprise.

But, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own

soul?” The most valuable thing to prosper, and should be first, is your soul.

“Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good

health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John 1:2

Thanks for reading 5 Divine Principles of Success.

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