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Mobile Gaming: Where is the Money? Alexey Vstavsky BDM, AM Russia & CIS

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Mobile Gaming:Where is the Money?Alexey VstavskyBDM, AM Russia & CIS

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The Game Markets are Growing, while Platform Trends Continue

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Games Maintain a Considerable Share of Revenue on Both Platforms

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Emerging Markets Driving High Growth in 2015 on Google Play

BRIC markets to remain at the forefront of worldwide gaming market growth in 2016, but next wave of growth markets Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia are rapidly rising

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Despite High Downloads, Emerging Markets yet to Rank in Revenue

Innovative monetization models, focusing on low cost and high volume, will be needed to boost revenue in emerging markets

China has the potential to surpass Japan in iOS revenue within 2016

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Maturity Cycles Accelerate

*Defined as the point at which a game reaches 90% of estimated market potential (based on cumulative downloads).

Average estimated time to maturity for new releases dropped over 60% from 2014 to 2015

Marketing and monetization strategies increasingly focus on visibility and engagement upon release

Publishers require more frequent releases to maintain momentum

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Competition Increases in Games



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As game revenue grows, it becomes less concentrated among the top publishers

Revenue became more evenly dispersed among publishers from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015, and the trend continued throughout 2015

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App Store: RPG, Action and Strategy Dominate the Revenue Ratings

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Google Play: Even Bigger Role Played by Role-Playing and Strategy Games

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App Store: Download Ratings Are Influenced by Casual Games, Categories

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Google Play: Arcade Strengthens its Position at the Top

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RPG Downloads Have the Most Value, Card and Strategy Follow

Average Value of Each Download for Top5 — Top50 Spots by Category, December 2015

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Core Games in Asia: Immersive Games Draw Players’ Time and Money

Hardcore genres continue to be popular in APAC markets, particularly South Korea

Time spent per active user in core games increased while time spent in casual games declined

With shorter maturity cycles, publishers must entice users into games with high levels of engagement

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Core Games in Asia: Immersive Games Draw Players’ Time and Money

In 2015, Action RPGs were a hit in South Korea, while MMORPGs found success in China

MOBAs on the rise in China, expected to gain traction in Asia and eventually Western markets

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