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艺丐 兰桂 The Beggar Artist Cong Langui

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Beggar artist Cong Langui and his sidewalk paintings.


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    The Beggar Artist
    Cong Langui

He used street as his canvas and drew a chalk painting recently in Wuhan China.
3. 4. 5. 6. Wu Song Beating the tiger is his favorite painting.
7. Being a disabled, I must face my cruel life and prove my value.
The Beggar Artist Cong lahgui
8. 9. 10. His gallery show held at the Great Wall
11. 12. 13. 14. Click to watch the video show
15. Under the hot sun, the artist with an amputated left leg sits cross-legged on the ground, his fingers covered with callouses; He bends his waist, and with deep feeling and concentration wields the chalk in his hand sketching the Mona Lisa. When pedestrians throw money into the cardboard box, the artist will always stop drawing, and respectfully bow his head in appreciation. This Mona Lisa is drawn so like the real thing! each of the pedestrians stop and praise! The artist comes from Shandong, is named Cong Langui, and is close to half a century old. Because his left leg grew a bone tumor and was amputated when he was 16-years-old, he began to teach himself drawing to make a living. Within the past 20 years, he has been to
over 20 provinces and cities throughout the entire country. Encountering stormy days, he can only hide under the eaves of shops, and spend the night in cheap small hotels. Mona Lisa is his best work, and other than this, he is also skilled at drawing tigers and calligraphy in the seven languages of Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, and Korean.
16. Edited by Pei Zhenquan