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A Closer Look A Closer Look The Newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools Winter/Spring 2013/2014 Special points of interest: Special points of interest: About the Cover About the Cover—Page 2 Page 2 Features Features—Pages 12 Pages 12 -- -- 22 22 Donors Donors—Pages 23 Pages 23- 26 26 Alumni Alumni—Page 27 Page 27 Inside this issue: Inside this issue: We Serve a Mighty God We Serve a Mighty God 2 Christian College of Augusta Christian College of Augusta—A Reality A Reality 3 Educating Kingdom Leaders for Christ Educating Kingdom Leaders for Christ 4 Think on These Things Think on These Things 5 My God Shall Supply All of Your Needs My God Shall Supply All of Your Needs 6 Building on a Sure Foundation Building on a Sure Foundation 7 Preparing Students to Be Leaders Preparing Students to Be Leaders 8 Athletic Department Athletic Department 9 Fine Arts Department Fine Arts Department 10 10 Development/Admissions Departments Development/Admissions Departments 11 11 Savannah Carroll Savannah Carroll Anna Motes Anna Motes

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The newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools


Page 1: A Closer Look 2013-14

A Closer LookA Closer Look The Newsletter of Augusta Christian Schools Winter/Spring 2013/2014

Special points of interest:Special points of interest:

About the CoverAbout the Cover——Page 2Page 2

FeaturesFeatures——Pages 12Pages 12----2222

DonorsDonors——Pages 23Pages 23--2626

AlumniAlumni——Page 27Page 27

Inside this issue:Inside this issue:

We Serve a Mighty GodWe Serve a Mighty God 22

Christian College of AugustaChristian College of Augusta——A RealityA Reality 33

Educating Kingdom Leaders for ChristEducating Kingdom Leaders for Christ 44

Think on These ThingsThink on These Things 55

My God Shall Supply All of Your NeedsMy God Shall Supply All of Your Needs 66

Building on a Sure FoundationBuilding on a Sure Foundation 77

Preparing Students to Be LeadersPreparing Students to Be Leaders 88

Athletic DepartmentAthletic Department 99

Fine Arts DepartmentFine Arts Department 1010

Development/Admissions DepartmentsDevelopment/Admissions Departments 1111

Savannah CarrollSavannah Carroll Anna MotesAnna Motes

Page 2: A Closer Look 2013-14

We Serve a Mighty God by Dr. David M. Piccolo, Head of School

L et me start this article, without

hesitation, by stating, “We serve a mighty God.” He is so much more than our thoughts, motives and deeds. Our Bible verse chosen prior to the beginning of

school is “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8 But as the year’s up and downs continually pound our inner being, we then ask ourselves, “Can we really graze in the pasture of optimism instead of the one that embraces negativity?” The answer is a resounding yes! The Apostle Paul’s life from the time of his transformation to his death was no picnic. He, however, kept his mind focused on the mission at hand and beyond into eternity. As I reflect on this year, many bright spots come to my mind. The first, would be our incredible Chapel speakers and alongside that, our spiritual emphasis week led by Pastor Dave Willis of Stevens Creek Church. What a special time that was! Our missions program has touched the lives of many people from South Carolina to Louisiana to Florida. Housed at our Fury’s Ferry campus, our K3, K4 and K5 programs continue to grow and have increased by almost 100 students. Our Medical Health Academy is once again poised to graduate 5 students with CNA licensure in May of 2014. We are now in the process of completing the catalog for the summer academic program (SAP) which will allow our students to take classes to move ahead on their required course work and make room in their schedules for other classes during the regular school

year. Finally, the Christian College of Augusta continues to make strides to act as a viable option for our students who may be taking dual-enrollment courses or are interested in a 2 year opportunity after their senior year. You may say, Okay, that’s all great. What’s the future look like?” Well, I would have to answer, that if God continues to have His hand in it, more opportunities and blessings will come our way. Right now, we have 652 students enrolled. For you math folks, that’s a 51% increase from July 2010. This is a real blessing that we should humbly, on our knees, give thanks to the Lord God Almighty for bestowing on us at ACS. I wish all of you a healthy, positive time from now until the end of school. As we “think on those things” in Philippians 4:8, let’s keep our eyes and ears open to what God has planned for us. May God bless each of you. In His strength and Wisdom,

“ Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever

things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8

Head of School

Featured on the cover are this year’s Valedictorian, Savannah Carroll, (left) and Salutatorian, Anna Motes (right). Savannah will attend the University of Georgia and plans on majoring in exercise and sports science. Anna will attend either West Point Military Academy or Furman University and plans on pursuing a degree in the field of medicine. Augusta Christian offers best wishes to both young ladies and the rest of the Class of 2014 in their future endeavors.

About the Cover


Page 3: A Closer Look 2013-14

T he idea of a Christian Day School for the CSRA in the 1950’s was as

extreme as the idea of a Christian College in the CSRA in the early 21st century. Leila Havird’s mid-fifties dream has grown from one teacher with one rented classroom and eight students, to two campuses, thirty-two acres and over six hundred and fifty students. The vision of the Christian College was that of Dr. David M. Piccolo, Head of Schools. Soon after his appointment by the Board of Trustees, he shared this vision. With the Board approval to pursue this goal, a college committee was organized and as Executive Assistant to the Head of Schools, Dr. Piccolo, appointed me as chairman of the committee. Stakeholders selected from Augusta Christian’s faculty and administration, its Board members and community leaders, began laying the foundation for this gargantuan undertaking. This pursuit led to the Non-Public Higher Education Commission of the State of Georgia and the first meeting with Dr. Carl Camonn, Associate Executive Head. Initially, the committee was given Georgia’s twelve standards as part of the mandate required to meet state approval. Hidden among the twelve standards but a major part of the initial requirement, was the development of a complete college catalog. Dr. Camonn continued his professional advice with recommendations of institutions we should research in developing the foundation for our catalog. At each step in working on the standards, trips were made to the Atlanta office to share our progress and receive further instructions.

This process continued for two full years, when I suggested to Dr. Piccolo that he should accompany me to Atlanta and get a firsthand report from NPEC and Dr. Camonn. At the end of that very positive meeting, Dr. Camonn congratulated us and told us that our work with him was completed and the process would be continued with his two associates, Laura Veith and Adam Hawk. Mrs. Veith stated that she would be contacting us in the near future, setting up a time for a campus visit with her, Mr. Hawk and an independent curriculum specialist. With the very positive words from the Commission ringing in our ears, the ACS administrators returned to Augusta with light hearts and gratitude to God for His direction over the past two years. The following is a portion of the written communication from Dr. Camonn concerning his assessment of our work:”During the course of the development of the application, I have been continuously impressed with the effort and thoughtfulness put into the process by everyone associated with Augusta Christian. I have personally reviewed in excess of 200 applications on behalf of the Commission. Your application is among the (one) handful about which I have no questions relative to internal consistency, completeness of content, and probability of success. I look forward to presenting you your certificate of Authorization.”

Excitement mounted when we received word from Mrs. Veith that the campus visit would be held on November 13th, 2013. Final preparations on campus began with keen anticipation. Our facility at 470 Fury’s Ferry Road was beautifully refurbished. We not only worked but we fervently prayed that God would direct all of the exciting events that were to follow. Traditionally in the exit interview, the visiting committee makes several recommendations that must be satisfactorily met before final approval is granted. Our hearts melted when in the exit interview the state representatives stated, “You have met all of our requirements. We have no recommendations for you. You have our approval to open the Christian College of Augusta in the fall of 2014.” Since November, the facility has been beautifully furnished with gifts from several friends of the college, an impressive group has been selected to serve as directors, curriculum has been developed and a faculty has been appointed for courses that will be offered in the fall semester. We covet the prayers of the entire Augusta Christian community for God’s continued blessing on this exciting new venture of faith. Dr. John B. Bartlett

Christian College of Augusta—A Reality by Dr. John B. Bartlett, Executive Assistant to Head of School


Page 4: A Closer Look 2013-14

A ugusta Christian School celebrates

fifty-six years of service and devotion to Christian education during the 2013-2014 school year. Augusta Christian continues to be a leader in Christian education locally, nationally and internationally as we educate Kingdom Leaders for Christ. God continues to bless and

sustain ACS even through the most difficult of times. We stand firm in His teachings without compromise. Reflecting over past years while focusing on the current and future plans for ACS, our mission of “Building Kingdom Leaders” has not changed and our school remains a vibrant place for spiritual, academic, emotional and physical training for our students, faculty and staff. Each year our Administrative team selects a theme from Scripture: Phillipians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.” At ACS, our students, faculty and staff focus on “being the hands and feet” of Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Missions Program is a fundamental component in teaching our students this concept of Christian service. Senior students began the year with a visit to Chester, South Carolina to do some “touch up” at the YMCA and community service with Christian homeless and underprivileged service organizations. Seniors then travel to New Orleans, Louisiana in February to minister to inner city students and “Kids Club” at a low income housing facility in the lower ninth ward. Students participate in painting, repairing and updating YWAM (Youth With a Mission) houses and churches in New Orleans. What a blessing it has been to be able to help an area in need! Our Mission teams also traveled to Edgefield, South Carolina to help with the ice storm clean up this year. We have visited Chester, South Carolina two times over the course of the school year to continue our relationship with this community and help with pressing needs. Another mission team adopted a family and completely renovated the home of a single mother with ten children, several of whom are legally blind. What a wonderful Christmas this family celebrated this year! Our students work tirelessly to serve at the Augusta Rescue Mission in downtown Augusta. Teams help in our community to serve in meal preparation, outreach activities, facility repair, touch-up and cleaning as well as in the distribution of food, clothing and supplies to the many needy families in downtown Augusta. In addition, students and chaperones are traveled to Savannah, Georgia to work in a

homeless shelter, inner city churches, youth rally as well as cleaning historical parks. Another mission focus for ACS is our wonderful outreach to La Source, Haiti. Our students packed one hundred and fifty gift bags with supplies and translated Bible verses in Creole to share with for Mothers and Daughters in Haiti who desperately need to feel the love of Jesus through our precious students, faculty and staff. Finally, ACS has ongoing devotion to Operation Christmas Child, the used coat drive as well as “Shoes for Swaziland” missions in partnership with Warren Baptist Church. In addition to our Mission’s focus, Augusta Christian Schools’ International Student Exchange Program is a vital division of our ministry. Students from South Korea, China, Thailand and Egypt are enrolled in our school program. These students are reaping the benefits of total immersion in a Christian English speaking school for spiritual, academic, social and physical preparation for service in their home countries. We are blessed to be a sponsor of cultural exchange which benefits our American students as they are exposed to multicultural diversity. Our teachers rave about our international ministry:

“I’ve enjoyed my Asian students this year. Their work effort, respectfulness and sweetness have reinvigorated me to try and be a better teacher. I talk about them all of the time with my family. I just love and respect them so much. I know I couldn’t have done what they are doing when I was their age. I try to point this out to my American students, often. Initially, I felt overwhelmed by the language barrier but that has become a point of humor and challenge in my life. I’ll never forget your words when you first shared with us that they were coming. You said that “…most of us will never get to go to China as missionaries but the mission field was coming to us.” I try to remember that I’m not just teaching but I’m planting a seed that hopefully will sprout someday in their lives and I’ll get to see them again someday in heaven.”

An exciting addition to our academic curriculum is our new Medical Health Science Academy. In its third year of operation, students participate in Clinical training in area hospitals and nursing facilities. While in our program, students study medical terminology and nursing essentials as well as receive the highest certification in CPR/First Aid and become licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). We are excited about the expansion of this program to include training in physical therapy and other medical education pathways. Augusta Christian Schools consistently explores avenues to better equip our students for Christian service after high school. Thank God for His provision in this program as our students are trained to serve our community in the medical field. Augusta Christian Schools’ challenging academic program prepares students to enter competitive colleges and universities. Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes challenge students to achieve excellence. ACS students are accepted to colleges and universities across America as they prepare for future Christian service. Drama, Beta, Spanish, Book and French Clubs provide students with opportunities to serve the world while they enjoy club activities. Students in the Choral program of our Fine Arts

(Continued on Page 8)

Educating Kingdom Leaders for Jesus Christ

By Lauren Banks

Middle/High School Principal


Page 5: A Closer Look 2013-14

"Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable - think on these things." Philippians 4:8

D uring the 2013-2014 school year, the Lord has continued to

show His faithfulness and to reign down blessings on the Talent Development Program! We have had two teachers and one teacher’s assistant to join our faculty this year. We warmly welcome Mrs. Jodi Wade (Middle School History and English Teacher), Mr. Brandon Dotson (High School History Teacher) and Mr. Matt Klimas (Middle and High School Teacher’s Assistant). Each has a passion for educating students, but more than that, they fit in beautifully with the rest of the Talent Development faculty in that all are strongly focused on sharing a Christian education and worldview, as well as being living and breathing examples of their faith. We continue to successfully provide additional programs and opportunities to our students! This year marked the addition of a Talent Development Middle School Math

Help class. These students have seen great success and continue to increase their mathematical skills and their confidence! This is also our second year of participation in the 4-H Program. 4-H stresses education, rising to a challenge, citizenship, leadership and forging new friendships! Our enrollment has been blessed as well. We’ve added many new students of all grade levels this year in both the Talent Development and Home Studies Programs! Currently, we have 83 full-time Talent Development students and also service mainstream students in almost 60 classes. Mr. Cary Rivers continues to excitedly field calls and to meet with families interested in having their students become Augusta Christian Lions for the 2014-2015 school year! We have the opportunity to fellowship as Christian brothers and sisters within our faculty, with our students and with their families! We are blessed to be able to lift one another up, to hold one another accountable and to push each other towards excellence (spiritual and

academic); to do ALL things unto the Lord. We can remind one another to think on the things that the Lord deems worthy and edifying, as thinking on these things glorifies our Lord! Building relationships with you and your students, as well as the time that each of you also spend pouring into us, greatly blesses each of us! Thank you for the loving support that you continue to extend to each member of the Talent Development family. Thank you for your encouragement and for also ministering to us in so many ways. We will continue to fervently seek after the Lord, to pray with and for your family and to show His face to your students, as we diligently “Think on these Things”! Jennifer Montgomery

Think on These Things By Jennifer Montgomery

Talent Development School Principal

Director of Home Studies Program

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Augusta Christian Schools accepts students through the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program. The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship provides eligible special needs students with the opportunity to attend an approved private school. We are extremely blessed to have accepted several new students into our Talent Development Program! Augusta Christian School’s Talent Development Program is specifically designed for students with a learning disability and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. Classes are offered in grades one through twelve, depending upon availability. Class size ranges from five to fourteen students, allowing the school to provide individualized attention through a multi-sensory approach to learning. Augusta Christian Schools is comprised of caring teachers skilled in their subject areas and compassionate teaching assistants. The school’s Talent Development Program builds on strengths, focuses on weaknesses, challenges students to perform at their full potential, enhances self-confidence and provides tools necessary for success. For more information regarding Augusta Christian Schools and the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship, please contact the Talent Development Principal, Jennifer Montgomery at: (706) 863-2905, 131 or via email: [email protected].


Page 6: A Closer Look 2013-14

A s I look intently at this school year my mind

cannot help, but to reflect on the amazing provisions that the Lord has made for the 2013-2014 school year. The words of Paul ring through my thoughts from Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all of your needs according to His glorious riches

in Christ Jesus.” Throughout this year I have sought diligently His direction and guidance for our elementary division and God has graciously been a source of wondrous provision in many ways far beyond what I ever expected. This is because His provision does not come from the source of our strength or wealth but it comes through the glorious riches of His Son Jesus!

One immense provision was adding to our staff and blessing us with four dynamic new teachers, Ashley Ball, Shauna Lugenbeel, Kim Henderson and Amy Green as well as placing Mrs. Carol Young as Director on the Fury’s Ferry Campus. She has joined our ACS family and partnered beautifully with the staff and parents for a smooth transition. Her servant leadership in this area has been a tremendous blessing as I began my first year as elementary principal. Her heart for the Lord, children and service has made her the perfect fit for this position. I count it a tremendous blessing to serve together with her. He also provided six wonderful, new teaching assistants to our staff, Amy Meadows, Tammy Butler, Sheri Dekle, Katie Bruce, Donna Smith and Cathy Paradise. We could not have been more blessed this year with these new additions to our family.

God has also greatly blessed us with many new families and students this year. It has been such a joy to get to know the new families and students as well as meeting and building relationships with existing ACS parents and students. The tremendous support of our elementary families is a provision that is without measure.

I personally appreciate the unwavering dedication you display and provide each day. Hours of volunteering, checking homework, working the fall festival, selling coupon books, signing permission slips, studying scripture verses, carpooling, picking up, dropping off are just a few of the things you do that have made our year run smoothly. Not to mention the time spent in prayer over our students and faculty. We truly covet your prayers as we partner together in the great mission to raise up Kingdom Leaders who will impact the world for the cause of Christ. It is this partnership that truly makes Augusta Christian have that tight knit family feel.

As our year moves forward we know we can continue to count on His provision. Although we have made tremendous strides and we are nearing the final nine weeks of the school year, there is still much to be done. Our elementary students have a great deal to look forward to as this comes to a close. There still remain fun field trips on the books, chapel services with exciting messages from visiting speakers, academic achievement tests to ace, field day, The Fun Run, mission projects to experience and end of the year award ceremonies to mention a few. Summer will be here before we know it with its own flurry of ACS activities such as sports and science camps, and of course, squeezing in some fun family vacation time. As we look forward to each of these fun activities I also look with great expectation to the creative ways the Lord will continue to provide for the mission and vision at Augusta Christian School.

I would like to close by expressing my heartfelt thanks for allowing me the great privilege to serve as elementary principal. As I dream and plan for the future I see endless opportunities before us as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus! It is with my sights fixed on Him and with continuous prayer support that I walk with full confidence that He will continue to provide for the future of students, faculty, parents and our mission. I feel tremendously grateful for the blessings of your support as we continue to partner together with the ministry to educate your children in mind, spirit and body through kingdom education.

My God Shall Supply All of Your Needs By Liz Lowery, Elementary Principal

Page 6 - A

Coming to Augusta Christian Schools June 16-20, 2014 To find out more or register for Camp Invention visit www.campinvention.org.

Page 7: A Closer Look 2013-14

T he 2013-2014 school year has been an exciting one

in many ways. I am extremely grateful to reunite with the Augusta Christian family serving as the Kindergarten Administrator on the Fury’s Ferry campus. Enrollment has

increased, and we have welcomed new families to our school. The Kindergarten playground has been upgraded with new, colorful play equipment much to the delight of us all. Much thanks to Liz Lowery and many others for their efforts. Adding staff members who share the vision of our school has been an additional blessing.

Under the wonderful leadership of Mrs. Lowery, our division has added another Kindergarten class, as well as a 3 year-old (K-3) class. Our campus is a welcoming and nurturing place tailor-made for students beginning their school experience. We are able to gear activities such as Chapel, Grandparents’ Day, See You at the Pole, as well as curricular interests to the developmental level of our young people. Daily I count it a great joy to work alongside dedicated and caring teachers and assistants who give these children the building blocks for a successful start to school. We remain thankful for the trust and partnership with incredible parents, ensuring the best possible instructional environment. Not only have we seen children grow in physical stature, we are seeing them grow in confidence with an eagerness to learn.

While we have accomplished much, there is still a great deal on the horizon for the remainder of the year. Each day seems very full for our little ones,

and we celebrate the milestones our youngest ACS students reach. Fun and exciting field trips further enhance our classroom curriculum. We are passionate about creating an environment that instills a love of learning, prepares students for the next level, and begins the process of building Kingdom leaders for the precious children with whom we have been entrusted. The words of the Apostle Paul are a source of strength as we do this work: “For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building. According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it. For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:9-11)

Building on a Sure Foundation By Carol Young, Kindergarten Administrator

“While we have accomplished much, there is a great deal on the horizon for the remainder of the year.”

Mrs. Lowery was the first to try out the kindergarten playground equipment!


Page 8: A Closer Look 2013-14

This spring brings back many personal memories, as this marks my 10 Year High School Reunion, as a graduate of Augusta Christian Schools, Class of 2004. It is with great excitement that we move towards graduation. As I reflect back on the first semester, I can see God’s work in the lives of our students and families at ACS, especially in the Counselor’s Office. As the school counselor, we have seen an excitement and passion from students to explore God’s plan for their lives in all realms of counseling: academic, career, and social. We have meditated on Philippians 4:8 during the 2013-2014 school year, which states Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Since August, we have continued to see God’s innumerable blessings as the enrollment of Augusta Christian Schools has increased tremendously. We have experienced the growing pains of this expansion and witnessed the blessings of this growth in each of our lives. In the Counselor’s Office, we look back on a great first semester of college applications with seniors. We have also enjoyed implementing the GA College 411 materials with our 9th – 11th grade students as we work on college and career planning with each student. In October we completed

standardized testing for high school students, while spring semester brought in Terra Nova 3, our standardized assessment for first through eighth grade students. As the spring semester moves along we will also incorporate the High School and Career Planning tabs of GA College 411 with our 6th – 8th grade students. With the end of the school

year coming, we look forward to our 5th grade Welcoming Day for students and evening session with parents. As we look to scheduling, a major part of the Counselor’s Office Calendar during the spring semester we recognize the growth and expansion of our AP Programs and Medical Healthcare Sciences Program. To assist our

students in being able to accommodate these courses we will continue to offer our Summer Academy courses, for curriculum advancement. This year’s course offerings will include Computer, Health, SAT Prep, Government, and Economics. As registration for Fall 2014 courses begins we will have online course selection forms through RenWeb for middle school students and implement a new form system for our high school students. As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, we continue to seek God’s guidance and directions in preparing each student to be a Kingdom Leader.

Page 8 - A

(Continued from page 4) Department consistently participate in the Georgia Music Educators competitions while our Art program attends competitions each year in an effort to broaden students’ exposure and appreciation for various expressions of art. The Band program offers musical instruction with outstanding performances on the Middle and High School levels. The ACS Quiz Bowl team participates in SCISA as well as public school competitions each school year.

Our athletic program is second to none! ACS programs include football, swimming, tennis, cross country, volleyball basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, golf and soccer. The ACS cheerleaders have achieved the prestigious “National Champions” designation many times over the past five years. The ACS Lions football team won the State Championship again in 2012 and the boys’ basketball team won the SCISA State Championship in 2014! These activities keep our student athletes busy with practice schedules and games that bring enjoyment for the players and spectators alike. Their schedules are demanding, but our students find that through Christ, they can do all things. Our students are engaged in challenging curriculum that will prepare them to serve Jesus Christ as Lord after graduation from high school no matter what profession God leads them to pursue. We are proud to be part of Augusta Christian Schools’ rich Christian heritage. Gooooo Lions!

Lauren Banks

Preparing Students to be Kingdom Leaders By Clare Bethune, Guidance Counselor

“As the 2013-2014

school year comes to a

close, we continue to

seek God’s guidance...”

Page 9: A Closer Look 2013-14

Commitment. Excellence. Integrity. Passion. Unity By Marty Griffin, Athletic Director

C ommitment. Excellence. Integrity. Passion. Unity.

These are the core values of a Lion athlete. After prayerfully considering over 30 character traits, The Augusta Christian coaching staff adopted these five values as the key components to carry us forward in building kingdom leaders. Through devotions, one-on-one encounters, and building team goals, our coaches are emphasizing these values to our student athletes. Our prayer is that the ACS athletic program will glorify Christ both on and off the field by embracing these values. Our twenty varsity-level and thirteen junior varsity and middle school teams continue to build excellence on the field of competition. The year has been highlighted by our varsity boys basketball team winning the South Carolina Independent School Association AAA State Championship! Our cheerleaders continue to do well and have claimed another FCC National Championship! Our junior varsity

boys basketball team also won the SCISA I-AAA region title and our middle school b-team boys basketball team won the CSRA Independent Schools league championship! We had our third wrestling individual state champion when senior Trent Williams won the 170 lb. classification this winter. Our boys track team is looking strong to claim their third consecutive region title and we are competing well in other spring sports.

We are excited that we have added four new varsity head coaches to our staff. Giulianna Cunningham is leading our softball program. We have added Brett Cooper as our new varsity wrestling coach. Matt Klimas is heading our baseball program. And John Harris has taken over boys basketball after assisting in the program for the past three years. With experts in the field of concussions becoming more aware of the dangers of head injuries and their long-term effects, ACS has implemented baseline and post-injury concussion testing through

Impact Testing. The program we are using was developed by clinical experts who are pioneers in their field. It provides trained professionals with assessment tools and services that have been medically accepted as part of determining when an athlete is safely able to return to play. We believe this is a great step in providing a safe athletic experience at Augusta Christian. Our desire is for Augusta Christian athletics to be a program that honors Christ and excels in competition. Our staff continually seeks to build kingdom leaders through God’s grace and power. Please continue to keep our athletes, coaches, and fans in your prayers as we move forward with anticipation of how God is honored through Augusta Christian athletics.

“Commitment. Excellence. Integrity. Passion. Unity. These are the core values of a Lion athlete.”

Trent Williams, SCISA State Individual Wrestling Champion


Page 10: A Closer Look 2013-14

T he Augusta Christian Schools Fine Arts

Department has taken advantage of many great opportunities to lead our students to pursue growth during the 2013-2014 academic year. Each division of Fine Arts—Art, Band, Drama and Chorus cooperates

and works together with other disciplines to continue to build a well-rounded program that develops the talents and skills with which our students have been gifted. ART: Marynell Parker has had a great year teaching art classes and leading our Art Club. From the recent HS/MS Art Festival, ACS had 4 Good awards, 11 Excellent, 8 Superiors and 1 Best-in Show, including drawing, painting, computer art, and pottery. The Elementary Art Festival in April will have 33 ACS students entered—more than ever before. Festivals are a good way to encourage students to become better artists. In addition to adding more class opportunities for HS students, one of the best things to happen to our program was the gift of a new “Smart Board,” which is a great new tool for learning in the art room. With this media resource, they can view art history and videos of artists at work and much more. BAND: Rob Nordan is proud of the number that we have in our 5th grade Elementary band, with instrumentation of 4 violins, 1 clarinet, 2 saxes, 1 trumpet, 2 trombones & 1 tuba, building a foundation for the next season of players. The MS/HS players are still combined in one classroom period. It is our hope to be able to offer separate band periods for these diverse ages. We currently have 11 MS & 7 HS students enrolled. Mr. Nordan extends a big ‘Thank You’ to our upper classmen band students who have served faithfully for many years. Consistent participation in band helps the program grow. CHORUS: Ashley Ball is new to our faculty this year, and has been a wonderful addition to our Elementary Music Program. They have performed for Veteran's Day, Grandparent’s Day, two different Christmas performances, Open House, Elementary Night basketball game, Pastor's breakfast, and will also two spring programs. She has accomplished giving the students opportunities not just to perform, but also to share the message of Christ, teaching how worship is an important part of their relationship with Christ. These opportunities also ‘bump up’ the confidence levels of students, while developing interest in budding talents. We are seeking to add more instruments for our elementary program, as well as media to help their learning

concepts through oral, kinetic, and visual means. Chris Norris continued building the MS/HS choral program by also providing opportunities for students to perform in the school and community. With over 56 students involved in chorus, next year we hope to separate MS and HS students into two classes to further grow our program. ACS sent 13 students to the GMEA District 10 Honor Chorus this year, our first in several years. Through “Theory Thursdays,” students are not only challenged to sing well, but learn the fundamentals of musicianship. Our program involves music from classic to contemporary, from Broadway to church music, allowing students to develop talents in many arenas. The February fundraiser “2014 Encore Night: Disney!,” our dinner-theatre styled production, was a great success, raising over $2000 for our future activities. Chapel Praise Band allows students to develop worship leadership abilities, which will follow them as they serve in local churches long after they graduate. DRAMA: Chad Hubbard led our dramatic arts to finish well at the SCISA State Drama Festival, receiving Second place for their production of “Robin Hood.” Drama Club was responsible for “Red Carpet Night” where students not only produced the one act play, but also various sketches and songs, for a great evening of entertainment. Our 22nd Spring Musical Once Upon a Mattress performed on April 24-26 was a huge success! Congratulations to all of the students on a job well done.

Neal Little continues to offer piano and guitar instruction, and Erin Wilkerson now offers and coordinates vocal, instrumental and class art instruction to meet the needs of our students. The Whitney Fine Arts Building is a busy place these days! We look forward to giving a ‘facelift’ to our building this summer. The Encore Club Fine Arts booster organization, has afforded wonderful support to our entire program. Awarding 4 Senior Scholarships and purchasing a storage unit to enable us to be good stewards of our resources, are some ways they benefited our program. We highly encourage you to participate and aid the growth of Fine Arts at ACS.

Great Opportunities in Fine Arts By Mr. Chris Norris, Choral Director


Page 11: A Closer Look 2013-14

Thanks to all of who participated in redirecting a portion of your Georgia State tax to the GOAL Scholarship Program. By taking part in this program

we are able to increase our tuition assistance. Anyone who pays Georgia state taxes may participate by redirecting up to $1,000 if you file single or up to $2,500 if you file jointly. Also, any C-corporation may redirect up to 75% of their Georgia state taxes. Contact the Admission Office to find out more about this program and how to participate. Donors are listed on pages 23-24.

T his past summer when

presented with the opportunity of becoming part time Director of Development at Augusta Christian, I could not help but reflect on my days as a student at AC. A school, a group of teachers, a faculty, a staff, through the grace of God had poured into me the love of God and given me so much. How could I not seize the opportunity to GIVE BACK? While the position has presented many challenges, I still view it as my opportunity to GIVE BACK. Our two biggest fundraisers of the year have once again been met with great success. The coupon book sale profited approximately $22,000 while the Fall Festival in conjuction with the Silent Auction netted approximately $23,000. Many thanks to all of those involved especially Bonny Baxley and her team for their tireless efforts in ensuring such a successful festival while at the same time constantly looking for ways to improve the event. Unfortuantely, our Vision Fund has not been met with the same success. To date, we have received a mere $30,000. Not that I am ungrateful for each and every dollar, but that is a far cry from our goal of $250,000. Because our Vision Fund serves to offset the 20% of expenses that tuition and fees do not cover, we will continue to depend on the

faithfulness of God to provide. I wish I had the time and the space to share some of the notes and stories I receive with donations. The amount, whether large or small, is deemed significant by the heart of the giver. Thank you to those who have chosen to GIVE BACK through our Vision Fund this year. On the spring horizon, we once again hosted the Boosterthon Fun Run for our elementary students on March 28. Our students did a great job getting sponsors for running laps. The school profited just over $12,000! We held our ACS Golf Tournament on April 25 at Bartram Trail. Now, with all of that being said, my challenge to you is quite simple – what will you do to GIVE BACK? What will you do to GIVE BACK to a school that by the grace of God has poured the love of God into you and your family? I can assure you it will be the best investment you will ever make. It will grant you a return of blessing far beyond what you can think or imagine – the blessing of impacting and influencing a young student for the rest of their life. In Christ, Brad Merry

Ways to Give Augusta Christian Schools receives annual private support through the following: The Annual Fund (Vision Campaign), Major Capital and En-dowment Gifts, Planned Giving, Gifts in Kind Gifts may take any of the following form: Cash , Appreciated Securities, Employer Matching Gifts, Prop-erty Charitable Trusts and Annuities, Bequest. All non-cash and/or restricted gifts should be discussed in ad-vance with the Development Office. We offer advice and pro-vide documentation for all charitable gifts. You should, how-ever, consult legal and financial advisors to determine the tax implications and deducting of any gift. Thank you in advance for your support. For questions regarding financial giving to the school, please contact Cary Rivers, Director of Develop-ment and Outreach at 706-863-2905, ext. 106. Secure online gifts can be made using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Giving Back

By Brad Merry, Director of Development/Outreach

E nrollment for our current school year has been one

of the great blessings this school has ever seen! Over 175 new students have enrolled since the start of this school year, and we went over the 650 mark in January! Mrs. Banks, Mrs. Young, Mrs.

Montgomery and Mrs. Lowery have diligently worked with me to bring in and encourage families as they complete the admissions process. With over 35 international students, around 30 families from Fort Gordon, and 20 plus students in our Homestudies Program, ACS has touched many areas of the world and our community with our mission and vision. Re-enrollment and new family 2014-2015 school year.

Thank you to all* who have given so sacrificially to the mission here at Augusta Christian Schools. Jesus said in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with what measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Cary H. Rivers Director of Admissions *Donors are listed on pages 23-26

From the Admissions Office

By Cary Rivers, Director of Admissions

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program


Page 12: A Closer Look 2013-14

H O M E C O M I N G 2 0 1 3

Top from left: Emma Dekle

Emma Claire Merry Letice Bussiere

Kelly Turner Ella Brucker

Lindsey Kennedy Ali Ritch

Olivia Brace Haylee Morris Rachel Norris

Caroline Roberson

2013 Homecoming Queen Caroline Roberson and her father, Cliff Roberson

Photos Courtesy of Rick Milton Photography

Spencer Lamunion, Caroline Roberson, Cliff Roberson, T’Asia Robinson (last year’s homecoming queen)


Page 13: A Closer Look 2013-14

H O M E C O M I N G 2 0 1 3


Photos Courtesy of Rick Milton Photography

Page 14: A Closer Look 2013-14


See You at the Pole


Page 15: A Closer Look 2013-14

Fal l Fest ival and Si lent Auct ion

Thank you to everyone who made our Fall Festival and Silent Auction a

huge success! Proceeds totaled just over $28,000! Special thanks and shout

outs go to the following people: Bonny Baxley - Fair Coordinator, Niki

Milford, Nicole Jenkins - Auction Coordinators, Mary Beth Borden,

Melanie Bessey - Country Kitchen Coordinators, Connie Todd, Lisa

Greene - Games Coordinators, Erica May - Decorations, Susan and Lee

Jernigan - Boston Butts, plus a host of parent and teacher volunteers!

We have the best maintenance crew in the whole state of Georgia: John

Neivel, Randall Thompson and Ron Parks were a huge help with setting

up, taking down and cleaning up! Whether you made something for the

bake sale, sent in items for a Silent Auction basket, helped with setup,

wrapped baskets, worked a game or booth, or helped clean up, it all worked

together for a great day and a great cause! Thanks to all of our Augusta

Christian family and friends who came out and supported this fun event! A

special thanks to our sponsors: Master Pontiac Buick GMC, Borden’s

Pest Control, Gerald Jones, Dealer Group, First General Services of

the CSRA, Uptown Cheapskate & Kid to Kid, Pediatric Dental

Specalists, Eye Care One, Phoenix Printers. Thanks most of all to our

Heavenly Father for providing the spectacularly beautiful day!


Page 16: A Closer Look 2013-14

Grandparents’ Day 2013


G randparents’ Day is one of our favorite special days at ACS! Grandparents came from all over the US for this year’s event, and what a blessing it was

to have them here! This year we held two Grandparents’ Day programs—one at the main campus and one at the Kindergarten campus. After enjoying refreshments and an entertaining programs by our students, grandparents were able to visit in their grandchildren’s classrooms. May the Lord continue to bless all of our Grandparents!

Page 17: A Closer Look 2013-14


2013 Ve te rans Day Ce lebra t ion

The ACS Veterans’ Day Celebration on November 11 was a heart-warming experience for everyone who attended. ACS provided breakfast for our school Veterans and their families. The program included several speakers, stirring patriotic music from our choral students, Taps played by Josh Bussiere and videos. The Jernigan family provided a gift pin for each Veteran. Thank you, Veterans, for your faithful service to our country!


Page 18: A Closer Look 2013-14


Annua l Chr is tmas Tree L igh t ing


O ur annual Christmas Caroling in the ACS neighborhood followed by the Tree Lighting Ceremony was a wonderful way to kickoff the Christmas Season! The singing was joyful, the

cocoa was hot, the cookies were delicious and the fellow-ship was sweet as we celebrated the birth of our Savior ACS-style! As always, it was very moving to see the Lights for Lydia Luminaries honoring women who have suffered with cancer. Thanks to the ACS Beta Club and Student Council for providing refreshments and serving all who attended.

Page 19: A Closer Look 2013-14

The following students participated in the ACSI Spelling Bee recently: Finleigh Powell, Luke Spivey, Harrison Crosby, Sam Fisher, Alexis Williams, Hannah Dunham, Andersen Walden, Austin Jenkins, Peter Samuelsen, Isaiah Davis, Gabe Linton, John Potter, Rachel Hunter, Liz Samuelsen, Rebekah Austell, Chloe Yant, Maggie Freitag, Katelyn Selph, Hayden Rourke, Kayla Kucela, Sierra Snider, Kayla Childers, Kayla Pritchett, Gabi Hunter, Elizabeth Murdock, Emily Murdock, Jared Talman, Anna Faith Walden. Spelling Bee winners: First Grade - Luke Spivey, Third Place; fifth grade - Kayla Kucela, Fourth Place.

Names in the News

Kyle Cartledge was selected as WJBF’s Scholar Athlete this past fall. In addition to his studies and activities at ACS he was part of the Martinez/Evans Little League baseball team that made it all the way to the semifinals of the Senior League World Series. Besides being a good baseball player, he's also a star in the classroom as well, sporting a 4.0 GPA.

Spelling Bee

Mrs. Tammy West, 1st grade teacher was named SCISA Master Teacher this past fall. SCISA is comprised of 105 schools, 28,000 students and 8,000 teachers. Mrs. West was selected because of her excellent teaching strategies and ability to assist students to do their best.

Master Teacher

Scholar Athlete

The following students participated in the ACSI Math Olympics recently: Third Grade Computation - Sadie Thompson, Cooper Willis, Nathan Erickson; Third Grade Reasoning - Peter Samuelsen, Braden Merry, Cecelia Sonnenburg; Fourth Grade Computation - Mikeal Sullivan, Abby White, Abram Walden; Fourth Grade Reasoning -Lawson Harper, Skylar Bradley, Laura Nabholz; Fifth Grade Computation - Kayla Kucela, Cameron Crawford, Tyler Marshall; Fifth Grade Reasoning - Jacob Thigpen, Jordan Cox, Maggie Freitag; Sixth Grade Computation -Campbell Passmore, Caleb Freitag; Sixth Grade Reasoning - Ryland Seagraves, Ian Lizama; Seventh Grade Computation - Solange Lizama; Michelle Gibson;Seventh Grade Reasoning - Hallie Unger, Gonzalo Vasquez, Gabby Hunter; Eighth Grade Computation -Daniel Lee, Jared Talman; Eighth Reasoning - Ashley Freitag, Veka Ashmore. The following students placed: Third Grade - Nathan Erickson, 1st place computation;Cooper Willis, 2nd place computation; Sadie Thompson, 5th place computation; Peter Samuelsen, 2nd place reasoning; Braden Merry, 4th place reasoning. Fourth Grade - Abby White, 5th place computation; Laura Nabholz, 5th place reasoning; Fifth Grade - Kayla Kucela,2nd place computation; Sixth Grade - Ian Lizama, 3rd place reasoning, Ryland Seagraves, 4th place reasoning.

Math Olympics


Page 20: A Closer Look 2013-14

A CS senior, Kyle Cartledge, is Augusta Christian’s STAR Student. The STAR Student honor is given to the senior with the highest SAT score. Kyle chose Mrs. Sarah White, math teacher at Augusta Christian, as his STAR Teacher. Both were recognized recently at a reception hosted

by the Harlem Women’s Club. Kyle plans to attend Georgia Regents University in the fall and study middle grades education and chemical engineering. He has been a member of the school’s Quiz Bowl Team since his freshman year and also has served on the student council. He also plays on the school’s baseball team and was on the Martinez Evans Senior League team that went to the World Series last summer.

S TA R S t u d e n t a n d Te a c h e r

A C S C h e e r l e a d e r s W i n N a t i o n a l s Congratulations to our varsity cheerleaders for their championship win at the FCC Nationals in Florida in January. In Mrs. McKie's words, "Unbelievable!! We won!! Extremely hard fought...very close field of competitors...Hip Hop Champions and Intermediate Varsity National Champs! We were 3rd in Co-ed...also very close!" We are so proud of our ACS cheerleaders!

L i o n s W i n S t a t e B a s k e t b a l l T i t l e SUMTER, S.C. — If Augusta Christian head coach John Harris was pressed to come up with a motto to describe this year’s squad, it might be, “You’ve just got to believe.” Entering the SCISA Class AAA state tournament as the upper fourth seed, the Lions defeated Wilson Hall, upset top seed Hammond and No. 2 Northwood before completing their improbable run to a state championship with a 59-53 victory over defending state cham-pion Cardinal Newman on Saturday at the Sumter Civic Center. “We believed,” Harris said. “We believed no matter what seed that we landed into, we had to battle and we were able to make that run. We stayed together as a unit, all in, one game at a time. We believed from the beginning of the year. …That was one of our team goals, to be the last one standing. It took perseverance, hard work – we’ve been working since May – and now we’re reaping some of the fruits of our labor.” taken from Augusta Chronicle Sunday, March 2.


Page 21: A Closer Look 2013-14

News in the Wor ld o f Ar t

Congratulations to the following students who placed at the ACSI Art Festival in March: Karly Henson, Computer Drawing-Superior -

Best in Show

Emily Haynie, Painting Acrylic-Superior

Ashton Redman, Painting Acrylic-Superior

Megan Sponsellor, Pottery Wheel Thrown-Superior

Conner Giella, Drawing Graphite-Superior

Harrison Cozart, Pottery Wheel Thrown-Superior

Brooke Rogers, Drawing Charcoal-Superior

Brooke Rogers, Painting Acrylic-Superior

Ashlyn Taylor, Drawing Graphite-Excellent

Siyu Han, Drawing Charcoal-Excellent

Lily Lin, Painting Acrylic-Excellent

Eliza Song, Drawing Graphite-Excellent

Hang Li, Pottery Handbuilt-Excellent

Maddie Brown, Painting Acrylic-Excellent

Campbell Passmore, Pottery Wheel Thrown-Excellent

Kitty Hinton, Painting Acrylic-Excellent

Madison Gollan, Pottery Handbuilt-Excellent

Kayla Hinds, Drawing Color Markers-Excellent

Ashley Arbogast, Drawing Color pencils-Excellent

Michael Moeller, Painting Acrylic-Good

Campbell Passmore, Mixed Media Printing-Good

Edy Kate Hylton, Printmaking Collage-Good

Sam Roberson, Pottery Wheel Thrown-Good

ACSI Art Festival

Art Festival students


Page 22: A Closer Look 2013-14

Boosterthon Fun Run

Four years ago, Augusta Christian Schools (ACS) contacted Dr. Piccolo about moving to Augusta from his position at Merritt Island Christian School in Florida. It was at this time that God began laying on Dr. Piccolo’s heart the need to start a two-year Christian college in Augusta. Though the vision was formed before Dr. Piccolo and his family even moved to Augusta, it wasn’t until late 2011 that the Lord started putting his plan in motion. Dr. Piccolo and Dr. John Bartlett recognize that God’s hand is on this project. From putting Dr. Bartlett in touch with Carl G. Camann, Ph.D., the Deputy Director of the Nonpublic Post-secondary Education Commission, to Camann insisting to act as their sounding board for all ideas throughout the application process, the Lord’s hand guided the creation of the college every step of the way. And so it was that Christian College of Augusta (CCA) was approved by the council. The college will open its doors in August of this year and will offer Associate’s degrees in Biblical Studies and General Studies. The degree in Biblical Studies, through for anyone, would be especially helpful for those interested in attending seminary. Thee degree in General Studies is perfect for those students wanting to go on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. Once at a university such as Georgia Regents University, students will only have to take courses within their major. Class offerings will be held in the late afternoons and evenings during the regular school year with a wider variety of courses offered during the summers. As for the school’s connection with Augusta Christian Schools of Augusta, one does not have to be an ACS graduate to attend the college. And if funds are not available to the potential student, financial aid is available for qualifying students.

Two Year Christian College Opening in Augusta

m a g a z i n e

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Boosterthon Fun Run a huge success! To date we have profited just over $12,000! There are still some outstanding pledges, so if you have not turned yours in please do so as soon as possible. A special thanks to the wonderful Boosterthon Fun Run staff for making this such a FUN event!

In t



s In

the N



Page 23: A Closer Look 2013-14

Special Thanks to Our Donors The ACS Development Office staff has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we omitted or misspelled a name, or attributed a gift incorrectly, please notify us so that we can correct our records.

Annual Vision Fund 2013-2014 (gifts received through 2-7-14)

Mr. Thomas Abdo Dr. John Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baxley Mrs. Judy Beasley Mrs. Clare Webb-Bethune Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bullard Dr. Warren W Burnham Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Tim Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cave Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Dr. and Mrs. James Fields First General Of The CSRA First Presbyterian Church Mr. Patrick Gallemore Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers Gentry Gerald Jones Honda Mr. and Mrs. Mike Giddens Mr. and Mrs. Marty Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harden Mr. Chad Hubbard Mrs. Linda Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jernigan Kimberly Clark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Neal Little Ms. Bobbie Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHatton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKie Mr. and Mrs. Travis McNeal MJM Business Group Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Neivel Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Palacz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paradise Mr. and Mrs. Estevan Price Mr. and Mrs. Brian Puetz Mr. and Mrs. Jason Redman Mr. and Mrs. Cary Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. Cam Sherer Miss. Ashley Slaughter Mr. Jeffery Sonnenberg Dr. Berish Strother Mr. and Mrs. Norm Sweeting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Wells Mr. and Mrs. Scott West Mr. and Mrs. Steve White Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wilkerson Mr. Chris Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barron Dr. John Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baxley Mrs. Judy Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Belcher Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett Mrs. Clare Webb-Bethune Bible Church of Augusta Dr. David Brantley Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Tim Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cason Miss. Helen Cave Mr. and Mrs. Steve Clifton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coursey Wynona Cox Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniel Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Deas Ms. Rebecca Escoe First General Of The CSRA Mr. Patrick Gallemore Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Mike Giddens Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Glover Mrs. and Mrs. Sybrenia Grant Mr. and Mrs. Marty Griffin Mr. and Mrs. John Groves Hair World Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George Hall Matthew Paul Halter Mr. and Mrs. John Halter Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harden Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Harden Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Henning Rev. Hal Hodgens Mr. and Mrs. John Hodges Mr. and Mrs. David Hooker Mr. Chad Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hudson Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson Mr. Josiah James Jones Ms. Judy Kelly Kimberly Clark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Little Dr. and Mrs. Juan Lopez Mrs. Elizabeth Lowery Ms. Lisa Machuch Ms. Bobbie Maddox Mathnasium of Evans Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McAlvin Mr. and Mrs. Bill McGahee Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHatton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKie Mr. and Mrs. Travis McNeal Mr. and Mrs. William Merry MJM Business Group Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Neivel Mr. and Mrs. Heath Newman Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien Dr. and Mrs. Ted Oellerich Dr. and Mrs. John Orth Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Palacz Mr. and Mrs. Terry Parker Dr. and Mrs. David Piccolo Mr. and Mrs. David Pindell Mr. and Mrs. Estevan Price Mr. and Mrs. Brian Puetz Mrs. Karen Quick Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Renfro Mr. and Mrs. Cary Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogers Mr. James Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. James Sechrist Mr. and Mrs. Cam Sherer Mr. and Mrs. Randy Skinner Miss. Ashley Slaughter Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Steele Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stone Mr. and Mrs. Norm Sweeting Ms. Linda Thigpen Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Thurman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Todd Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tyler Walmart Mrs. Jacquelyne Walters Ms. Nancy Walters Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Wells Susan Werner Mr. and Mrs. Scott West Mr. and Mrs. Steve White Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wilkerson Mr. Chris Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wunnenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Young


Page 24: A Closer Look 2013-14

Donors (continued)

Athletic Field House

Building Facade Project

Fine Arts

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Parker

Georgia Goal 2013 Contributors

Dr. and Mrs. David Piccolo

Ruth Barlett Memorial Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cave

Mr. Jimmy L Adams Mr. and Mrs. Owen Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brian Byler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cason Mr. and Mrs. Larry Coggins Ms. Lynn Dixon Mr. and Mrs. William Gardener Mrs. Sandy Greene Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grove Dr. and Mrs. Paul Herzwurm Kelley Appliance Mr. Ismael MarcanoJr Mortgage First of Augusta Plum Branch Yacht Club Mr. and Mrs. James Saul Troubleshooters Inc Ms. Barbie Wall Mr. William Wren

Baseball Fund

Hille Foundation QVS Holdings, Inc.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy

Soccer Fund

Borden Pest Control Carter Orthodontics First General Of The CSRA Gerald Jones Honda Insurance Services of Augusta Kid to Kid Looper Cabinet Co. Inc. Master Pontiac, Buick, GMC Pediatric Dental Specialists PC S & H Eye Care, LLC Uptown Cheapskate

Fall Festival Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Banks Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Steve Clifton First General Of The CSRA Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jernigan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lirette Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Oetting Pollock Company Mr. and Mrs. Jason Redman Ms. Lisa Slavovsky

Tution Assistance

Furys Ferry Road Playground Equipment Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clark Mrs. Brenda Carpenter Alarm System Metro One Ambulance, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lichtenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beattie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cave Mr. and Mrs. Steve Clifton First General Of The CSRA Dr. and Mrs. Paul Herzwurm

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adams Mr. David Alemar and Mrs. Beatriz Barrientos Augusta Industrial Services Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Axon Mr. John Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Wade Bedgood Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Bethune Mr. and Mrs. David Bivins Mr. Kenny Brace Mr. and Mrs. Hoke Brantley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brosious Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brown Ms. Kathryn Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brucker Mr. George Bush III Ms. Tammy Butler Mr. and Mrs. Brian Byler Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Callaway Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Campbell III Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Campbell Ms. Caren Chaknis Mr. and Mrs. James Clark Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coursey Mr. and Mrs. Roger Erb Mr. and Mrs. John Fahy Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Adams Mr. and Mrs. Jason Adams Mr. David Alemar and Mrs. Beatriz Barrientos Augusta Industrial Services Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Axon Mr. John Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baxley Mr. and Mrs. Wade Bedgood Mr. and Mrs. David Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Bethune Mr. and Mrs. David Bivins Mr. Kenny Brace Mr. and Mrs. Hoke Brantley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brosious Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brown Ms. Kathryn Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brucker Mr. George Bush III Ms. Tammy Butler Mr. and Mrs. Brian Byler Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Callaway Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Campbell III Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Campbell Ms. Caren Chaknis Mr. and Mrs. James Clark Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coursey Mr. and Mrs. Roger Erb Mr. and Mrs. John Fahy Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Mark Freitag Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gallemore Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Clay Ghann Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson Ms. Sybrenia Grant Mr. and Mrs. David Greene Mr. and Mrs. Marty Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grinnell Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grove Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hall Mr. and Mrs. John Halter Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harden Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Henning Mr. and Mrs. Paul Herzwurm Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hester Ms. Constance Hite Mr. and Mrs. John Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holbrook Mr. and Mrs. David Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Howard Mr. Chad Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. William Hudgens Mr. Nick Isaac


Page 25: A Closer Look 2013-14

Donors (continued)

Georgia Goal 2013 Contributors (continued)

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jenkins Ms. Linda Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jernigan Mr. and Mrs. William Kesler Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Klimas Mr. and Mrs. Ben Knox Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lichtenberg Mr. Berish Lindsay-Strother Mr. and Mrs. William Linton Ms. Gina London Mr. and Mrs. Juan Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Lane Lowery Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lugenbeel Mr. and Mrs. Claudius Matos Mr. and Mrs. Russell McHatton Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKie Mr. and Mrs. Travis McNeal Mr. Marion Melvin Mr. and Mrs. William Merry Mr. William Merry Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Steven Michaels Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Miller Ms. Jennifer Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Davis Mortensen Mr. and Mrs. William Motes

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William Mutimer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Nieves Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Norris Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Ted Oellerich Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Oetting Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Palacz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paradise Mr. and Mrs. Terry Parker Ms. Mary Parker Mr. and Mrs. Andy Passmore Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Perry Mr. and Mrs. David Piccolo Mr. and Mrs. James Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Estevan Price Mr. and Mrs. Brian Puetz Mr. and Mrs. Jason Redman Ms. Jeanine Ritchey Mr. and Mrs. Cary Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Roberson Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Sherer

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Slusser Mr. and Mrs. Marc Smith Ms. Donna Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gilberto Sostre Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. Clint Steerman Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stone Mr. and Mrs. Norm Sweeting Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tereshinski Ms. Shannon Unger Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wade Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walden Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walden Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Walters Mr. and Mrs. Keith Walton Mr. and Mrs. John Weiksner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Werner Mr. and Mrs. Scott West Mr. and Mrs. Steve White Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wilkerson Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Willing Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Willis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wingard Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Ms. Virginia Wright Mr. and Mrs. J. Curtis Young III

College Signings

Augusta Christian is pleased to announce that two seniors have signed college letters of intent to play sports this year. Michael Weiksner (pictured center left) will play baseball for North Greenville University, and Matt Chiera (pictured center right) will play football for the University of West Georgia. Congratulations to both students!


Page 26: A Closer Look 2013-14

Donors (continued)

Annual Vision Fund In Memory Of Donor Christen Renfro Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Renfro Faye Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cave Michael Joseph Cave Miss Helen Cave Robert E. Rivers Mr. and Mrs. William McGahee Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Rivers Elliott E.H. Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Cary H. Rivers Mary Bailey Estridge Mr. Wayne Thurman Mr. and Mrs. Heath Newman Ms. Wynona Cox John Charles Jagoditsch, Jr. Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery Dr. Michael J. Murphy, Sarah Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Murphy S. Murphy and William J. Murphy In Memory of Mr. SG Tomlinson, Ms. Linda Thigpen Mrs. Ruth Tomlinson and Kleim Tomlinson Robert R. Todd Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Todd Mrs. Dot Shires Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stone Mr. Don Shires Dr. Francis J. Puig Mrs. Margaret Puig In Honor Of Donor Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Murphy Mr. and Mrs. James Sechrist Rogers Great-Grandchildren Mr. and Mrs. James Rogers Celeste Lucas Ms. Judy Kelly Luke, Noah, Harper Spivey Rev. Hal Hodgens Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Roberson Ms. Rebecca Escoe and Family Mr. and Mrs. Wit Roberson Dr. and Mrs. David Brantley

After almost two years of preparation, the Medical Health Academy students are prepared to take their state certification tests to become Georgia Certified Nursing Assistants. The previous two years they have not only learned about different healthcare careers, but also about safety, infection control, teamwork, and communication in the healthcare environment, as well as how to take basic vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respirations, temperatures) and have been certified in CPR and First Aid. They have also done clinical rotations at Doctor's Hospital and Brandon Wilde, and taken tours of Trinity Hospital Lab and Walton Rehabilitation Center. In the classroom lab area they have learned over 22 patient care skills such as transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, performing range of motion exercises with a patient, and how to give basic patient hygiene. Now they are ready to take the written and skills CNA certification test which is administered in our classroom lab area by a NACES evaluator. Last year, with 9 students testing, we had a 100% pass rate (the state average is 75%). This year we will have 5 students that will be taking the CNA certification test.

CNA Certification


Page 27: A Closer Look 2013-14

The class of 2003 held their 10 year reunion Homecoming weekend. The event included a barbecue dinner provided by ACS and ended with a ‘stroll down memory lane’ tour of the campus.

ACS Alumni Class Reunion

Alumni Information Sheet

If you haven’t updated your information in a while, please visit www.augustachristian.org and click on the Alumni Page—Alumni Information Update, or fill

out form below and mail to the school. _____________________________________________ NAME (PLEASE INCLUDE MAIDEN NAME) _____________________________________________ YEAR GRADUATED _____________________________________________ SPOUSE NAME ____________________________________________ STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP ____________________________________________ COLLEGE _____________________________________________ MAJOR YEAR GRADUATED CHILDREN (NAMES AND AGES): _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ FAMILY NEWS:__________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL NEWS: ___________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Return to: Lynn Wilkerson

Augusta Christian Schools 313 Baston Road, Martinez, GA 30907

Class of 2003



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313 Baston Road Martinez, GA 30907 www.augustachristian.org

Augusta Christian Schools

Upcoming Events Seniors and Parents Mandatory Meeting—May 5, 7 pm, Gym

Beta Club Induction—May 8, 7 pm, Gym

Spring Chorus Concert—May 12, 7:00 pm, Abilene Baptist Church

Middle School Honors Assembly—May 13, 8:45 am, Gym

High School Honors Night—May 13, 7:00 pm, Gym

1st-3rd Grade Spring Musical—May 14, 9 am, Gym

Field Day, K4-1st—May 15, 8:30 am, Football Field

Field Day, 2nd-5th—May 16, 8:30 am, Football Field

K5 Program—May 19, 7:00 pm, Gym

Second Semester Exams—May 21-23

5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony—May 22, 7:00 pm, Fury’s Ferry


1st-4th Grade Honors Program—May 23, 8:15 am (last day)

Senior Graduation Luncheon/Rehearsal—May 23, 12 noon West

Acres Baptist Church

Senior Graduation—May 24, 4:00 pm, West Acres Baptist Church

Offices Closed for Memorial Day—May 26

Report Cards—June 5

Our Mission The mission of Augusta

Christian Schools is to

prepare students to serve

Jesus Christ as Lord,

partnering with family and

church, instilling high

standards spiritually,

academically, socially

and physically.

A Closer Look Winter/Spring 2013-2014

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PAID Augusta, GA

Permit No. 189


Augusta Christian Schools 313 Baston Road • Martinez, GA 30907

706-863-2905 • www.augustachristian.org • [email protected]