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Gree Internship Presentation Kushagra Udai & Jeremy Karson

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Gree Internship PresentationKushagra Udai & Jeremy Karson

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Kushagra Udai & Jeremy KarsonTitle: Software Engineering Interns

Team: War of Nations ServerManagers: Galvin Hsiu & Alizons Nematovs

Kushagra’s Mentor: Priyank Bagrecha Jeremy’s Mentors: Jeff Barrington & Daniel Lyu

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Main Project: War Room Feature

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About the feature● Enables users to buy, upgrade, fuse, and

dismiss specialists.● Specialists are assigned to formations.● The specialists in your active formation

provide boosts that make your armies more effective.

● Stronger specialists provide better boosts.● Released: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 !!!

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Things we worked on (overview)

● New Functionality● Refactoring● Admin Tool● Analytics● Bug Fixes

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New Functionality● Implemented Player Formation Inventory

Upgrade feature.● Allows players to purchase new formation

slots for War-Room to swap active specialist formations with a single click.

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Refactoring● Rank-boost-map and slot-general-map refactor

using Cantor Pairing Function.● Add boost_score to rank-boost-map of client

generals.● PlayerGeneralInventory refactored when

implementing FormationInventoryExpansion - both bought under War-room Expansions.

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Admin Tool ● The admin tool allows game administrators

to modify player data / attributes.● Used for testing purposes, to fix mistakes,

and to keep players happy.● Examples on next slides.

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AddedComplete Goals upto a given goal ID:

Send messages to all worlds, a specific world, a guild or a player:

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● Remove add/delete formation buttons.● Create clear out formation buttons.

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● Change in level causes a change in the specialist’s XP.

● Rank cannot be changed using Admin Tool.

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Analytics● Product managers and analysts want

information about how often certain game events occur.

● The server team logs information about these events as they happen.

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What we worked on

● Log when a specialist increases its rank.● Log when a specialist increases its level.● Log the specialists in the active formation.● Log when a specialist is acquired.● Log when a specialist is dismissed.

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Other War Room Tasks● Writing (and fixing) unit tests.● Smaller bug fixes and a little firefighting.● Collaboration with client engineers

(troubleshooting, feature implementation, moral support).

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Other tasks (Not War Room)● Port features from HC2 to HC1: Guild auto-

join, metascore, AB Testing (in development).

● Safeguard pruning script (in development).● PlayerBuilding - In Progress.

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Bug Fixes● Fixed unnecessary or unexpected event

queue invocations (or it’s lack thereof) in the server code from PlayerBuilding.

● Fixed incorrectly charged gold for speedups bought by players that failed to apply.

● Fixed incorrect scores displayed after a battle in WD (and rewrote the update score function in the process).

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Things I’ve Learned (Jeremy)Software / Tools / Languages● PHP and PHPUnit● Javascript/Ajax/JQuery/NodeJS● Charles● MySQLWorkbench● PHPStorm● XCode● Git● Slack!

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Things I’ve Learned/Gotten Better at! (Kush)

Software / Tools / Languages● PHP, CodeIgnitor and PHPUnit● Javascript/JQuery/HTML/CSS● Charles - Basic network monitoring.● MySQL● PHPStorm● XCode● Git submodules

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Things I’ve Learned (Jeremy)Programming Concepts● Model-view-controller framework● Server-client relationship and interaction● Unit testing techniques including mocking

static data● Purpose and techniques of analytics● Passing data between web page and server● Usage of submodules

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Things I’ve Learned (Jeremy)Life Lessons● What other teams do: QA, BD, BI● Know your audience● Be willing to ask for help, and willing to find

the answer on your own● Calorie control● Sometimes, a lot of people get laid off

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Things I loved at GREE! (Kush)● The people!● Data configurable software/games.● The git workflow and code reviews.● Free meals and snacks!

Not so much:● Lay-offs. I guess that’s the only thing I have

to complain about!

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THANK YOU*Our mentors: Priyank, Jeff, Daniel.*Our managers: Alizons and Galvin.*Our internship coordinators: Linda, Ada, and Tara.*Our team and fellow interns.*Entire GII Organization.*All of you who showed up to listen to us, especially!