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Present perfect tense Předpřítomný čas. Základní škola Jakuba Jana Ryby Rožmitál pod Třemšínem Mgr. M. Hašková Efektivní výuka pro rozvoj potenciálu žáka projekt v rámci Operačního programu VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ PRO KONKURENCESCHOPNOST. I have been to. I haven´t been to. Have you ever been to…..?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Present perfect tensePedptomn asZkladn kola Jakuba Jana Ryby Romitl pod TemnemMgr. M. HakovEfektivn vuka pro rozvoj potencilu ka projekt v rmci Operanho programuVZDLVN PRO KONKURENCESCHOPNOST

  • Have you ever been to..?ParisVenicePragueRomeMadridBerlinVienaBratislavaAmsterdamLondon

  • Have you ever eaten ..?black olives

  • Have you ever seen ..?

  • Stavba frzehavehasslovesopest minul nepravideln slovesa-vlastn tvar(been, eaten, seen) pravideln slovesa-koncovka ed(played, worked, started)Zpor: I youthey we he she ithaventhasntpest minul

  • Nepravideln sl.: infinitiv-minul tvar-pest minulKter z tchto slovesnch tvar jsou minul tvary a pest minul tchto sloves?be give go have hear make meet read see take win writewastakenheardhadgonewentgivengaveweretookseensawreadmetwonwrittenwrotebeenmade

  • Dopl pest1. Have you ever .. in a lottery?2. Have you ever .. on a camel?3. Have you ever .. a 20-km-long distance?4. Have you ever .. your ID?5. Have you ever .. outside in winter?6. Have you ever .. Ginger Ale?7. Have you ever .. off a bike?8. Have you ever .. in public?9. Have you ever .. a pet?10. Have you ever .. a crossword in English?11. Have you ever .. your own vegetables?12. Have you ever .. someones doorbell and then ran away?13. Have you ever .. spoken in English on the street?14. Have you ever .. on plane?won kept grown done fallen swam flown walked rungsung spoken drank lost ridden

  • Pouit asPresent perfect (pedptomn as)zkuenosti z dj, kter se staly ped ptomnm okamikem nesdlujeme kdy, se tak stalo I have never worked on a farm. I have been to Spain. novinky = zmnu ptomnosti dje, u nich je podstatn dsledek pro ptomn okamik He has won in a lottery. They have found gold. She has moved.popis dje, kter ji njakou dobu trv neskonil I have lived here all my life. Past simple (minul as)minul dje, kter ji v ptomnosti nepokrauj - asto zmiujeme, kdy se staly I worked in Prague last year.Uren asu:in 1998last weeklast summer holidayswhen I was little when we came popisujeme-li detaily njak udlostiI have met Miss Jason. We travelled on the same plane to Chicago. It was in July, I think.

  • Read the text:I work as a guide for a company that organises rainforest holidays here in Costa Rica. I've lived in this country for three years and I love it. I've worked in two other Central American countries and I had a great time in both places, but this country is very special. It's sometimes quite difficult because most of our guests have never been in a rainforest before. But they always say it is the best holidays they've ever had. Last week one of the quests got lost and we found him after 5 hours. I have just been to San Isidro to pick up a guest from the hospital. He was bitten by a snake he found in his room. He's ok now and he'll have a good story to tell his friends when he gets back home.upraven text z uebnice Face2face, C. Redston&G.Cunningham, CUP

  • NOWPASTSamthe tourists

  • Minul dje, jejich dsledek/ vsledek je podstatn/dleit pro ptomnost (vyjaduje spojitost s ptomnostObvykle dj nedvnPouv se pro oznamovn zprv nebo novinekIve broken my watch. I dont know the time.Ow! Ive cut my finger.

    Typick pslovce: just, lately, yet, already, recently, lately1.Present Perfect Tense Podrobnj pehled pouit

  • Dje, kter zaaly v minulosti a pokrauj do ptomnosti (vyjaduje se spojitost/souvislost s minulost nezajm ns, kdy se co stalo, ale e tento dj petrvv)Ive lived here for three years.Hes played the flute since he was seven.

    Typick pslovce: since, so far, in my life, still, for

    asto se pouv pro vyjden, jak dlouho nco trv/pokrauje (nap. s vrazy How long.?)How long have you known Mike? Since we were 12.


  • Vyjden dosavadn zkuenosti (co nkdo zail, dlal a doposud ve svm ivot)I have visited England twice.He has never been to Australia.Ive worked for two other companies.Weve never met Mr Cooper.

    asto se pouv s neuritmi asovmi vrazy: ever (nkdy, kdykoliv a do te),never, before, in my life, so farPouv se s vrazy: the first, the second, the thirdtimeIts the fist time Ive travelled on a plane..


  • Pklady pouit pedptomnho a minulho asu Have you . to anyone in English?Did you . any DVDs last months?Have you . what to do this weekend yet?How long have you . the other students in the class?Did you . for the last summer holiday?Have you ever . a really bad luck?Is it the first time you have . French in a language school?

    Dopl sloveso ve sprvnm tvaru: have studyspeakdecide rentknow go away

  • Have you . anything good on TV today?Have you . on any long trips lately?Did you . anything special with your friends at the weekend?How long have you . your mobile phone?Did you . any emails yesterday?Have you . at the vocabulary list for this lesson yet?Is this the first time youve . the Present Perfect Tense.?Dopl sloveso ve sprvnm tvaru: see study lookbe have do get


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    uebnice Face2face, C. Redston&G.Cunningham, CUP