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To Learn About A Contributor’s vision...


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❑ To Learn About A Contributor’s vision : Made by :

Margi Padhiyar

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❖ One of the famous Indian Cricketer , YUVRAJ SINGH , a great contributor to the Indian Cricket Team serves as our role model.


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❖ Yuvraj Singh is an Indian cricketer and a cancer survivor.

❖ He was born in Chandigarh in 1981.❖ He debuted for India in 2000 during the ICC Knock

Out Trophy, still only nighteen.❖ His best performance was in the T-20 World Cup

when he hit 6 sixes against England in the year 2007.

❖ In 2011, he emerged as player of the tournament in the ICC World Cup.

About Yuvraj Singh :

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❖ Yuvraj since his childhood days was very much interested in games like football, skating and tennis.

❖ His father, Yograj sinh, former Indian cricketer wanted his son also to be in the same field.

❖ Yuvraj was also kept in boarding school for his cricket training.

❖ Once his father went to see him and there he was told that his son cannot be a cricketer.

❖ And from there on he decided that he has to be a great cricketer and he proved this.

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CAREER VISION Yuvraj singh from his very beginning had his aim to be

like Sachin. He had also stuck Sachin’s photo in his kit bag.

He aimed to be like him and then by hard practise and determination he became a successful cricketer.

There came even a time that his kit had his own photo in the same position as of Sachin stuck just besides the photo of Sachin. This proves us that by strong determination and hard work one can achieve anything.

Although suffering from cancer, he never gave up from playing cricket untill he was taken for severe treatments.

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❖ Yuvraj singh states that everything in his life was related to C , he was born in Chandigarh, Cricket was his passion and than he says that there was a new C in his life… CANCER.

❖ During the world cup sessions he was going through constant illness and was not keeping well.

❖ After the Majesty victory of the world cup, he was diagnosed with a tumor. It was as if everything was soon going to end.

❖ When all his near-ones knew about this, each one reacted negatively. It was only he himself who used to tell everyone that he will be fine one day.

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❖ Due to his health sometimes he could not perform so well in his game. Media people did not know the reason and so unknowingly they used to accuse him.

❖ Once when a match was scheduled in West Indies, Dhoni was declared rest and so Raina was named as the captain. Yuvraj was also declared rest so media stood with a statement that he dint want to play under the captainship of his juniors and so he took rest.

❖ During those days his illness was not declared, so he had just one answer “ My job is to play cricket and I will play under any captain.”

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CAREER GROWTH❖ For Yuvraj, career growth meant playing cricket and

serving as a good player in the Indian Cricket Team.

❖ When he was taken UK for his treatments, he just thought that after being cured he had to play cricket.

❖ He had no negative thoughts. He always used to give sympathy to his relatives but he used to cry alone. He never used to share his fear with anyone else except his mother.

❖ Once when the match was held in a stadium nearby pune, yuvraj was a normal person amongst the crowd. Bt he himself could not resist without playing for his team. So he rushed to the dressing room and on demand of the public that day he played for the team.

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AFTER RECOVERY❖ After coming back to motherland, Yuvraj singh

was very warmly welcomed by the Indian crowd.

❖ He felt as his life, his old life was coming back, after giving tough competition to the world deadly disease- The Cancer.

❖ After his recovery from cancer, the very first match he played for India was on September 11 in Chennai against New Zealand.

❖ He also opened a new trust for the cancer patients named ‘YOUWECAN’ which helped the cancer patients to get proper treatment.

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Yuvraj Singh’s message after his recovery...

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