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• Customization

• 定制 , 定型 , 专用化 , 用户化

• 量身定做

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Why Customization?

• Customization for Utility Optimization• Customization for Expressing Individuality• Customization for Perfect Match• Customization for Preciousness

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Customization for

Utility Optimization

Scale Economy is producing a bunch of configurations, occasional match made by the provider is increasingly adding to consumers’ frustration, demand for “Utility Optimization” is pushing the provider to land that right to consumers’ hands.

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Customized Configuration

• Sony China launched its “CTO: Configuration To Order” service early 2008 in mainland market.

• Consumers are allowed to choose from a wide variety of configurations available under VAIO brand to create their own VAIO notebook based on personal preference and budget, items open for choices range from processor, hard drive, operating system, hardware configuration to software and accessories.

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Customized Car• The first “Phaeton

Customization Center” was opened in one of the most dynamic business center, Shenzhen.

• Engineers will work together with the car buyers to design their own cars based on their preference, items to be customized can be color, material, leather, and configuration, etc.

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Customized Gaming• Now gamers are able to design their own games.• iGame has introduced a new service, through which gamers are able to

decide on the color patterns, material, service solutions of Video Card from a wide variety of options available.

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Customized Phone Service

• Customized mobile phones have been prevailing in foreign countries for a long time, and now have accounted for 70 to 80 percent market scale. In China, customized mobile phones just became popular. According to the corresponding analysis, the market size of customized mobile phone had reached 31 million up to 2006, indicating a 20 percent market share.

• On July 5th, 2007, China Mobile officially issued the new brand logo of "Xin Ji". After the logo is unified, all the customized mobile phones of China Mobile will be classified into "Xin Ji" brand.

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Customized Bank Service• In the theme of “Customize Platinum

Life”, Bank of Communication launched its first Customized Credit Card service middle 2008.

• Car holders are able to select from a bunch of service offerings provided by Bank of Communication, e.g. VIP service at airport, VIP lounge, bonus scheme, special service, all weather road rescue service, bank special preferential benefit merchant, golf club admission, medical service, etc.

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Customized Information Content

• Probably inspired by Google, Anta has created a special Anta community to lure customers to stay longer with Anta. It is a personalized website, where customers are allowed to decide on the layout of their websites homepage and subscribe to the news or events information based on their personal interests.

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Customized Travel• Though package travel

is still the mainstream for Chinese travelers, along with the emergence of “Hong Kong Independent Travel”(commenced in 2003 from Shenzhen and is expanding to more cities) and popularity of online booking, Self-Designed tour is attracting more and more consumers.

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Customization for

Expressing IndividualityGrowing prominence of individuality and being bored with the same pattern everywhere are spurring a new demand: I WANT MY OWN

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Nokia Build phone customization service introduced

• Nokia has introduced "Nokia Build", a new concept that they say lets people custom design a phone, "inside and out”.

• The new service allows customers to design the cover of a Nokia 7310 Supernova mobile phone and share their designs through an online gallery.

• Using the Nokia 7310 Supernova as a base, people can create a design using drawing and coloring tools or personal photos and graphics. In addition, there is a choice of pre-bundled software packages that offer a range of games, personalization options, like "wallpaper creator", as well as music capabilities.

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Customized Notebook

• Tongfang imini introduced a new service “Personalized imini”, providing a platform for potential customers to decide on the cover design of their notebooks.

• Users submit the pictures to the dealers, then the dealers will utilize the picture as the cover of the mini notebook and create personalized notebook.

• The whole process takes no more than one week and requires a 10% price increment.

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NIKEiD• It is not a new concept but new

for Chinese sports fans.

• Through, color patterns, personal messages and materials can all be customized with a selection of more than 60 varieties of footwear, bags and apparel per consumer requests. After these designs are created on, consumers can store images of their custom footwear and apparel in an online ‘locker’ which can be shared with others.

• This service requires a 30-40% price increament.

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Customized Clothing• "Customize what your want,

Personize your life style!“, this is the slogan of Unipops, an online website with an offline closing manufacture providing various kinds of personalized products, ranging from T-shirts, hats, skirts, scarf, to bags and socks, etc.

• Consumers are allowed to place order specifying their preferred style, color patterns, graphics, material, etc.

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Customization for

Perfect Match

There is some place where you are different from all of the others, those generated by casual segmentation are actually doing little help, therefore a demand for “Perfect Match” is surfacing.

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Customized Cosmetic

• Consumers are now able to customize YOUR OWN cosmetic now, it is a really new concept for Chinese consumers.

• Tapiche Labs opened its first store in Beijing in middle 2008.

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Customized Dress• Customized apparel is not

a new concept for Chinese consumers, there are several Old Chi-Pao Shops in Shanghai, which began to provide customized service since early 1930s. Now this trend is further expanding to all kinds of dresses.

• A new word is introduced to this market, “Haute Couture”, is gaining more favor from high-end consumers; While lower end consumers are beginning to go back to traditional tailor's shop.

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Customization for


There is some moment unable to be reversed afterwards, and there is something you have only one in your life, “To develop your own” is there helping you create a better memory lifelong.

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• Bored with old style dressed by everyone, the newlywed have being started to switch from renting wedding veil to making their own design.

• It is said the business is increasing at a rate of 15% on the yearly basis.

Customized Wedding Veil

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Customized Jewelry

• Hope Diamond has introduced “Personal Deluxe Customization” brand, J’AI, into China market. Under this brand, designers will work together with customers to decide the design of the diamond wanted by customers.

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Customized Invitation Card

• Invitation Card can also be customized to show the senders’ sincerity and recognition of the receivers, and also to record the special moment.

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… … then what else then what else can be customized?can be customized?